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Is there a God Where is the Evidence Proof God Exists

Is there a God

Query: Is there a God? Proof God Exists!

Vijay Kumar:
If God did not exist ... you would not be asking this question ... for you would not have been here in this world! We all Human Beings are the result of a creation of God Almighty.

It is but true that Cosmos is also beginning less. Both the statements cannot be true ... yet, it is the truth. If we say the glass is half full ... we are right and if we say the glass is half empty ... we are still right! Why do we say that the cosmic system is without a beginning ... it is because when we try to visualize the boundary of the cosmos it does not seem to exist ... and if we say it does exist then what beyond. If we say that God exists ... then also it is wrong because there must be someone who created God. We need to understand the total concept of Cosmos in its entirety.

First of all we need to understand that the form of God is Nirakaar (without a form) ... it is never Sakaar (having a form). God, the omnipotent Creator is a form of energy ... and energy that is beyond the comprehension of a normal human being. Only when one realizes God can one visualize the power we know as God.

Literally speaking ... the definition of God is thus, "the combined power of all Atmans souls in the Cosmos in their purified state is what we know as God". At the time of Big Bang and also at the time of pralaya in Hinduism ... the period when the dissolution of cosmos occurs ... in both the stages of the cosmos ... the beginning and also the end of cosmos ... the size of God is but half the size of a thumb ... this means that all Atmans souls in their purified state combine together to form the size of only half a thumb ... this has been the stated in the Bhagavad Gita by Lord Krishna. This is an irrefutable fact ... none can deny the efficacy of this. It is absolute truth.

So much power contained in so less a size ... the energy cannot contain itself even for a fraction ... the moment the complete dissolution of cosmos occurs ... it again explodes with a Big Bang ... and starts another Cosmos ... a new Cosmos. All Atmans which are initially in the purified state get scattered all over the Cosmos ... this journey continues for millions and billions of years ... comes a stage when the Cosmos ... the cosmic gases cool down to form galaxies and stars and subsequently solar systems and the planets. It is only when earth type of planets gets created which is conducive for an atman the soul within to manifest ... does life form starts developing. In the real meaning a live Cosmos now the starts to live and breathe. Until the first life form manifests ... it was a dead Cosmos without life.

For an atman soul to manifest ... it needs a body ... the body can be of an insect, a plant, animal and human being. But, the complete cosmic system is governed by the theory of evolution ... it is not that an Atman can manifest the body of a plant in its first manifestation ... it initially starts as an amoeba (single cell formation) subsequently it evolves into a two cell formation ... a Jiva (living being) and then a multi-cell formation. Subsequently as cosmic life progresses it evolves into a plant. This plant evolves into an animal and the animal finally evolves into a human being.

This whole process of the evolution ... the complete cosmic cycle in the life of an atman the soul within takes a total of 8.4 million manifestations (the cosmic travel of about 96.4 million years) ... it is only when the 8.4 millionth manifestation is achieved does a body gain Moksha Salvation. Moksha Salvation announces the completion of cosmic journey undertaken by atman the soul within. Moksha Salvation having achieved ... atman the soul within gets liberated forever from cycle of Birth and Death (the cycle of 8.4 million manifestations).

It is quite clear that it is atman the soul within which needs a body to purify itself ... and it is not the body which has taken the Atman. The physical manifested life of a Jiva (living being) is but to live ... we cannot do without ... we come unto this world not of our own making ... we leave not of our own will! How much we shall live in the present physical life is purely dependent upon the residual Karma of past lives. and how long we really live depends upon the resulting residual Karma ... the residual Karma of past lives and the Karma of the present life.

The left-hand of a person signifies the complex structure of the complete lives we have lived till now ... whereas the right-hand reflects only the Karma of the present life. If we observe the lines in our right-hand changing fast ... yes, it is because we are evolving at a faster pace. The palmists are never able to study our left-hand ... they can only read the right hand ... it is only seeing the right-hand they are able to predict our feature or the present ... only then we come to know what God has in store for us (;-)

When we leave the body ... whatever be the stage of residual Karma ... be it papa Karma or Punya Karma will be the deciding factor what our next manifestation would be. Nothing is left to chance ... nothing is disordered in the system of God. Stephen Hawking in his famous book "a brief history of time" has indicated that the system of God is disordered at some stage. It is a wishful thinking ... it is a thinking of the ignorant one (:-( ... it is the thinking of a scientist and a physicist ... Spirituality start where science ends. It is not but within the grasp of the scientist or the physicist to understand the cosmic system.

If we need to see the whole of New York we need to climb up the Empire State building. Standing on the fourth floor we cannot expect to see the whole of New York. Science has its limitations ... it was meant to assist the physical manifest form (the form of a human being) ... not within. It was never to be used as a yardstick by the scientific community for venturing into the domain of God ... the domain of Atmans souls. Albert Einstein is stated to be the only person in the whole of the scientific community who used his head four per cent ... meaning that only 4% of his brain was activated and the 96% had yet to be evolved.

