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Definition of god

Query: You say God almighty does not play an active role in his creation and always been an onlooker without a form. Then how come God talks with you and other people like Neil Donald Walsh etc.?

Vijay Kumar:

Delving deep into the matter of God Almighty... we need to understand the definition of God Almighty. As explained earlier God Almighty is the sum total of all purified atmans souls in the Cosmos at a given point of time. This proves that God is not a single entity.

God Almighty is but the whole mound itself. If a grain of sand is an individual atman soul then the whole mound of sand is God Almighty. Every individual atman soul thus has the same powers exactly as God but limited in magnitude. Presuming there are 1000 atmans souls in the Cosmos... then the power of an individual atman soul would be one divided by thousand. All attributes of the power of God Almighty remaining the same for the atman soul!

And what does this mean and basically signify. It clarifies that as an individual human being reaches the last leg of his life... the cosmic life... the 8.4 millionth manifestation... all dross within almost completely removed... one comes back to its original pristine pure form. The form of the human being left behind... it is the soul atman within which shines in its cosmic glory.

This further clarifies that it is not God that we come in contact with all the time but the soul atman having gained its pure individual status... the glorious pristine form... this tiny individual grain of sand finally emerges with the mighty whole... the whole mound of sand. A stage... when the individual grain of sand can indefinitely contact the whole mound of sand.

This is a difficult phenomenon for a human being to understand but for the serious seekers of spirituality... understanding Bhagavad Gita is not a difficult task. What we truly mean to say is that we do not contact God Almighty but our own atman soul which shines in its cosmic glory. All dross within removed... the individual physical self is now able to enjoy all the cosmic powers enjoyed by our atman the soul within.

It is our soul atman that we are talking to all the time and not God Almighty. This aspect of life becomes clear when we transgress the boundaries of the physical self and reach the level of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Having become pure why do an atman soul require building an ashram for self!

You state Budha said : "Event's happen. Deeds are done, therefore there is no individual doer thereof".

How true it is that the body which our atman soul has manifested only for a single manifestation need not know of the past or the future. It was not meant to be. If one knew of the past or the future... the whole system just could not have survived. Why?

If I come to know that my best friend in this manifestation was the one who had killed me in my last manifestation... how would I react to it? Nothing more is required to be explained. Everything of the past and the future has always remained hidden as was desired by God Almighty and programmed accordingly.

When any deed is done by a human being on Mother Earth... is it not true that the body is not the individual doer doing it. As the fruits of all karma are enjoyed by the soul atman within... the actual doer of all is our atman soul. But like God Almighty, our soul atman also does not interfere in the affairs of the body.

Whenever the body... the living being tends to go wrong... the sweet small voice which seems to come from within our heart always prompts us on the right path. This voice of our atman soul residing in our heart always indirectly prompts us to follow the right path... to follow or not to follow is the prerogative of the individual physical self based upon the doctrine of karma.

If one has been born a sinner in the present manifestation... it is most likely that one would not go as per the dictates of the sweet small inner voice coming from within. With passage of time this sweet small inner voice of our atman soul would become so neglected that we would rather not hear it altogether. and finally the human being has become a hard core criminal... one who is not willing to walk the right path and hear the promptings of the sweet small inner voice of our atman soul.

Here I shall narrate a small story-

You would have read this story when young. It once happened that a young Princess while passing through a deep dense forest with the family happened to get lost. Finding no other alternative she searched for some accommodation for sleep in the night. She found a village where one family tended to her and made her comfortable by putting ten bed roles on top of another so that she could have the privileges of a Princess.

But this princess could not sleep for a second. The whole night she spent toiling over. In the morning when the head of the family came to know of it he removed all the bed roles and found one pea beneath the bottom most bed role. and this pea was the reason that the Princess could not sleep for the whole night.

This indicates that a pure soul atman just cannot survive any impurity altogether. The Princess here represents our atman the soul within. The impurity of one pea was sufficient to negate the presence of ten bed roles. Whatever riches one may gain in the material life carry no meaning in the domain of God... the world of our atman the soul within.

All this indicates that every serious seeker of spirituality must always remained truthful to self and always seriously give a prompt hearing to the sweet small voice coming from within. It is this power of sweet small voice that makes one reach the level of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. and in the physical manifested world... we find the number of bed roles go on increasing as one becomes richer and richer.

In other words as one tends to become rich... we are getting farther and farther away from our true inner self... our soul the atman within. This is not what a true seeker of spirituality desires!

