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Query: The system of God... Coming of Bhagavan Kalki? Why do we suffer?

Vijay Kumar:
Your assumption that God Almighty plays an active role in his creation is wrong. God Almighty has always been a Dhrista onlooker. It never indulges in the creation of his. Try understanding the definition of God in its entirety... you would understand the crux of life!

Now what truly is the meaning of God Almighty? Is it not a source of unlimited energy? Something that can neither be created nor destroyed! God Almighty never has a form. It has always been Nirakaar (without a form).

Let us go to the beginning of the cosmos. Imagine a situation when the Cosmos is about to dissolve... the time of Pralaya in Hinduism. The whole Cosmos reduces back to half the size of a thumb. and what is this half a thumb. This half a thumb is what we define as God Almighty. The cluster of all purified souls atmans in the cosmos at a given point of time is what we call God Almighty. and this is just the size of half a thumb.

Bhagavad Gita... the doctrine put forward by Lord Krishna in Mahabharata corroborates this fact. This massive energy... the God Almighty... the size of half a thumb unable to contain itself for long explodes with a big bang and results in the creation of a new Cosmos.

All purified souls atmans thus scatter all over the Cosmos. These scattering souls atmans while spreading out in the Cosmos at unbelievable speeds gather moss. These souls atmans continue their journey of cosmic travel until they find a planet like Mother Earth suitable for the souls atmans to manifest a body.

This initial travel takes souls atmans billions of years before they manifest the first body. They have by then gathered impurities along the way. To come back to their pristine glorious form... these souls atmans have no other alternative but to manifest a chain of 8.4 million bodies altogether... a total journey of 96.4 million earthly years... a long journey indeed!

The sooner these souls atmans manifest the first body... starts the cycle of karma. It is only through karma that these bodies can purify themselves and remove the dross from within. The journey starts with amoeba (single cell formation), then multi-cell formation, insect life, plant life, animal life and finally the form of a human being.

Like the metal in the ore cannot separate itself... rather purify on its own... similarly souls atmans require a body to work out their karma and purify themselves and regain the original form.

It is only when viewed from the senses point of view everything in the Cosmos appears to be solid in nature. Truthfully the whole Cosmos is made up of only atoms and molecules. There is no solid matter that ever exists in the Cosmos. God Almighty and the world of souls atmans is the only absolute truth and everything else being the game of Maya Veil of Ignorance as expressed by Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa in his commentary on Advaita Vedanta .

Now we are clear about two things... God Almighty a potent source of energy is the only absolute truth of the cosmos. He never interferes with the working of his creation. It is the manifest theory of karma that handles the travel of soul atman from one life to another.

Here we must also understand that everything in the cosmic system has a duality. If we have God (at plus hundred)... we also have Satan (with power of minus hundred). We have day... we also have night. We have fire... we also have water. The essence being that the sum total of all in whole Cosmos at a given point of time must remain zero.

We have happiness... we also have sufferings. You must have observed that to craft a metal into shape we need to heat and beat it. Only then proper shape can be given to the metal. Similar is the case of we human beings nay all living beings for that matter.

Unless there are sufferings... the value of happiness cannot be recognized. It is only the sufferings which make us remove the dross within. It is only Tapasya (deep prayers) offered to Almighty God which pave the way for us to walk the spiritual path. More intense the prayers and the sufferings... higher realms of spirituality we experience.

Sufferings are a part of life. All is the result of a law which cannot err. How much shall we suffer or be lucky and win a lottery is fully dependent upon the residual karma which follows us every moment of our life. It is only the doctrine of karma which is finally governing. No single soul atman can ever be affected by the doings of another soul atman. This absolute statement issued by Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita is to be understood firmly.

If we find one on the streets without legs... it is amply clear that this particular gentleman misused his legs in one of his earlier manifestations. It was the grace of God that this man was born without legs in the present domain. As we sow so shall we reap... nothing more or less! Anyone born with deformities is not to be pitied... for one is suffering for the deeds of the past life. This crux of karma is to be understood clearly if we truly want to understand the role of sufferings in life.

If you defile the body of another then it is most likely that in next manifestation our body would be defiled as per the dictates of God. We might be born a sex worker in next manifestation. The mother-in-law burning her daughter-in-law for sake of dowry in India would lead to the mother-in-law being born a sex worker in next life. She is not to be pitied then. She has to suffer for the atrocities carried out by her on her daughter-in-law in the earlier manifestation.

It is not all of a sudden that one wins a lottery or one is lucky. It is the accumulation of pious deeds done by one in earlier manifestations that fructified now. In the spiritual domain of things it is not necessary that whatever karma we are performing now will fructify immediately. It is possible that the fruits of karma be made available by God Almighty in the present manifestation or four manifestations ahead from now.

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God bless all!

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: Thank you very much for your kind and detailed reply. Our meeting depends on God's will only. May I write my feelings here ?

God knows only Destruction ! Why should Bhagvan Kalki take an Avtar here to "remove" group of people physically from the surface of our Mother Earth ? If it is only a physical death, then these people will continue to be present elsewhere.. On other hand, if they are "liberated" it is good for them !!! That means really blessed souls are going to be removed by Bhagvan Kalki. Whatever it is , only the survivors are going to suffer, even if it is going to be good life for them.

As a Universal Person, I love all the countries and all the people of Earth... as well as all my cosmic friends throughout the Universe. Is there any specific reason to love India alone ? Unfortunately human beings are thinking of destruction always for ages , so that ..may be ...they hope... there will be a new beginning all that we all can perform well ?. Any destruction is easier than construction ! I wish, we all on Earth think in the positive that all these wars Etc. can be avoided.

Lord, This is your world. You have all the rights to do whatever you want. You can change anything according to your will.

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