Even Albert Einstein regretted the fact that for the whole of his life he wanted to understand Spirituality from the point of view of science. He was at fault ... he admitted his fault ... but it was too late ... it was the end part of his life. By the time he switched over to Spirituality seeing it from an unbiased point of view (not how as a scientist or a physicist looks at it) ... it was but not possible for him to learn the intricacies of Bhagavad Gita. He tried his best but failed. Albert Einstein wanted to understand the crux of Bhagavad Gita in the present life ... maybe he gets time in its next manifestation (;-)

Only after one realizes God that ... we can use hundred percent of our brain ... the moment the kundalini is fully awakened after having practiced Celibacy for a continuous period of 12 years minimum ... it is no looking back. We have finally crossed the threshold of humanity ... we have stepped into the domain of God. There is no returning back ... it is not permitted. Once the flower has bloomed it cannot be turned back to its original form, a bud. The moment one reaches the Mount Everest of his cosmic life ... it is all over with him.

One gain his pure self ... one has become a living atman the soul within. From now onwards one shall live as a completely detached being ... as lived king Janaka ( father of Sita in Ramayana). King Janaka very faithfully carried out the duties as a king ... and simultaneously he also Realized God ... he looked after the affairs of this country as a detached being ... never considering the fruits of his Karma as his.

The pioneer of technological development in our country ... the scion of the Tata group ... JRD Tata was a Karma yogi par excellence. It is difficult to see the likes of him more in the country. Here is a man ... the controller of about $4 billion worth of corporate world ... yet he never built a house. Why? If at the dead of night he desired a cup of his favorite coffee ... then either he would have to wake up the wife of one of the richest and most powerful businessman of the country ... or else prepare the coffee himself.

It was not to be. Instead ... he built a suite for himself in one of the best hotels built in the country ... the famous Taj Palace Hotel adjoining gateway of India in Bombay. He built not one but two suites ... one was meant for him and the other to be rented out to only the corporate heads and chief executives apart from the prime ministers and the presidents of various countries.

It was then a coincidence ... or the grace of God that once in a while JRD Tata while traveling in the lift met a top executive or a president and finalized a deal worth millions of dollars ... he never failed an opportunity! A wishful thinking indeed! Instead of disturbing his peacefully sleeping wife he just used to press the right button and lo! There was his cup of coffee waiting at the door to be served by his favorite chef. JRD Tata had a row buttons each meant for a specific task. He lived happily in his suite.

He always used to say that God has sent him for a specific purpose ... and to be concentrated on the purpose ... the goal of his life ... where is the need for building a golden empire ... houses decorated with golden and silver linings and what not. He lived as a true trustee. According to him everything belonged to God ... he was here to look after the same on behalf of God. What a noble person he was. We truly miss him.

Here I would like to explain the concept of Karma- While proceeding on the path of spirituality every seeker is required to perform the Karma in a manner that we always keep ourselves dissociated with the fruits of Karma performed by us ... the fruits of our Karma are not ours ... why? It is possible that whatever Karma we are performing now ... it may bear fruit in the fourth manifestation from now on (that means we shall only be able to realize the fruit in the fourth life in the future ... the fourth body our atman the soul within shall take in the future after the present life.

and as we do not know what that manifestation shall be and as the two manifestations ... the present and the future manifestation (the fourth one) are not just connected ... it is rightly said in the Bhagavad Gita that we need to perform Karma with a detached attitude as the fruits of all Karma always belongs to atman the soul within ... which is the only permanent factor passing on from one life to another.

For the present body to avail the fruit of the present Karma in the fourth manifestation from now is just not possible ... as the present body shall decay and die ... atman the soul within only shall continue with the journey. For Atman it is one long cosmic journey of 8.4 million lives ... it is atman the soul within, which is enjoying the fruits of our labor ... the Karma performed by the body. We have to abide by this cosmic ruling ... it is just not within our control to mould it.

Here we need to understand the evolutionary system as advocated by Charles Darwin ... it is the survival of the fittest ... one cannot do without ... we need to carry on and on. After having manifested as an insect, which also may take millions of years... the next manifestation is that of a plant life. It so happens that even different types of plant life which is still evolving takes millions of years and comes a stage when it further requires to upgrade. In the cosmic system all upgrades are free only that we are required to perform the requisite Karma. Not as the system on the Internet ... most upgrades come with a cost! After all where does Bill Gates think will he take all his money when the opportune time comes (;-)

This plant who desires the next generation of manifestation prays to God, "Oh God, what wrong have I done ... comes the breeze and either I sway ... and if the breeze is stronger and my humility does not permit me to bend beyond a certain limit ... I get broken. Please, oh God relieve me from this dilemma ... it is really painful! and low ... the plant gets the form of an animal in next manifestation ... as soon as there is a breeze ... it runs and hides in a cave.

After spending millions of manifestations as an animal ... comes the stage when the animal prays to God, "Oh God", what wrong have I done ... whenever there is a flood ... even though I am in my secure tunnel ... I get drowned. My legs do not support me and cannot take me faster than the speed of the waters so that I can run and save myself. God takes pity and the animal gets the next manifestation ... the ultimate in the cosmic system ... the form of a human being.

Now, this wise animal can run and even run faster than the speed of sound (there is no gadget it can not invent). Apart from all the abilities that existed in the plant and the animal ... this human being has the power to think ... whenever there is a flood he never enters the tunnel ... he climbs to the top of the mountain ... it has the power to save itself for it can think. It cannot only think but it can also discriminate and live happily.