In a nutshell when the fruits of all karma performed by the body belong to our atman the soul within... and we are not even the doer of the things... it has been rightly said that we must perform our karma in a nishkama way. and what does nishkama way indicate... it simply indicates that all karma must be performed in a manner that it does not create a bond of klesha (binding with impurities) further.

It is performing nishkama karma the way it was performed by King Janaka that shall deliver the mankind of all the ills and pave the way for one reaching stage of enlightenment and finally gains moksha salvation.

If you have any further queries... do not hesitate to send them all. As and when I get time... they shall all be replied.

May God bless all!

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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Full text of query: Sir, you are telling God almighty does not play an active role in his creation and always been an onlooker without a form. Then how come God talks with you and other people like Neil Donald Walsh Etc. According to you God even does not want us to meet. You even said "As demanded by God... I have not built an ashram"

Every Saint has a past and every sinner has a future. I thought what Budha said was right: "Event's happen. Deeds are done, therefore there is no individual doer thereof" Thank you very much for the help and guidance given to me... G.K back to definition of god

Hindu Gods

Query: How can you worship many gods when there is only one True God?

Vijay Kumar:
This is the problem with the people in the West... they think that God belongs to them. Their God Jesus Christ is the best of all. There is none above him. You want to continue living in a cocoon of your making... you do not desire to get out of the well... unless you come out in the open and are able to logistically discuss upon the various issues related to Spirituality... we shall always remain far from the ocean of truth.

Do you even realize that USA is hardly about 600 years old... what before that... were there no God before the advent of Jesus Christ... or was it that only after the birth of Jesus Christ did humanity got blessed with Spirituality!

The Indian civilization... Hinduism is the oldest Religion and the first preceptor of mankind. Lord Krishna himself (who is considered an Avatar, the manifest form of god on Mother Earth) came about 1500 years before even Jesus Christ was born. During the times of Lord Krishna... similar situation was prevailing as is now. We are presently passing through the Kali Yuga phase (the metal age) of evolution... the end of the Kali Yuga shall result in the start of the Satyuga the golden era.

Everyone is waiting with abated breath the advent of Bhagavan Kalki... one who shall have almost similar powers to that of Lord Krishna. This Bhagwan Kalki would be powerful enough to cleanse the society of its ills and bring upon the golden age on Mother Earth.

It was in the times of Lord Krishna that the famous battle of Mahabharata was fought between Pandavas and Kauravas. and it was during this fight was Lord Krishna compelled to give the sermon of Bhagavad Gita to the Pandava King Arjuna. It was only after Arjuna was able to digest the teachings of Bhagavad Gita that he was prepared to fight the Kauravas.

It was a fight between the good and the evil... Dharma had to prevail in the end. It was a fight to the finish... something which is expected shortly... a fight to the finish between Christianity and Islam!

Both these Religions promote fanaticism. They teach that their God is only the best. How could it be? God Almighty is only one... it does not have a form... it is Nirakaar (without a form) in nature. It is a mighty source of positive energy... Rather it is reflective of the sum total of all positive energy in the Cosmos.

We need to understand that Bhagwan Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed were all man gods... initially when they were born they were normal Human Beings like us. As time passed by these highly Spiritually oriented persons directed all their energies towards understanding the cosmic wisdom... they gained enlightenment at the end of their studies and finally achieved Salvation Moksha!

The complete cosmic cycle rotates like a clock... the 12 o'clock in the day when the sun is high... it is the peak of the golden era. Sometimes later we step into three o'clock and slowly dawns the evening... we are proceeding towards the Kali Yuga (the black darkened night)... it is only again at five o'clock in the morning when the rays of the sun touch the Mother Earth and the world is awake that we feel the start of the golden era again.

For the clock to ring five o'clock... the power required to bring the humanity out of the darkness of Adharma... we need an Avatar... the manifest Lord himself. None other than one who holds the power of Lord Krishna shall be able to lift the society to the portals of golden era.

Not even a man god can help at this stage. Every Avatar (manifest form of god on Mother Earth) has been considered much more powerful than every man god who has ever reincarnated on Mother Earth.

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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Full text of query: How can you worship many gods when there is ONE TRUE God. The lord, Jesus Christ and the holy spirit, you are being fed lies, your beliefs are wrong and you have no idea what Spiritual battle you are all involved in, FIND JESUS he loves you, he wants a relationship with you, it says in the bible in the TEN COMMANDMENTS do not worship any other gods except for me. You serve many gods. Life is to precious to believe that you get reincarnated when you have reached wisdom. The wisdom is GOD most high.

