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What if God was One of Us Mindless Self Indulgence

Query: What if god was one of us: It is wrong to say one gains Self Realization! SELF is beyond all comprehensions how can anyone declare himself as an "Atma Jnani"?

Vijay Kumar:
You desire to weigh atman the soul within using the senses. Standing in a well you desire to describe the might of the oceans. atman the soul within is much beyond the comprehension of an ordinary human being. You have every right to judge things from your angle... you may also be hundred percent correct yet; the absolute truth is beyond your wildest imagination.

To comprehend the absolute truth ... one needs to transcend the barrier of senses and mind. People of the stature of Swami Vivekananda could only realize the truth in the presence of his master Ramakrishna Paramhansa and that too for a very short time.

One needs the grace of God to realize the absolute truth. It is only one in a billion that people Realize God. Realizing self is indicative of that our atman the soul within is infested with impurities and for clearing these impurities ... every atman the soul within is required to pass through a chain of manifestations totaling 8.4 million lives (A total period of 96.4 million years ... what value is of 70 to 80 years of life every human being spends on Mother Earth).

I shall explain the concept in detail now- If we know that there is one KG of silver in a hundred KG of lump of silver ore ... then we need to separate out this one KG of silver by removing the 99% impurities. This 99% impurities is the journey of atman the soul within ... the complete cosmic life span covered by an Atman during which it manifests various bodies until it comes to its original pristine pure form (one KG of pure silver).

This one KG of silver cannot separate out of the ore on its own. It needs a process, the mining machinery to do this ... every atman the soul within also cannot purify of its own ... it needs one body after another to come back to its original form.

The suffering by human being is nothing else other than the removal of the dross from atman the soul within ... this process goes on until the hundred KG lump reduces to 85 KG and in this 85 KG we have one KG of pure silver. Comes a stage when one KG of pure silver is present in 10 KG of silver ore.

Now, 90 per cent of the impurities have been removed. After having crossed the various manifestations as an amoeba (single cell formation), the first in the series of the manifestation ... then an insect a plant and finally an animal. Now we have a lump of 10 KG of silver ore. We now require nine KG of impurities to be removed finally.

Now, atman the soul within has to manifest a human body to remove the balance nine percent impurities. The body of a human being is the highest manifestation when atman the soul within can liberate forever from the cycle of birth and death and regain its original pristine pure form... the last leg of cosmic journey ... this stage in the physical manifested life being known as gaining Self Realization ... in other words ... achieving stage of enlightenment ... all barriers of senses and the mind having been broken ... atman the soul within liberates forever.

Do not run after the knowledge gained from the books ... I have never ever read in my life Bhagavad Gita or the Upanishads ... yet, if all the sacred Scriptures available on Mother Earth get destroyed ... I shall be able to produce them again. How? You need to understand the cosmic system ... the total wisdom contained in the Cosmos can be invoked by any self realized being without the use of bookish knowledge.

I invoke wisdom from the reservoir of Mind Plus ... the source of all knowledge contained in the Cosmos. This is only possible through the process of Shruti Jnana. This is a unique process by which every sage invokes the wisdom one possesses.

Everything contained in the cosmos is on my fingertips ... I do not require reading Bible, Koran, or any other sacred Scripture present on Mother Earth ... yet, everything contained in them is within my reach. The source of all wisdom ... the destination of the teachings of the Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Gita, various Upanishads and other sacred documents is always the same. There can be many paths but all lead towards the same goal. Disparity lies in our judgment, which is based on the knowledge derived through the senses, and the mind ... beyond these ... all is the same.

You may hardly be able to fathom the depth of the words written here ... yet, the essential message will be conveyed to you through the medium of atman the soul within which resides in your heart. None can escape this. atman the soul within, which is nothing else, but the power of God in a minuscule form ... always guides us on the right path. We need to hear the small sweet inner voice that prompts us from time to time.