Now discussing further the Sakaar form of god ... it is a necessity because the egoistic human being is not willing to consider himself lower than God ... he assumes God to have a form ... only then it is able to live happily. The poor animal! Is it difficult to imagine the power of an Atman ... yet, every normal human being wants to visualize only a Sakaar form of God. It can also be said that for normal Human Beings it is difficult to concentrate on the power we know as God.

So it has installed various images of God in the temples and worships these forms as representative of God Almighty. There is no harm at all but if we continue thinking that God has a Sakaar form ... it is entirely wrong ... for we shall remain wherever we are ... to climb up the ladder of Spirituality ... we have to take the path of Nirakaar (formless) form of God. It is an almost must.

It is only because of this Sakaar form of God that people face difficulty in Meditation (in performing the correct Yoga) ... Yoga means creating a synthesis between the atman soul and the Parmatman (Creator) ... the desire of atman soul to become liberated and join the Parmatman (the bigger whole) at the earliest is what we know as Yoga (yog in Hindi) ... the efforts of atman the soul within to join with ParmAtman soul is termed as Yoga.

Yoga (Meditation) is not required to be performed sitting in a black room with lights switched off and concentrating on the center of a small-lit bulb. Yoga means concentrating on the Nirakaar (formless) form of God ... and while practicing Neti ... and negating everything but God ... a day comes when we come become face-to-face with God. This is a stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi (the state of absolute nothingness).

I also need to explain that why the Cosmos is said to be beginning less ... when the cosmos does not seem to have a boundary ... Ramakrishna Paramhansa... the man who Realized God in the last within 150 years stated that when the cosmos does not have a boundary and does not seem to exist ... it is all an illusion. It is but our ignorance that is projected to us. This he called the concept of Maya (ignorance) ... according to this concept the whole Cosmos is but a thought of God.

We have dreams ... in the dreams we may have a family ... we may live a long life ... yet when we get up ... all vanishes. So what was it all ... whatever existed in the dreams where is it now. Where did it vanish! How? According to the concept of Maya (ignorance) ... the whole Cosmos is but a dream of God and the whole manifestation is working as was working in our dream. The moment the god wakes up ... all shall vanish ... and this shall happen at the time of dissolution of cosmos (pralaya in Hinduism). This concept cannot be negated ... it can only be clearly understood as we proceed higher on the Spiritual platform. It is but true that the whole Cosmos is but a thought of God.

Let me clarify this by a different example- It is stated that our whole body is a mini Cosmos in itself. Now, if we visualize the whole concept of the body ... then we find it consists of multiple types of cells, bacteria and viruses and what not. Imagine all these entities to be living beings. They are born ... they live life as the Human Beings live ... they rear a family ... a married life ... children ... and then they die. Everything goes on but we are never disturbed because of their functioning. The whole Cosmos runs within us yet, we are not affected by it.

Now imagine the whole system from the angle of miniscule bacteria... that can but be seen only through a microscope. For these bacteria a complete human being is but the size of the cosmos ... it cannot be visualized ... like we cannot visualize the boundary of the cosmos. Where is the difference! Difference only lies in the perception!

The concept of Maya advocated by Ramakrishna Paramhansa, the guru of Swami Vivekananda is foolproof ... no denying the fact! There is nothing beyond we can do about. We did not come unto this world of our own ... we have but come (our coming was based on the residual Karma of past lives) ... we came on to this earth as we came first in the race ... and having taken a birth we are not to while it away ... we need to live it ... we need to let Atman (the soul within us) reach its cosmic end.

It is the duty of the body to assist atman the soul within ... if for any reason we do not want to help Atman within ... we desire to commit suicide ... does it mean that the life shall not go on ... it is not so ... because of the Karma of the present life ... if we had the body of human being in present life ... it is but possible because of the papa Karma inherited (having committed suicide) that we may be given the body of an animal or even a lower platform. We must desist from such acts. We are not supposed to play with the system of his.

Now it is become clear to us ... there is an atman the soul within, which has taken a body ... the prime purpose of this body, is to assist atman the soul within to proceed on its cosmic journey and complete it at the earliest ... reach the 8.4 millionth manifestation in the shortest possible span of time. Does it mean that we can in the Spiritual realm cut short the journey? Yes, it is permitted. If we started on our journey from New Delhi to Bombay on foot, it is but possible that by the time we reach the Taj Mahal, Agra ... We get to catch a flight to Bombay (this totally depends upon our residual Karma).

In whatever manifestation I may have been in this life ... at 11 years of age I decided to search for God. At 13 years of age that wish converted into a conviction. Come whatever may ... I shall leave everything ... even my parents and the house if need be and shall go in search of God and come face-to-face with him in the present life. I just have to do it ... after 25 years of patience practice of Spirituality ... I succeeded in having a Darshan of God Almighty (a one-to-one interaction with God, the Almighty). I Realized God.

I reached my 8.4 millionth manifestation. It was all over for me. I could have left my body there and then within three hours. It was not to be. I followed the path of Mahavira. Having gained enlightenment (Self Realization) at the age of 42 ... he preached what he had gained for a total of 30 years (owing it all to the grace of God Almighty) and took Moksha Salvation at the ripe age of 72.