I pray for you all who believe in this faith, Find God the TRUE God he cares about you. You think you have peace now, when you have a relationship with him then you have found peace, I have delved into all Religions and none is more satisfying… S. J. back to hindu gods

Hindu God agni

Query: Importance of burning of fire Hindu God Agni in our hindu prayers?

Vijay Kumar:
Hindu god Agni occupies a very special place in Hinduism. The mere mention of Agni as Hindu god signifies the role Agni plays in Hindu rituals. God Agni in Hinduism stands for the means by which everything impure in the system can be wiped clean.

The cauldron of fire burning within every human being is the only means to burn out ones karma. Unless the karma within one is burnt out completely... none reaches stage of enlightenment and finally salvation. Hindu god Agni is the only means to propitiate and atone for our sins committed unknowingly or unknowingly.

Hindu god Agni on the physical plane lights the world. In the absence of God Agni the whole planet mother earth would decay and die a natural death. God Agni on the physical plane takes care of our bread-and-butter and on the mental plane cleans us internally.

The absence of God Agni in our life would have reduced a human being to the level of a savage... one who enjoyed eating everything raw. It was god Agni which for the first time made human beings realizes that apart from the physical perception of things... there exists something... Beyond the mundane existence of life!

In absence of Agni... the presence of our true inner self our soul atman within would not have been possible. It is while saying our prayers and atoning for our sins... we inherently invoke the blessings of Hindu God Agni. It is this powerful god Agni which consumes everything that is discarded by one.

Invocation of fire god Agni was a routine practice in the times of Vedas. Every sacrifice... every prayer during the time of the Vedas would not have been complete in absence of God Agni. The chanting of the mantras amidst burning of sacred Hindu god Agni was essential for conducting a yagna.

and what does a yagna in which Hindu god Agni plays a vital role truly mean? Every yagna performed results in purification of the system. If the yagna is performed for invoking the rain gods then we need to surrender to Hindu god Agni all those negative thoughts which cause delay of the monsoon season.

By invoking rain gods... by agreeing to submit our bestial desires to Hindu god Agni... we may or may not be successful in our attempts to appease rain gods. It is the combined strength of the yagna performed... the faithfulness by which the yagna is conducted that yields the desired results.

Anything and everything surrendered to Hindu god Agni can never be recouped back. Surrender to Hindu god Agni is the final step towards reaching our goal. Anyone who has mastered the art of surrendering bestial thoughts and desires to Hindu god Agni lives a kingly life. Even the fear of death can never disturb such a one.

Hindu god Agni also plays a crucial role when the death of body occurs. It is only Hindu god Agni and god Agni which lits the body and consumes it forever. our soul atman within the body being imperishable leaves the body to gain a new manifestation... a new circle of life altogether!

In the absence of Agni this crucial step of the Hindu rituals would not have been possible. When Sita wife of King Rama became so desolate (King Rama having practically abandoned her)...she requested of mother earth to open up and consume her. She practically invoked the power of Hindu god Agni so that her body is annihilated forever.

While conducting our day-to-day affairs in life we commit sins on a daily basis knowingly or unknowingly. and the only means to discard the bad effects of the sins is by invoking the pious fire... Hindu god Agni makes us physically and mental free of all the negative effects!

While proceeding on the path of self realization... invoking Hindu god Agni was a part of my life... a daily routine without which I would not have been successful in all my attempts. To burn out my karma on a day-to-day basis was only possible with the help of God Agni. Every step forward indicates that we have abdicated our ego to Almighty God.

To summaries everything... the burning of Hindu god Agni during Hindu prayers reminds us that we need to surrender our ego on the altar of Hindu god Agni and unless we do that... any amount of prayer would not yield the desired result.

We do not physically feed ourselves to Hindu god Agni but it is offering our bestial and wanton desires for ever to Hindu god Agni. Only then our prayers would be successful.

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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Full text of query: i would like to know the importance of burning of fire in our hindu prayers. r. back to hindu god agni

Gods and goddesses

Query: This world is full of Gods & Goddesses. It is difficult to know whom to worship? Can a person be a god?

