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Can God Create a Stone It Cannot Raise

Query: Can God create a stone it cannot raise?

Vijay Kumar:
Yes, God can create a stone... it cannot raise!

God has always been a Dhrishta (an onlooker)... it never interferes with the creation of his! You would have noticed that when a supercomputer is built and it carries out billions of functions in a second... it is the processor which is at work and not the builder of the supercomputer. Everything has been programmed... after the supercomputer has been built, the job of the supercomputer builder is over. He never interferes with the working of his unless a glitch or a malfunction develops.

Why do we always look forward to anything being done by God himself? Knowing well that God does not and never interferes with the working of his! Everything is pre-programmed like a supercomputer. Whatever we sow... we reap nothing more or less! Every computer in the world works on the principle of WYSIWYG meaning "what you see is what you get". In other words, whatever query we have fed into the computer... we can only expect the supercomputer to analyse it and give us the possible results.

The supercomputer can never modify our query or give us results which are not related to the base query. Similarly, in life... God never interferes with the working once it has been created! The life of a human being is based on theory of karma and mass Karma. As per theory of karma whatever we think or do is reduced to concrete results in the end. If we perform sins we cannot expect to reap better results which are contrary to our actions.

As we perform... so shall be the result! We cannot and never expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree. Our complete life functions based on the Karma we perform. The complete destiny of a country depends upon the mass Karma performed by all its citizens. If George Bush, the democratically elected President takes any action... then the whole country is bound by the results of his action... even if all the Citizen's may not agree with President Bush but they have to abide by the results of the Karma performed by President George Bush. None can escape the theory of mass Karma.

Either way do not nominate one for the seat of the President. If we have done so then we lose our right to interfere. Everything is then left to the President to perform and perform satisfactorily for the sake of his country and countrymen. If for any reason the President performs otherwise then also the countrymen would have to bear with the results.

In the domain of God... every action has been predetermined and built by God. As we perform... so do we get the results. All is the result of a system which cannot err! Everything built by God is foolproof. It is devoid of any errors. In his famous book "the brief history of time" if the author Stephen Hawking has presumed that "the system of God is disordered at some stage"... he is totally mistaken for he does not know the basic rudiments of Spirituality. Spirituality starts from the point where the science ends. Every scientist without exception look forward to proofs and does not believe in miracles or faith.

So is not the system of God... anything which is beyond the comprehension of senses and the mind... can only be understood by having absolute faith in the system of God. There is no other parameter to judge the functioning of God. Absolute faith in the system of God is that power which makes one feel the beautiful fragrance of a flower although we cannot perceive it with our eyes (sense of seeing). It is only our sense of smell that makes us feel the presence of God in a flower.

Whenever one requires the services of God... we pray to him with full sincerity and faith in the system of Lord. Only then our Prayers would get answered. We cannot demand of God... neither can we dictate! Neither must we beg... we're only supposed to perform our Karma in a fashion that our Prayers get answered by God. Unless we perform our Karma... we cannot expect any miracles on behalf of God for Prayers without action shall never get answered! We always have to perform our part if we hope God to perform his!

Nothing in the system of God can ever err! As we pray and act... so shall we get! Without performing the requisite Karma... we shall always remain wherever we are. To rise high above as in our thinking we need to perform the equivalent Karma.

I am producing a small quote from my younger daughter that indicates that everything in the system of God is self propelling. God is a mere Dhrishta (an onlooker)!

When my younger daughter was quite young... the sooner she returned from school she would before taking her lunch give out all the jokes she had learnt for the day! For her they were mere jokes... A means to living a life full of laughter! For me they carried a greater meaning to life!

There used to be a priest who believed in God to the utmost. He prayed and practiced everything in the name of God. His faith in the God was unwavering.

One day it so happened that the village in which he lived was deluded with mighty rains that converted into a massive flood. As the floodwaters encircled the house of the priest... he seemed to be the least concerned. In spite of the fact the whole village was getting emptied on utmost priority... he was at complete ease!

Sooner the floodwaters began to rise and reached the top of the first story of the house. He observed that a log floated by... he could have swum to safety clinging on to the log but he felt there was nothing to be worried about. All this... in spite of the fact the priest did not know how to swim.

After some more time when the floodwaters reached the danger mark... a boat passed by and the occupants of the boat insisted upon him to take a seat but he refused. He had unfaltering faith in God and did not worry.

Finally the floodwaters reached the top of his house... if he did not make an escape right now... he would be drowned. and as luck would have it there came a helicopter and the pilot insisted upon him to catch the ladder thrown by him but he refused and drowned.

When he reached the gates of Heaven and was presented in front of God, he enquired of him that in his lifetime he never failed to Pray to God never committed a sin yet God did not help him when he needed him most and he died.

God replied! My dear son whom do you think it was who sent the log, then the boat and finally the helicopter!

In the circumstances, can we still say that God would himself come down and care for our Karma? Yes, we always get help from God in different ways but still we need to perform our Karma in a manner that our hopes and desires get achieved.

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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