Now I shall explain ... why it is not possible for atman the soul within to liberate itself from the cycle of various manifestations. Imagine one KG of gold existing in a hundred KG of gold ore. This one K. G. of gold cannot liberate itself on its own ... it needs to be processed through the various phases of mining and only then 99 KG impurities can be removed. The dross having removed ... this one KG of pure gold (Atman soul, in its pure pristine form) has liberated forever from cycle of Birth and Death ... this one KG of gold need not be processed again and again ... once the 99% impurities have been removed ... it shall always remain shining.

Having Realized God and till the time one retain the body until Moksha Salvation is achieved ... one needs to retain some impurities. Why? Once it so happened that while going up the lift to my office after having gained Realization ... I gained hundred percent purity while in the lift ... I was all alone ... my legs seemed to twist like rubber and my atman the soul within started lifting up. Immediately I recalled a bad thought ... I had gained impurity enough to stand up again.

Ramakrishna Paramhansa used to say that his fondness for preparing food for his pupils is nothing else but the impurity he is maintaining lest his atman the soul within leaves the body. This is an absolutely truthful fact and can be further explained thus. When we separate silver from the silver ore ... no sooner it is kept in the open for a few hours ... it reacts with oxygen ... now this shining slab of silver is no more visible ... it has taken a black coating. It cannot be recognized by normal Human Beings, yet ... the silver slab shall always remain pure. It need not pass again through the process of mining to shine bright ... it will only need a slight polish to come back to its original pristine pure form.

The whole process of evolution is primarily governed by doctrine of karma ... what shall our next manifestation be ... whether we shall take birth again in the house of a Prince or a cobbler ... is totally dependent upon the residual Karma up to the present life. Yes, once having born in the house of a cobbler ... if my eyesight fails me and I happen to gaze at the Princess through the veils ... it is only because of the grace of God. and if I decide there and then that I shall marry her and only her ... is it possible for a cobbler's son to marry a princess. Yes ... there are many instances in history which confirm this. How is it possible that a cobbler's son is able to marry a princess in his present manifestation?

It is like this- Because of the residual Karma of past lives ... he was born in the house of a cobbler ... but he decided to take the destiny in his own hands ... he performed Karma in present life which made him marry the Princess. This is possible if we take the destiny in our control. Bill Gates was practically thrown out of the school ... he probably did not grade well and to the expectation of teachers. Bill Gates did not believe in the judgment of his teachers ... he believed more in himself ... he had the will of iron ... he wanted something and went after that ... and now here I am working on my computer which has the world-famous software Windows 2000.

What is that thing in life that differentiates a king from a normal laborer? Is it not the thinking powers alone that call all the shots? Yes ... the power to think and think constructively is the domain of all those who have chiseled their destiny with their own hands and saw to it that they reach the goal of their life within this life itself. Who knows what we shall be in our next life for it is not the Karma of the present life alone that affects us. We do not know the resultant Karma of which life may affect us when? It is not necessary that whatever we are doing now shall bear fruit in the present life. It is possible that we may reap the fruits of the present Karma in the fourth manifestation from now on. This is how process of Karma works!

I have come across many people in life who ran away from their home in search of God without having burnt out their Karma ... this was also the path followed by Buddha. Just by touching the feet of his wife and the child at the prime of night ... he left his house. It was only after having spent a considerable time in the forests and also in the community that he Realized God at the end part of his life. But before achieving the stage of Self Realization (enlightenment) ... he had to burn out his residual Karma.

He Realized God at the ripe age of 81. He was so fed up of his life ... his body also had become seriously ill ... that the sooner he Realized God ... gained enlightenment ... he left his mortal frame. The path advocated by Buddha is henceforth known as the middle path. Nor in the jungles (dense forests) or while remaining in the family alone can one Realize God. According to him we need to take the middle path ... we need to take care of the family and simultaneously with a detached attitude continue proceeding towards the higher platform of the spiritual life. Slowly we shall be able to reach the ultimate goal of life ... the stage of Moksha Salvation.

May God bless you!

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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Full text of query: is that god really exist! need your guide, k. back to is there a god

What if god was one of us

Query: What if god was one of us: It is wrong to say one gains Self Realization! SELF is beyond all comprehensions how can anyone declare himself as an "Atma Jnani"?

Vijay Kumar:
You desire to weigh atman the soul within using the senses. Standing in a well you desire to describe the might of the oceans. atman the soul within is much beyond the comprehension of an ordinary human being. You have every right to judge things from your angle... you may also be hundred percent correct yet; the absolute truth is beyond your wildest imagination.

To comprehend the absolute truth ... one needs to transcend the barrier of senses and mind. People of the stature of Swami Vivekananda could only realize the truth in the presence of his master Ramakrishna Paramhansa and that too for a very short time.

One needs the grace of God to realize the absolute truth. It is only one in a billion that people Realize God. Realizing self is indicative of that our atman the soul within is infested with impurities and for clearing these impurities ... every atman the soul within is required to pass through a chain of manifestations totaling 8.4 million lives (A total period of 96.4 million years ... what value is of 70 to 80 years of life every human being spends on Mother Earth).