Vijay Kumar:
No doubt ... you are a potential source of energy ... a representative of mother Goddess ... but you fail to remember that a woman only gives birth to a child ... it can never create a child ... none on earth a man or a woman can never create anything. We cannot even create a pebble out of nothing ... what to say of creating a child.

A very interesting episode occurred in the times of Mira Bai- mira bai wanted to go to a temple for Prayers ... the head priest of the temple objected to it. For him women were only meant for taking care of children and the household affairs ... reading of the sacred Scriptures ... gaining Spiritual knowledge was the domain of men. In spite of repeated reminders by Mira Bai ... the head priest did not budge.

Mira Bai ultimately sent a small chit to the head priest. Immediately thereafter the head priest was at the feet of Mira Bai. He profusely apologized for his mistake. What was it that Mira Bai had written in the chit? Mira Bai had only written that there is only one man ... one Karta (Purusha) in whole Cosmos ... and he is God Almighty ... rest are all ladies. The priest understood the underlying meaning and henceforth all ladies were permitted inside the temple. It is only God Almighty who can create and dissolute anything. We as Human Beings are only required to perform our Karma. Nothing beyond.

A very wise question indeed- whom to worship in the vast expanse of gods and goddesses ... it is said that there are above 90 million God and goddesses in Hindu mythology. If we look at the affairs of God ... we find there was only one Lord Krishna, one Buddha, one Mahavira, one Jesus Christ and one prophet Mohammed. Why only one? For the simple reason that if there were 50 Mahaviras at a time then it was not possible for the common man to know whom to worship!

In every era ... in every century ... there cannot be more than two god realized souls at a time ... it is just not possible ... it will simply confuse the humanity ... God desires every human being to emancipate after a long journey of 8.4 million manifestations (a total cosmic life cycle of 96.4 million years for the Atman, the soul within). A long journey indeed!

Even before Lord Krishna was born ... there existed Vedas ... and even before the Vedas there existed Dharma. It is Dharma which has existed since times immemorial ... from the beginning of time when the humanity gained its footing. Dharma inherently guides one on the right path ... it is the force of our atman the soul within which is always existent in us. One truly cannot survive without Dharma ... we can say we are an atheist (nonbeliever of God) ... some can say they do not believe in any Religion as they are so confusing ... yet people continue to survive ... it is the power of Dharma within which guides us on our cosmic journey.

When the humanity started ... the lipi (alphabets) had not yet evolved ... everything was passed on from one generation to the another by the word of mouth ... Veda ... the spoken word! All the Mantras and every hymn was mentally learnt by heart and passed on from the guru to a Shishya. Eventually when this Shishya became a Guru he passed on the knowledge of the Vedas to his shishyas. It was only in the second century when the lipi was developed that the Vedas were reduced to writing.

Lord Krishna came about 3600 years before ... at that time four Vedas were prevalent among the society ... Lord Krishna could see that it was very difficult even for a experienced Spiritual master to fathom the depths of all four Vedas in a lifetime. Whatever was contained in all the four Vedas - the Rg Veda (Rig Veda), Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda was consolidated and reproduced by Lord Krishna in form of Bhagavad Gita.

Bhagavad Gita contains everything that is contained in all the four Vedas excluding those Rituals, which are not necessary to be performed today. Whatever is worth knowing in the sacred Scriptures of all Religions of the world is contained in Bhagavad Gita. This one simple document contains the total essence of the cosmos. Beyond this document even God Almighty has nothing more to say.

Amongst all the gods and goddesses ... we are only required to assimilate the teachings of Bhagavad Gita. The knower of Bhagavad Gita becomes the knower of Brahman ... one reaches the 8.4 millionth manifestation the moment one realizes the absolute truth. In all sincerity it can be explicitly said that we need to follow Bhagavad Gita ... if we desire to fathom the depths of the Spiritual knowledge.

Every human being can become a living God ... a man God like Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus Christ, prophet Mohammed, Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana only after one gains Self Realization. Every godly figure becomes liberated from cycle of Birth and Death forever. No further manifestations ... we pray to these man gods and invoke their blessings.

A normal human being even though has an Atman within cannot be termed as God ... it is only after we burn out our Karma ... remove the dross from within ... and our atman the soul within comes back to its pristine pure form ... can we say that so-and-so has Realized God ... reached the 8.4 millionth manifestation ... the last in the stage of emancipation. It is our atman the soul within that has taken this body and not vice versa ... it is our atman the soul within which wants to liberate forever from the cycle of various manifestations.