How many people do you think gained Self Realization in the last above 150 years ... only two ... one was Ramakrishna Paramhansa, the master of Swami Vivekananda and the other Maharishi Ramana. Standing on the ground floor of the Empire State building one cannot visualize the whole of New York ... yet, when we climb to the top ... not only the whole of New York but beyond that is visible.

To rise higher and higher on the Spiritual platform one needs to catch the elevator of the spiritual life ... this is only possible by awakening of the kundalini. and for awakening of the kundalini we need to practice Celibacy continuously for a minimum period of 12 years.

Self Realization is not a small goal ... it is the end of cosmic journey ... it is the signaling of the end ... it is to announce that one more body is achieving Salvation Moksha ... it is a miracle in itself for having Realized God ... one can serve the society in the best possible manner ... having merged our personal ego in the larger whole ... the super consciousness we call as God Almighty.

Gautama Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed ... all gained Self Realization ... there paths may have been different ... there goal was the same! To visualize the absolute truth we do not need the physical manifested eyes. It is only the inner eyes of atman the soul within, which prompt us to see the truth in its entirety.

Do you realize the meaning of word Atma Jnani ... it simply means one who gains knowledge of atman the soul within ... having Realized God and burnt the complete dross within ... I have but purified myself as one KG of pure silver. I have nowhere else to go other than the kingdom of God ... Vaikuntha in Hinduism (the abode of God).

Sridhara, come out from the shell you are in ... only then shall you be able to see that the tunnel is dark. Every happening in the Cosmos has two facets ... the glass is either half empty or half full. It is upon the capability of the person to arrive at the right conclusion. None else other than our atman the soul within shall guide us ... it is most rare of the rarest cases that one can find a suitable Spiritual guide in the journey of life. It was with great difficulty that Swami Vivekananda was able to meet Ramakrishna Paramhansa.

In spite of my best efforts I could not find a Spiritual guru to guide me on the right path ... it was ultimately when I begged of God to become my guide that he immediately agreed. From that day onwards I have taken about 25 years to gain Realization ... a long journey indeed. You should never ever attempt to describe Atman or the God ... it is just not possible ... it is only when one realizes God ... does the definition of Atman soul and ParmAtman soul, the Almighty Creator become clear.

May God give you strength to remove the shell of ignorance which surrounds every human being ... the shell having removed forever ... one realizes god!

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: With due apologies and with no intention to hurt anyone: Strictly speaking, the very word "Self Realization" is wrong. Because, SELF is "THAT", tat, which is beyond all Realizations. Hence, what you can really realize is not the SELF, but the non-Self. Once you realize the non-Selves, such as body, mind, intellect, consciousness, awareness and finally the very being as completely untrue and hence non-existent, what "remains" afterwards is the EVER EXISTING AND EVER SHINING SELF, "I", THE SUPREME TRUTH, ABSOLUTE AND ULTIMETE.

When, the very word "Self Realization" is wrong, what can you say, if one says that he is a 'Self-realized' person? When the SELF is beyond all comprehensions, when the SELF is far beyond all words, languages, sounds and expressions, how can anyone declare himself as an "Âtma Jnãni"? If you have realized yourself as 'something else', you have everything to declare to the World; but, if you have become what You really ARE, what is there to show to the world? Though we call our Maharshis as the Realized Souls, these we say on the basis of what they have revealed to Humanity. But, no Maharśhi has declared himself as an "Âtma Jnãni".

This is because, the moment they try to declare themselves as "Âtma Jnãni", the moment they try to confine the Supreme Self into the words and sounds, experiences and feelings; the moment they try to enforce limitations to the Limitless Self, they will be putting limitations to 'themselves': and, those who attempt to put limitations onto the SELF, are well within the sphere of limitations and hence cannot be Realized Souls.

A Realised Soul, totally becomes SILENT, as TOTAL SILENCE (Akhanda Mouna) is what he REALLY IS. The moment one tries to explain SILENCE, there is no longer SILENCE, but only egoism and duality. Moreover, the SUPREME TRUTH is 'something' which is far beyong space and time. If anyone declares that he has 'become' THAT on any particular year, date and time, I don't know what it reveals?

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