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Query 1: I have just read your Truce with my Inner Self and Auto-Biographical article. I am seeking God and truth. I come from a christian background. A sincere seeker also since childhood,

Query 2
: Who or what do you say God is?

Query 3
: Do you, since you say this is your last journey in human form, consider that you have become a Mahavira, Buddha or Christ?

Query 4
: Why so you say that the grace you were given is only "for a priviledged few"? What do you say to the calaims of christians that say theirs is the only way?

Query 5
: I'm not even certain that there ever was a historical Jesus! So where do you say I go from 'here'? Dvora

Vijay Kumar:
God and truth cannot be differentiated. Everyone who treads the path of truthfulness is nearer to God than others. No denying this fact.

Vijay Kumar:
You need to go through various Essays listed on my home page ... you shall realize the truth yourself. A minuscule form of God is present within you also but the Omnipotent Creator is a totally different entity. Your Atman ( the soul within) is a grain and god, the Omnipotent Creator a mound of grain.

Vijay Kumar:
Yes! I have reached a stage in life which is only treaded by 1 in billions. To Realize God means achieving God himself. Mahavira, Buddha and Jesus Christ all Realized God and attained enlightenment (another word for God Realization). Only then are we able to know the Cosmic Jnana (the complete wisdom contained in the Cosmos).

in the present life ... before shedding my last manifestation I shall attain the status of Bhagavan Kalki ... one who delivers the total mankind existing on mother Earth from the present Kali Yuga the metal age, also known as the dark age. This is likely to happen around 2007~2008. You may like to read my article Shape of the World to Come (1994-2006) ... ww3

Vijay Kumar:
I rarely come across such intelligent person as you are ... Intelligent enough to catch the meaning between the words! You definitely have a grasp of Spiritual matters.

Privileged few because if there were 25 Jesus Christ at a time ... whom would you worship and follow. How would you have differentiated who was senior amongst all. To talk of Christianity and its hollow claims ... Christianity is not even one percent of what is taught by Bhagavad Gita ... the Eternal Doctrine which contains everything knowable for a human being to Realize God ... gain enlightenment!

At the time of Jesus Christ ... there must have been at least a 1000 people more intelligent than him living in India ... the more higher you rise on the Spiritual platform ... the more humble you are. You don't need to blow your conch and announce to the world that you have become god realized. Jesus Christ definitely gained his Spiritual knowledge during his visit to India and when he returned ... he was found the most intelligent amongst all and revered accordingly.

Does an Indian ever consider whatever is being thought by his Christian counterpart ... never ever! Indians inherently are born with the knowledge contained in Bhagavad Gita imbibed within them since birth. We do not need to learn from anybody or an external source. India shall regain its lost glory around 2005~2006 as it shall be accepted as super power No. 1 around 2008. I am an Indian does not mean my opinions can be biased ... once you gain absolute purity of thought ... there is nothing to look back upon.

Vijay Kumar:
You are stuck up in your spiritual pursuits because your level of faith in God is not up to the mark ... how can you ever disbelieve upon the fact that Jesus Christ not only existed but he was the main proponent of Bible. You can subscribe my newsletter and read all books recommended therein ... you shall be able to focus all your energies towards the goal of your life ... only then can you hope to achieve what you aspire for.

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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