God Almighty and all atmans souls in the Cosmos are of the same nature. If a grain of wheat is an Atman than the whole mound of grain is Parmatman (God Almighty). Both are pure forms of energy and so potential that a normal human being cannot even visualize the structure of an Atman or Parmatman.

If I agree with you that you are a power ... then can you produce something out of nothing ... is it within you that you can create something from nothing ... it simply is not possible ... and when this is not possible how can you be a power. The body of a human being is powerless ... the moment our atman the soul within leaves the body ... it becomes dead! To become all-powerful we need to Realize God ... we need to come back to our pristine pure form ... we need to become a living Atman (a living soul).

Every human being is the highest manifestation on Mother Earth ... it is only as a Human Being that every Atman can liberate itself ... reach the 8.4 millionth manifestation. Be it Swarga Heaven or Naraka hell ... to gain emancipation every atman soul has to take a body as a human being ... only then it can achieve Moksha Salvation. We are lucky to be born as a human being! To be born as a human being means we have already crossed about 7.3 million manifestations and a total cosmic life span of about 83 million years. We started cosmic journey as an amoeba (the first manifestation as a single cell) and subsequently evolved into an insect, then a plant, an animal and finally a human being. It has taken about 7.3 million manifestations to reach from amoeba to the level of a human being (a journey above 83 million years).

In the cosmic hierarchy there is not much confusion ... the wisdom contained in the Bhagavad Gita is self explanatory ... if we follow truthfully the dictates of our atman the soul within ... we try to hear the promptings of the sweet small inner voice coming from within then we can always remain hopeful of completing cosmic journey within this life for, the voice of our atman the soul within shall never guide us on the wrong path.

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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Full text of query: This world is full of Gods & Goddesses that its difficult to know whom to worship? Can a person be a god? I think its a power... but what type of power? Itsn' t it me? P. back to gods and goddesses

On God and Suffering

Query: Your Essay " Why God made this world". Does God feel happy & sad and contented when he made the world ? Is god not "satchidanand". What is the definition of God.

Vijay Kumar:
Do not go after the literal meaning alone. If it is written in Mahabharata that Lord Krishna once when he had lost his ball in a lake came out dancing on the head of a serpent named Kalia ... do you really think such a thing has ever happened? No ... it is just a way of expressing the might of Lord Krishna.

If I am referring to the fact that God when he did not feel happy for there was neither pain nor happiness to be seen anywhere in the world created it ... does not mean that God Almighty has a Sakaar form ... God Almighty is always in Nirakaar form ... it is without a form ... it is a cluster of pure energy. If God is pure energy ... where does the question of his creating happiness and pain arise?

I shall explain the total concept in detail-
Happiness and pain are both different sides of the same coin. For one the glass is half empty ... for the other half full. For some even happiness is pain and misery. and pain a way out of this mortal world. Only after the death of a body that our atman the soul within shall get a new body. In the mortal world someone dies ... in the domain of Atmans souls nothing has died ... rather the soul is taking a new body ... it is time for cheer!

I do not know whether you have come across the old procedure of polishing utensils made of brass ... and particularly copper. The total procedure comprises of heating the utensil up to a certain temperature so that all the dross ... the dust gets peeled off on its own. Thereafter this utensil is again heated and a polish applied to the surface of the utensil. The moment the polish is complete ... this utensil is immersed in cold water. Even after this if the polish is not to the satisfaction the whole process of heating the utensil, polishing it and putting it in the cold water is repeated.

Till the time utensil remains in the cold water ... it is the time happiness is experienced by us. The moment the utensil is put in the heat ... we experience pain. It is the process of happiness and pain that we carry out our Karma to remove the dross within our atman the soul within ... and as the soul proceeds on its cosmic journey ... the function of the body is merely to enhance its progress towards the ultimate goal and in the process the body sometimes suffers pain and sometimes experiences happiness.

If someone thinks of becoming immortal in the physical manifest form he is totally mistaken ... immortality can only be had when we reach the 8.4 millionth manifestation ... the last in cycle of Birth and Death ... after this manifestation it is only Moksha Salvation one can achieve. Only after gaining immortality does one become free of the sufferings forever. For an atman soul, which comes back to its pristine pure form... there is nothing like happiness or pain. Yet, we Human Beings continue to gloat over the fact that someday we can gain immortality. Unless we burn ourselves in the pious heat of Spirituality (Agni) ... we cannot get liberated forever from cycle of Birth and Death. If there were no requirement for sufferings and happiness then there would not have been any Cosmos. For ... all atmans in the cosmos would have remained in their pristine pure form and there was no need for an atman the soul within to manifest a body. Whenever we need to shape an iron rod, we first strike it with a hammer ... and put it in the fire ... dip it in the water ... the whole process is repeated again and again until we get the desired results. The process of suffering and happiness continues unabated ... if we think that we can manage happiness forever ... it is just not possible ... even the richest man on earth cannot guarantee happiness forever.

