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Does God Answer Prayer Right Way to Pray

Query: Does god answer Prayer? Does any one know how to pray right? I heard that god does not answer my Prayers because I do not pray the right way... what is the right way?

Vijay Kumar:
Before praying we need to understand the meaning of the word Prayer. What does praying mean in every Religion... are Prayers different for different Religions. Is that for one a Prayer has one meaning and different for the other?

Praying to God Almighty carries equal meaning for all. God never differentiates! In praying we ask of God for something. Even if we do not seek material benefits for self we may ask for the welfare of others. We may not ask God something for us but for the benefit of others. Still, it is necessary that our Prayers get answered in order to help one.

No one knows where lives God. None has ever seen him. Even the representative of Jesus Christ on Mother Earth... the reverend John Pope Paul can also not vouch having seen God at any stage of life. Nor can any bishop or father or a priest! God is always hidden from mankind... he cannot be seen but always felt! He exists everywhere. In the eyes of God all are equal... he never differentiates between a king and a commoner.

How is it that one is a king and the other a laborer? It is only our thinking which makes one a king or a laborer. and while saying our Prayers it is only our thinking that affects the results of our Prayers. If we merely wish anything most likely our Prayers shall remain unanswered. We need to perform our Karma ((the sum total of all deeds performed by us) in daily life in a way that our wishes get fulfilled. Only when we perform the right Karma and also pray to God in right earnestness... they get answered!

It is not something God has bestowed upon us... we have rightly earned it by performing the right pious Karma. Most people in their Prayers wish for something that does not correspond to their Karma. We cannot expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree! What we get resultant of our Prayers will be in full conformity to our actions performed.

In Prayers we simply ask God for something... but we must also offer God something equivalent in return. If we need money then we must commit to God for doing some charitable work for the community where we live. Only then God hears our Prayers. Prayers are never a one-way communication. God never commits to us anything that we do not deserve. We get paid according to our Karma. If we perform a sin then hoping for a miracle in Prayers is something we call wishful thinking.

I am producing a small quote from my younger daughter that shall examine the mode of praying.

My younger daughter when quite young... the sooner she returned from school and before taking her lunch gave out all the jokes she had learnt for the day! For her they were mere jokes... A means to living a life full of laughter! For me they carried a greater meaning to life!

There used to be a priest who believed in God to the utmost. He prayed and practiced everything in the name of God. His faith in the God was unwavering.

One day it so happened that the village in which he lived was deluged with heavy rains that converted into a massive flood. As the floodwaters encircled the house of the priest... he seemed least concerned. In spite of the whole village getting emptied on utmost priority... he was at complete ease!

Sooner the floodwaters began to rise and reached the top of the first story of the house. He observed that a log floated by... he could have swum to safety clinging to the log but he felt there was nothing to be worried about. All this... in spite of the fact the priest did not know swimming.

After some time when the floodwaters reached the danger mark... a boat passed by and the occupants of the boat insisted upon him to take a seat but he refused. He had unflinching faith in God and did not worry.

Finally the floodwaters reached the top of his house. If he did not make his escape right now... he would drown. and as luck would have it there came a helicopter and the pilot insisted upon him to catch the ladder thrown by him but he refused and drowned.

When he reached the gates of Heaven and was presented in front of God, he enquired of him that in his lifetime he never failed to pray to God, never committed a sin yet God did not help him when he needed him most and he died.

God replied! My dear son whom do you think it was who sent the log, then the boat and finally the helicopter!

In the circumstances, can we still say that mere wishful praying would get answered? Yes, we always get help from God in different ways but still we need to perform our Karma in a manner that our hopes and desires get fulfilled.

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: Does god answer Prayer? Doesn't any one know how to pray right? I heard that god doesn't answer my Prayers because I don't pray the right what is the right way?

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