I shall explain the concept in detail now- If we know that there is one KG of silver in a hundred KG of lump of silver ore ... then we need to separate out this one KG of silver by removing the 99% impurities. This 99% impurities is the journey of atman the soul within ... the complete cosmic life span covered by an Atman during which it manifests various bodies until it comes to its original pristine pure form (one KG of pure silver).

This one KG of silver cannot separate out of the ore on its own. It needs a process, the mining machinery to do this ... every atman the soul within also cannot purify of its own ... it needs one body after another to come back to its original form.

The suffering by human being is nothing else other than the removal of the dross from atman the soul within ... this process goes on until the hundred KG lump reduces to 85 KG and in this 85 KG we have one KG of pure silver. Comes a stage when one KG of pure silver is present in 10 KG of silver ore.

Now, 90 per cent of the impurities have been removed. After having crossed the various manifestations as an amoeba (single cell formation), the first in the series of the manifestation ... then an insect a plant and finally an animal. Now we have a lump of 10 KG of silver ore. We now require nine KG of impurities to be removed finally.

Now, atman the soul within has to manifest a human body to remove the balance nine percent impurities. The body of a human being is the highest manifestation when atman the soul within can liberate forever from cycle of Birth and Death and regain its original pristine pure form ... the last leg of cosmic journey ... this stage in the physical manifested life being known as gaining Self Realization ... in other words ... achieving stage of enlightenment ... all barriers of senses and the mind having been broken ... atman the soul within liberates forever.

Do not run after the knowledge gained from the books ... I have never ever read in my life Bhagavad Gita or the Upanishads ... yet, if all the sacred Scriptures available on Mother Earth get destroyed ... I shall be able to produce them again. How? You need to understand the cosmic system ... the total wisdom contained in the Cosmos can be invoked by any self realized being without the use of bookish knowledge.

I invoke wisdom from the reservoir of Mind Plus ... the source of all knowledge contained in the Cosmos. This is only possible through the process of Shruti Jnana. This is a unique process by which every sage invokes the wisdom one possesses.

Everything contained in the cosmos is on my fingertips ... I do not require reading Bible, Koran, or any other sacred Scripture present on Mother Earth ... yet, everything contained in them is within my reach. The source of all wisdom ... the destination of the teachings of the Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Gita, various Upanishads and other sacred documents is always the same. There can be many paths but all lead towards the same goal. Disparity lies in our judgment, which is based on the knowledge derived through the senses, and the mind ... beyond these ... all is the same.

You may hardly be able to fathom the depth of the words written here ... yet, the essential message will be conveyed to you through the medium of atman the soul within which resides in your heart. None can escape this. atman the soul within, which is nothing else, but the power of God in a minuscule form ... always guides us on the right path. We need to hear the small sweet inner voice that prompts us from time to time.

How many people do you think gained Self Realization in the last above 150 years ... only two ... one was Ramakrishna Paramhansa, the master of Swami Vivekananda and the other Maharishi Ramana. Standing on the ground floor of the Empire State building one cannot visualize the whole of New York ... yet, when we climb to the top ... not only the whole of New York but beyond that is visible.

To rise higher and higher on the Spiritual platform one needs to catch the elevator of the spiritual life ... this is only possible by awakening of the kundalini. and for awakening of the kundalini we need to practice Celibacy continuously for a minimum period of 12 years.

Self Realization is not a small goal ... it is the end of cosmic journey ... it is the signaling of the end ... it is to announce that one more body is achieving Salvation Moksha ... it is a miracle in itself for having Realized God ... one can serve the society in the best possible manner ... having merged our personal ego in the larger whole ... the super consciousness we call as God Almighty.

Gautama Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed... all gained Self Realization... there paths may have been different ... there goal was the same! To visualize the absolute truth we do not need the physical manifested eyes. It is only the inner eyes of atman the soul within, which prompt us to see the truth in its entirety.

Do you realize the meaning of world Atma Jnani ... it simply means one who gains the knowledge of atman the soul within ... having Realized God and burnt the complete dross within ... I have but purified myself as one KG of pure silver. I have nowhere else to go other than the kingdom of God ... Vaikuntha in Hinduism (the abode of God).

Sridhara, come out from the shell you are in ... only then shall you be able to see that the tunnel is dark. Every happening in the Cosmos has two facets ... the glass is either half empty or half full. It is upon the capability of the person to arrive at the right conclusion. None else other than our atman the soul within shall guide us ... it is most rare of the rarest cases that one can find a suitable Spiritual guide in the journey of life. It was with great difficulty that Swami Vivekananda was able to meet Ramakrishna Paramhansa.

In spite of my best efforts I could not find a Spiritual guru to guide me on the right path ... it was ultimately when I begged of God to become my guide that he immediately agreed. From that day onwards I have taken about 25 years to gain Realization ... a long journey indeed. You should never ever attempt to describe Atman or the God ... it is just not possible ... it is only when one realizes God ... does the definition of Atman soul and ParmAtman soul, the Almighty Creator become clear.

May God give you strength to remove the shell of ignorance which surrounds every human being ... the shell having removed forever ... one realizes god!