Yes, a god realized soul is always happy for he has for all practical purposes burnt out this entire Karma and only then it was possible for him to have Realized God. The moment we do away with the Karma ... the need for suffering ceases. Self Realization is the ultimate goal of life ... whether we try to gain Self Realization in the present life or leave it for the next life is solely dependent upon us. Who knows what we shall be in our next manifestation.

Talking of God Almighty ... it has always been a Dhrishta (an onlooker) ... Once the Cosmos has been created and until the dissolution of cosmos occurs (the time of pralaya in Hinduism) ... God does not interfere in its creation. It is a clock like work ... the doctrine of Karma takes over from the day atman the soul within starts on its first journey ... the manifestation as an amoeba ... subsequently it evolves into an insect, then a plant, an animal and finally as a human being. The whole process from the form of an amoeba to the level of Moksha Salvation as a human being requires 8.4 million manifestations (a cosmic travel of 96.4 million years by the Atman, the soul within).

The prime reason why God has created Swarga and Naraka (Heaven and hell) ... until the time an atman the soul within gets a body in between different manifestations it remains in Swarga Heaven if the balance of residual Karma is positive in nature ... if it is negative then we get Naraka hell. For an atman the soul within to manifest a body ... it needs matching parents ... and if for some reason the matching parents are not available on Mother Earth then Atman either lives in Swarga Heaven or Naraka hell.

But for attaining Moksha Salvation every atman the soul within has to come down to mother earth. The biggest misnomer amongst Human Beings that everyone wants to go to Heaven after death carries no meaning ... it is purely dependent upon the residual Karma of past lives and the present life. As we sow ... so shall we reap ... nothing more or less! If our residual Karma is such that we shall go to Naraka after death of body ... no number of Prayers can change our destiny. If we desire Swarga in the interim stages of evolution ... we need to perform pious deeds and earn Punya Karma.

In the system of God there is nothing like miracles ... all is the result of a law, which cannot err! The system of God is not disordered at any stage as has been pointed out by Stephen Hawking in his book "a brief history of time". As a physicist and a scientist he is totally mistaken ... sitting on the higher platform of life he cannot continue to misguide the humanity ... it is his ignorance of the matter that he has presumed the system of God to be disordered at any stage. It just cannot be. The system of God is foolproof. Since times immemorial it is running perfectly ... we do not find the moon striking the sun or any other star colliding with another. So is not to be.

Spirituality starts where science ends ... we cannot hope of getting a full view of New York standing on the second floor of the Empire State building ... we need to go to the top ... we need to practice Celibacy for a continuous minimum period of 12 years ... we need to awaken are kundalini fully ... only then the lift of spiritual life would become available to us. The moment we are at the top ... there is no going further ... we have reached the 8.4 millionth manifestation ... we can only gain Moksha Salvation.

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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Full text of query: "When a human being makes a model, a static one, he initially is very happy over his invention for the first time. What next! He dreams of putting life into it ... make his model dynamic ... more about as a robot under his absolute command. Similarly, when the world was made by god, he did not feel happy for there was neither pain nor happiness to be seen anywhere".

I have quoted this from your Essay "Why God made this world". Does God feel happy & sad, did he not feel contented when he made the world ? From what I have read about God he is supposed to be "satchidanand". The above statement of your contradicts this definition of God mentioned in the vedas,etc. Kindly clarify at the earliest. A. K. back to On god and suffering

get closer to God

Query: I would like to get closer to God, pl advise!


Vijay Kumar:
Regarding, your not believing in the occurrence of World War 3 is not as per logic ... Kali Yuga is supposed to end and it cannot end without a massive revolution taking place ... as massive as the Mahabharata of the yester years. Why

The moment I Realized God in 1993, it was all over with me. I felt God had given me certain powers and I wanted to experiment with them. I inherently knew that Nostradamus was a being of high intellect and he had excellent powers to foresee the future. I concentrated on the power known as Nostradamus and immediately I was plunged into the mental wavelength on which Nostradamos operated. You would not believe what happened ... Immediately messages started flashing in and I concentrated on the forthcoming 13 years of world history. I started from the level where Nostradamus had left when he left his mortal frame. I have written what God has dictated to me.

