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Query: Importance of burning of fire Hindu God Agni in our hindu prayers?

Vijay Kumar:
Hindu god Agni occupies a very special place in Hinduism. The mere mention of Agni as Hindu god signifies the role Agni plays in Hindu rituals. God Agni in Hinduism stands for the means by which everything impure in the system can be wiped clean.

The cauldron of fire burning within every human being is the only means to burn out ones karma. Unless the karma within one is burnt out completely... none reaches stage of enlightenment and finally salvation. Hindu god Agni is the only means to propitiate and atone for our sins committed unknowingly or unknowingly.

Hindu god Agni on the physical plane lights the world. In the absence of God Agni the whole planet mother earth would decay and die a natural death. God Agni on the physical plane takes care of our bread-and-butter and on the mental plane cleans us internally.

The absence of God Agni in our life would have reduced a human being to the level of a savage... one who enjoyed eating everything raw. It was god Agni which for the first time made human beings realizes that apart from the physical perception of things... there exists something... Beyond the mundane existence of life!

In absence of Agni... the presence of our true inner self our soul atman within would not have been possible. It is while saying our prayers and atoning for our sins... we inherently invoke the blessings of Hindu God Agni. It is this powerful god Agni which consumes everything that is discarded by one.

Invocation of fire god Agni was a routine practice in the times of Vedas. Every sacrifice... every prayer during the time of the Vedas would not have been complete in absence of God Agni. The chanting of the mantras amidst burning of sacred Hindu god Agni was essential for conducting a yagna.

And what does a yagna in which Hindu god Agni plays a vital role truly mean? Every yagna performed results in purification of the system. If the yagna is performed for invoking the rain gods then we need to surrender to Hindu god Agni all those negative thoughts which cause delay of the monsoon season.

By invoking rain gods... by agreeing to submit our bestial desires to Hindu god Agni... we may or may not be successful in our attempts to appease rain gods. It is the combined strength of the yagna performed... the faithfulness by which the yagna is conducted that yields the desired results.

Anything and everything surrendered to Hindu god Agni can never be recouped back. Surrender to Hindu god Agni is the final step towards reaching our goal. Anyone who has mastered the art of surrendering bestial thoughts and desires to Hindu god Agni lives a kingly life. Even the fear of death can never disturb such a one.

Hindu god Agni also plays a crucial role when the death of body occurs. It is only Hindu god Agni and god Agni which lits the body and consumes it forever. our soul atman within the body being imperishable leaves the body to gain a new manifestation... a new circle of life altogether!

In the absence of Agni this crucial step of the Hindu rituals would not have been possible. When Sita wife of King Rama became so desolate (King Rama having practically abandoned her)...she requested of mother earth to open up and consume her. She practically invoked the power of Hindu god Agni so that her body is annihilated forever.

While conducting our day-to-day affairs in life we commit sins on a daily basis knowingly or unknowingly. and the only means to discard the bad effects of the sins is by invoking the pious fire... Hindu god Agni makes us physically and mental free of all the negative effects!

While proceeding on the path of self realization... invoking Hindu god Agni was a part of my life... a daily routine without which I would not have been successful in all my attempts. To burn out my karma on a day-to-day basis was only possible with the help of God Agni. Every step forward indicates that we have abdicated our ego to Almighty God.

To summaries everything... the burning of Hindu god Agni during Hindu prayers reminds us that we need to surrender our ego on the altar of Hindu god Agni and unless we do that... any amount of prayer would not yield the desired result.

We do not physically feed ourselves to Hindu god Agni but it is offering our bestial and wanton desires for ever to Hindu god Agni. Only then our prayers would be successful.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: i would like to know the importance of burning of fire in our hindu prayers.

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