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on Dharma. For more on dharma visit -

Full text of query: With due apologies and with no intention to hurt anyone: Strictly speaking, the very word "Self Realization" is wrong. Because, SELF is "THAT", tat, which is beyond all Realizations. Hence, what you can really realize is not the SELF, but the non-Self. Once you realize the non-Selves, such as body, mind, intellect, consciousness, awareness and finally the very being as completely untrue and hence non-existent, what "remains" afterwards is the EVER EXISTING AND EVER SHINING SELF, "I", THE SUPREME TRUTH, ABSOLUTE AND ULTIMETE.

When, the very word "Self Realization" is wrong, what can you say, if one says that he is a 'Self-realized' person? When the SELF is beyond all comprehensions, when the SELF is far beyond all words, languages, sounds and expressions, how can anyone declare himself as an "Âtma Jnãni"? If you have realized yourself as 'something else', you have everything to declare to the World; but, if you have become what You really ARE, what is there to show to the world? Though we call our Maharshis as the Realized Souls, these we say on the basis of what they have revealed to Humanity. But, no Maharśhi has declared himself as an "Âtma Jnãni".

This is because, the moment they try to declare themselves as "Âtma Jnãni", the moment they try to confine the Supreme Self into the words and sounds, experiences and feelings; the moment they try to enforce limitations to the Limitless Self, they will be putting limitations to 'themselves': and, those who attempt to put limitations onto the SELF, are well within the sphere of limitations and hence cannot be Realized Souls.

A Realised Soul, totally becomes SILENT, as TOTAL SILENCE (Akhanda Mouna) is what he REALLY IS. The moment one tries to explain SILENCE, there is no longer SILENCE, but only egoism and duality. Moreover, the SUPREME TRUTH is 'something' which is far beyong space and time. If anyone declares that he has 'become' THAT on any particular year, date and time, I don't know what it reveals? B. S. B. back to what if god was one of us

System of God

Query: The system of God... Coming of Bhagwan Kalki? Why do we suffer?

Vijay Kumar:
Your assumption that God Almighty plays an active role in his creation is wrong. God Almighty has always been a Dhrista onlooker. It never indulges in the creation of his. Try understanding the definition of God in its entirety... you would understand the crux of life!

Now what truly is the meaning of God Almighty? Is it not a source of unlimited energy? Something that can neither be created nor destroyed! God Almighty never has a form. It has always been Nirakaar (without a form).

Let us go to the beginning of the cosmos. Imagine a situation when the Cosmos is about to dissolve... the time of Pralaya in Hinduism. The whole Cosmos reduces back to half the size of a thumb. and what is this half a thumb. This half a thumb is what we define as God Almighty. The cluster of all purified souls atmans in the cosmos at a given point of time is what we call God Almighty. and this is just the size of half a thumb.

Bhagavad Gita... the doctrine put forward by Lord Krishna in Mahabharata corroborates this fact. This massive energy... the God Almighty... the size of half a thumb unable to contain itself for long explodes with a big bang and results in the creation of a new Cosmos.

All purified souls atmans thus scatter all over the Cosmos. These scattering souls atmans while spreading out in the Cosmos at unbelievable speeds gather moss. These souls atmans continue their journey of cosmic travel until they find a planet like Mother Earth suitable for the souls atmans to manifest a body.

This initial travel takes souls atmans billions of years before they manifest the first body. They have by then gathered impurities along the way. To come back to their pristine glorious form... these souls atmans have no other alternative but to manifest a chain of 8.4 million bodies altogether... a total journey of 96.4 million earthly years... a long journey indeed!

The sooner these souls atmans manifest the first body... starts the cycle of karma. It is only through karma that these bodies can purify themselves and remove the dross from within. The journey starts with amoeba (single cell formation), then multi-cell formation, insect life, plant life, animal life and finally the form of a human being.

Like the metal in the ore cannot separate itself... rather purify on its own... similarly souls atmans require a body to work out their karma and purify themselves and regain the original form.

It is only when viewed from the senses point of view everything in the Cosmos appears to be solid in nature. Truthfully the whole Cosmos is made up of only atoms and molecules. There is no solid matter that ever exists in the Cosmos. God Almighty and the world of souls atmans is the only absolute truth and everything else being the game of Maya Veil of Ignorance as expressed by Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa in his commentary on advaita vedanta.

Now we are clear about two things... God Almighty a potent source of energy is the only absolute truth of the cosmos. He never interferes with the working of his creation. It is the manifest theory of karma that handles the travel of soul atman from one life to another.

Here we must also understand that everything in the cosmic system has a duality. If we have God (at plus hundred)... we also have Satan (with power of minus hundred). We have day... we also have night. We have fire... we also have water. The essence being that the sum total of all in whole Cosmos at a given point of time must remain zero.

We have happiness... we also have sufferings. You must have observed that to craft a metal into shape we need to heat and beat it. Only then proper shape can be given to the metal. Similar is the case of we human beings nay all living beings for that matter.

Unless there are sufferings... the value of happiness cannot be recognized. It is only the sufferings which make us remove the dross within. It is only Tapasya (deep prayers) offered to Almighty God which pave the way for us to walk the spiritual path. More intense the prayers and the sufferings... higher realms of spirituality we experience.

