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God has Always been Formless

Query 1: I agree with you in somecases.... but you have two contradictory statements your mail below here.... First you say... "We may consider the saakaar form of God to complete the Rituals (that is presuming god to have a form) but god has always been formless and shall always remain the same". later you say.... "I have but to complete the task assigned to me by my Almighty father, the Creator of the cosmos before I leave this mortal frame." Then who is father?Is he formless....?

Query 2: I agree that he is not having the same body as ours...But his body is sat-chit-ananda...In gita..he says..."he is the maintaner, sustainer of all the Universes". Does it mean he is having no form? He is near still he is far....He has limitless powers. Then How can you say" he is formless"? You keep on saying..God God...Do you limit him by saying he is formless?. If he is all powerful, why is this limitation? Your artilces are good.. But still something is missing..!!

Vijay Kumar:
Spiritual quest demands patience. If you continue with your querying process in right earnestness then you shall find one day that god has been graceful to you in all aspects.

If I say I have Realized God, I have. I have seen God in its entirety, still I confirm it is not a being and beyond the means of every realized soul to describe God.

When I talk of God, I talk of the massive energy pervading the whole Cosmos which we know as God, the Creator. As a Realized being the saakaar form of God has no meaning for me. It was only as a child I may have worshiped the saakaar the form of God. The Almighty father, the Creator of the cosmos has always been formless.

It is only when the saakaar form of God merges into the nirakaar form of God ... it can be safely said that one is proceeding on the right path of realizing god.

Vijay Kumar:
He is the maintainer, sustainer of all the Universes means - God the Creator alone is the only absolute Truth. All else is Maya (ignorance). For a human being to think that he can do something subtle - can anyone create even a single leaf or a stone out of the Cosmic dust. We cannot. We abide by his governance. As and when he desires one to leave his body ... the body has to die to maintain and sustain the system. None can stay in this World even for moment on his own.

As regarding form - we feel the smell yet we cannot see. But it is there. Similarly, God, the Creator is divinely linked to all Atmans (the soul within) by an invisible thread of pure energy. Spanning all across the Cosmos it remains in contact with every atman the soul within.

A grain of wheat is an atman the soul within ... the whole mound the ParmAtman soul, the Almighty Creator of the cosmos. Neither it is limited nor it has a fixed boundary. Limitation is not for the Almighty Creator, it is within the thinking of every human being born on Mother earth.

Every atman soul is not bound by the body but every body has to do what Atman bids us to do. Whenever there is a conflict, stresses build up leading to a life full of tension and dreamy nights Sometimes it seems the bloated ego of a human being has over taken the real self, the I within but so is never the case. In the Cosmic system atman the soul within reigns supreme always and ever.

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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