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Query: How can you worship many gods when there is only one True God?

Vijay Kumar:
This is the problem with the people in the West... they think that God belongs to them. Their God Jesus Christ is the best of all. There is none above him. You want to continue living in a cocoon of your making... you do not desire to get out of the well... unless you come out in the open and are able to logistically discuss upon the various issues related to Spirituality... we shall always remain far from the ocean of truth.

Do you even realize that USA is hardly about 600 years old... what before that... were there no God before the advent of Jesus Christ... or was it that only after the birth of Jesus Christ did humanity got blessed with Spirituality!

The Indian civilization... Hinduism is the oldest Religion and the first preceptor of mankind. Lord Krishna himself (who is considered an Avatar, the manifest form of god on Mother Earth) came about 1500 years before even Jesus Christ was born. During the times of Lord Krishna... similar situation was prevailing as is now. We are presently passing through the Kaliyuga phase (the metal age) of evolution... the end of the Kali Yuga shall result in the start of the Satyuga the golden era.

Everyone is waiting with abated breath the advent of Bhagavan Kalki... one who shall have almost similar powers to that of Lord Krishna. This Bhagwan Kalki would be powerful enough to cleanse the society of its ills and bring upon the golden age on Mother Earth.

It was in the times of Lord Krishna that the famous battle of Mahabharata was fought between Pandavas and Kauravas. and it was during this fight was Lord Krishna compelled to give the sermon of Bhagavad Gita to the Pandava King Arjuna. It was only after Arjuna was able to digest the teachings of Bhagavad Gita that he was prepared to fight the Kauravas.

It was a fight between the good and the evil... Dharma had to prevail in the end. It was a fight to the finish... something which is expected shortly... a fight to the finish between Christianity and Islam!

Both these Religions promote fanaticism. They teach that their God is only the best. How could it be? God Almighty is only one... it does not have a form... it is Nirakaar (without a form) in nature. It is a mighty source of positive energy... Rather it is reflective of the sum total of all positive energy in the Cosmos.

We need to understand that Bhagwan Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed were all man gods... initially when they were born they were normal Human Beings like us. As time passed by these highly Spiritually oriented persons directed all their energies towards understanding the cosmic wisdom... they gained enlightenment at the end of their studies and finally achieved Salvation Moksha!

The complete cosmic cycle rotates like a clock... the 12 o'clock in the day when the sun is high... it is the peak of the golden era. Sometimes later we step into three o'clock and slowly dawns the evening... we are proceeding towards the Kali Yuga (the black darkened night)... it is only again at five o'clock in the morning when the rays of the sun touch the Mother Earth and the world is awake that we feel the start of the golden era again.

For the clock to ring five o'clock... the power required to bring the humanity out of the darkness of Adharma... we need an Avatar... the manifest Lord himself. None other than one who holds the power of Lord Krishna shall be able to lift the society to the portals of golden era.

Not even a man god can help at this stage. Every Avatar (manifest form of god on Mother Earth) has been considered much more powerful than every man god who has ever reincarnated on Mother Earth.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: How can you worship many gods when there is ONE TRUE God. The lord, Jesus Christ and the holy spirit, you are being fed lies, your beliefs are wrong and you have no idea what Spiritual battle you are all involved in, FIND JESUS he loves you, he wants a relationship with you, it says in the bible in the TEN COMMANDMENTS do not worship any other gods except for me. You serve many gods. Life is to precious to believe that you get reincarnated when you have reached wisdom. The wisdom is GOD most high.

I pray for you all who believe in this faith, Find God the TRUE God he cares about you. You think you have peace now, when you have a relationship with him then you have found peace, I have delved into all Religions and none is more satisfying…

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