Sufferings are a part of life. All is the result of a law which cannot err. How much shall we suffer or be lucky and win a lottery is fully dependent upon the residual karma which follows us every moment of our life. It is only the doctrine of karma which is finally governing. No single soul atman can ever be affected by the doings of another soul atman. This absolute statement issued by Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita is to be understood firmly.

If we find one on the streets without legs... it is amply clear that this particular gentleman misused his legs in one of his earlier manifestations. It was the grace of God that this man was born without legs in the present domain. As we sow so shall we reap... nothing more or less! Anyone born with deformities is not to be pitied... for one is suffering for the deeds of the past life. This crux of karma is to be understood clearly if we truly want to understand the role of sufferings in life.

If you defile the body of another then it is most likely that in next manifestation our body would be defiled as per the dictates of God. We might be born a sex worker in next manifestation. The mother-in-law burning her daughter-in-law for sake of dowry in India would lead to the mother-in-law being born a sex worker in next life. She is not to be pitied then. She has to suffer for the atrocities carried out by her on her daughter-in-law in the earlier manifestation.

It is not all of a sudden that one wins a lottery or one is lucky. It is the accumulation of pious deeds done by one in earlier manifestations that fructified now. In the spiritual domain of things it is not necessary that whatever karma we are performing now will fructify immediately. It is possible that the fruits of karma be made available by God Almighty in the present manifestation or four manifestations ahead from now.

The Cosmos was so built by God... the fruits of the karma are meant for our soul atman within. The fruits of karma are never enjoyed by the physical self... the body! In the circumstances it is imperative that every human body continues doing its karma in a nishkama manner without waiting for the fruits of the karma. This is also what Lord Krishna bids us to do in Bhagavad Gita.

In the system of God Almighty nothing is disordered... there is no reason for us to criticize God. If Stephen Hawking in his book "a brief history of time" has stated that the system of God is disordered at some stage... he truly is an ignorant one unable to fathom the deaths of the cosmic system built by God. He may be a bright scientist carrying out his affairs from the Newton chair... but we all know that scientists have real limited knowledge of the spiritual domain.

The brightest of all the scientists... Albert Einstein admitted that it was his mistake to have indulged in reading Bhagavad Gita very late in life. He was clear on the fact that had he mixed science with spirituality at a young age... he would have been able to understand the system of God more clearly. Einstein was one who used his brain about 4%. Normal human beings rarely use it beyond one per cent.

Enlightened souls like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Adi Shankaracharya, Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana used their brain hundred percent. It is only when the Kundalini is fully awakened and one reaches the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi... the Sahasrara Chakra within the brain gets fully activated. This results in one reaching stage of enlightenment and gaining salvation moksha finally.

Everything in the cosmic system moves in a circle. If we have good times... we also have the bad phase. Presently we are passing through the Kali Yuga the metal age phase of life. It is almost like five o'clock in the morning when it is the darkest hour of the night. Beyond five o'clock in the morning is the period of Chatham chatta. The Chatham chatta phase has been defined in Jainism as a period when the decay in the society shall be stemmed at its roots.

and for this the humanity awaits the coming of an avatar of the era... the annihilator of Kali Yuga... the one and only Bhagwan Kalki! For it is only within the powers of an avatar that adharma can be demolished and Dharma reestablished! Although we always say that an avatar is God Almighty manifested in human form but the truth is exactly opposite.

A normal human being... one amongst us shall take the powers of Lord Krishna and the humanity would consider him above man Gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed. one who delivers the mankind of all its ills and drive us all into the golden era shall be the awaited Bhagwan Kalki. He shall be a tormentor for the paapi's (the sinner) and an upright man for those with dharmic inclinations.

One who fears Bhagwan Kalki has got to be a sinner. Those who lead a pious life need not fear anyone... for they are the true sons and daughters of God. According to you every student in class must come first... that never happens! One comes first and the other last! All is dependent upon the capability of the student for the teachings of the teacher were same for all the students.

No doubt destruction is easier than construction but to do away with adharma... the humanity needs the advent of Bhagwan Kalki... the annihilator of Kali Yuga. We cannot do without one. The Pandava kings could not have sustained without Lord Krishna. To defeat adharma at its roots... to defeat king Duryodhana and his cunning maternal uncle Mama Shakuni we human beings of today cannot do without the coming of Bhagwan Kalki.

Even man gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed... all would fail in the present situation. It is man god clubbed with the power of righteousness as practiced by Chanakya who shall take the reign of Bhagwan Kalki. The present situation demands an authoritative spiritual master... the likes of Lord Krishna! For Bhagwan Kalki would have almost same powers as Lord Krishna!

To summarize ... Lord Krishna came from India, so did Mahavira. Gautama Buddha belonged to a region in Nepal which was part of India a few years before. Jesus Christ gained his wisdom by hitchhiking to India when 13 years of age. He gained his wisdom in Nalanda and Taxila universities. Prophet Mohammed belonged to a region in Persia which was once part of India.

All avatars and man gods came from India. It is how God Almighty designed the system. This is why India is the spiritual master of the world. Bhagwan Kalki also would come from the blue turbaned area... the Indian Peninsula surrounded by oceans on two sides. When Nostradamus in the quatrains mentioned the blue turbaned one... he did not mean a human being. He meant that Bhagwan Kalki... the Antichrist would be from an area which looked like a blue turban.