Revelations can come to anybody who develops his mental intellect to a certain level. But one thing always has to be kept in mind that revelations can change. All revelations are based on the theory of mass Karma. What ever is performed by the Humanity at large ... they have to bear with the results.

You will agree with me that the present mankind in the Kali Yuga of today is embroiled in trading bitterness amongst one another. The mutual trust which existed between Human Beings 20 years before has greatly diminished. A feeling of fear has over taken humanity and this fear has led to increase in Prayers world-wide. The respect India has started getting world-wide is indicative of the forgiveness which India exercised in dealing with Pakistan on the Kargil issue. This increased fear and subsequent Prayers has temporarily delayed the occurrence of World war 3 which is now likely to start in 2002.

Every single word of mine on the net is a direct dictation from God. I never write anything on my own. It is beyond my intellect and capability. The moment I Realized God, dictation's from God have become a regular feature. Sometimes the dictations continue for hours and at times months pass. Living in Grihastha Ashram and continuing with the Spiritual endeavour is at times difficult but life is so. Being my last life I have to impart the Cosmic wisdom before I leave this mortal frame.

Dear Fernando ... When I started on this journey at 11 years of age, I had not the slightest inkling that I would see God one day in the present life, leave apart the question of how many years from now But one thing I was very sure of was that if God was to give a darshan to someone on Mother earth it was to be me. Inherently I knew that purity of Mind was to be maintained at all costs.

Even as a child I could see people cheating God when they were alone in the surroundings of their house or the office. When I used to challenge such people of their untruthfulness they used to counter that no one had seen them making a theft. I inherently knew that these people were fooling their own self for God was everywhere and he takes care of all our actions be they good or bad.

One had to be hundred percent truthful if he ever was to realize self in the present life ... a very difficult task as in the day-to-day mundane affairs of life sometimes even unknowingly one may be untruthful and unless one knows the right path of repenting how to absolve self out of the situation. There had been a King Vikramaditya in India in the past who was famous for his truthfulness. I followed his path of Tapasya (Prayer) ... and one-day I knew I had become an absolutely truthful human being.

Still, there was no God to be seen anywhere. I subsequently Realized that apart from being truthful one had to practice Celibacy to its extreme end. Not involving one self in sexual activities of any nature alone is not sufficient. The complete definition of Celibacy meant not involving one self in sexual activities physically but even mentally. It was very difficult for me to find out what was the meaning of mental sexual activities. In spite of all my best efforts in controlling sexual desires I was getting nowhere.

Sweet dreams is a common occurrence. I had to somehow over come it. I realized as everyone on Mother Earth were sons and daughters of God, I had to treat every lady on Mother earth either as my mother, sister or daughter. I deeply prayed to God day and night and ultimately even night sweet dreams also ended. I practiced physical and mental control on sexual activities for a continuous period of twelve years and lo shortly after that I had a darshan of God. Subsequently I Realized God in its entirety.

Mahavira, Gautama Buddha all practiced Celibacy for a continuous period of twelve years before they realized their self. To practice absolute Celibacy as narrated above is perhaps a difficult task but there is nothing on Mother Earth which cannot be achieved.

I have narrated above most important features over which a human being has to have absolute control before he can Realize self. Because of the inborn nature of the Mother to take care of its offspring, it is even more difficult for woman folk to achieve Self Realization. In the history of India only two women achieved this status - one was Gargi and other Maitreyi. Gargi was a highly accomplished intellectual women and Maitreyi was the wise wife of sage Yagnavalkya - a knower of Brahman, the Almighty Creator of the cosmos. Sage Yagnavalkya is the author of Brihadarankya Upanishad - a highly intellectual sacred text.

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of God Almighty Definition explained in words one can easily understand and fathom. For more on hindu gods visit :  ... Vijay Kumar

Full text of query: I enjoyed very much reading some of your Essays. Some of it seems very fantastic, but the mysteries of God seem so to people. I would like very much to get closer to God, and I liked reading many of your comments. However, i have to disagree with your beliefs about a 3 World War and destruction of the civilization as we know it. I believe it is a great service you are doing in having this page for people to read and learn about god. F. back to get closer to god

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