Great are the ways of God Almighty... we puny human beings having no right to criticize one! We are ignorant by nature... it is only the blessings of God that shall remove our ignorance and propel us towards the light of wisdom.

God bless all!

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on Dharma. For more on dharma visit -

Full text of query: Thank you very much for your kind and detailed reply. Our meeting depends on God's will only. May I write my feelings here ?

God knows only Destruction ! Why should Bhagvan Kalki take an Avtar here to "remove" group of people physically from the surface of our Mother Earth ? If it is only a physical death, then these people will continue to be present elsewhere.. On other hand, if they are "liberated" it is good for them !!! That means really blessed souls are going to be removed by Bhagvan Kalki. Whatever it is , only the survivors are going to suffer, even if it is going to be good life for them.

As a Universal Person, I love all the countries and all the people of Earth... as well as all my cosmic friends throughout the Universe. Is there any specific reason to love India alone ? Unfortunately human beings are thinking of destruction always for ages , so that ..may be ...they hope... there will be a new beginning all that we all can perform well ?. Any destruction is easier than construction ! I wish, we all on Earth think in the positive that all these wars Etc. can be avoided.

Lord, This is your world. You have all the rights to do whatever you want. You can change anything according to your will. G.K. back to system of god

Does god answer Prayer

Query: Does god answer Prayer? Does any one know how to pray right? I heard that god does not answer my Prayers because I do not pray the right way... what is the right way?

Vijay Kumar:
Before praying we need to understand the meaning of the word Prayer. What does praying mean in every Religion... are Prayers different for different Religions. Is that for one a Prayer has one meaning and different for the other?

Praying to God Almighty carries equal meaning for all. God never differentiates! In praying we ask of God for something. Even if we do not seek material benefits for self we may ask for the welfare of others. We may not ask God something for us but for the benefit of others. Still, it is necessary that our Prayers get answered in order to help one.

No one knows where lives God. None has ever seen him. Even the representative of Jesus Christ on Mother Earth... the reverend John Pope Paul can also not vouch having seen God at any stage of life. Nor can any bishop or father or a priest! God is always hidden from mankind... he cannot be seen but always felt! He exists everywhere. In the eyes of God all are equal... he never differentiates between a king and a commoner.

How is it that one is a king and the other a laborer? It is only our thinking which makes one a king or a laborer. and while saying our Prayers it is only our thinking that affects the results of our Prayers. If we merely wish anything most likely our Prayers shall remain unanswered. We need to perform our Karma ((the sum total of all deeds performed by us) in daily life in a way that our wishes get fulfilled. Only when we perform the right Karma and also Pray to God in right earnestness... they get answered!

It is not something God has bestowed upon us... we have rightly earned it by performing the right pious Karma. Most people in their Prayers wish for something that does not correspond to their Karma. We cannot expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree! What we get resultant of our Prayers will be in full conformity to our actions performed.

In Prayers we simply ask God for something... but we must also offer God something equivalent in return. If we need money then we must commit to God for doing some charitable work for the community where we live. Only then God hears our Prayers. Prayers are never a one-way communication. God never commits to us anything that we do not deserve. We get paid according to our Karma. If we perform a sin then hoping for a miracle in Prayers is something we call wishful thinking.

I am producing a small quote from my younger daughter that shall examine the mode of praying.

My younger daughter when quite young... the sooner she returned from school and before taking her lunch gave out all the jokes she had learnt for the day! For her they were mere jokes... A means to living a life full of laughter! For me they carried a greater meaning to life!

There used to be a priest who believed in God to the utmost. He prayed and practiced everything in the name of God. His faith in the God was unwavering.

One day it so happened that the village in which he lived was deluged with heavy rains that converted into a massive flood. As the floodwaters encircled the house of the priest... he seemed least concerned. In spite of the whole village getting emptied on utmost priority... he was at complete ease!

Sooner the floodwaters began to rise and reached the top of the first story of the house. He observed that a log floated by... he could have swum to safety clinging to the log but he felt there was nothing to be worried about. All this... in spite of the fact the priest did not know swimming.

After some time when the floodwaters reached the danger mark... a boat passed by and the occupants of the boat insisted upon him to take a seat but he refused. He had unflinching faith in God and did not worry.

Finally the floodwaters reached the top of his house. If he did not make his escape right now... he would drown. and as luck would have it there came a helicopter and the pilot insisted upon him to catch the ladder thrown by him but he refused and drowned.

When he reached the gates of Heaven and was presented in front of God, he enquired of him that in his lifetime he never failed to pray to God, never committed a sin yet God did not help him when he needed him most and he died.

God replied! My dear son whom do you think it was who sent the log, then the boat and finally the helicopter!

In the circumstances, can we still say that mere wishful praying would get answered? Yes, we always get help from God in different ways but still we need to perform our Karma in a manner that our hopes and desires get fulfilled.

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Is There a God explained in words one can easily understand and fathom. For more on where is the evidence proof god exists visit :  ... Vijay Kumar - 5th June 2010.

Full text of query: Does god answer Prayer? Doesn't any one know how to pray right? I heard that god doesn't answer my Prayers because I don't pray the right what is the right way? back to does god answer prayer

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