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God Almighty Definition of God Dhrishta Onlooker

Query: You say God almighty does not play an active role in his creation and always been an onlooker without a form. Then how come God talks with you and other people like Neil Donald Walsh etc.?

Vijay Kumar:
Delving deep into the matter of God Almighty... we need to understand the definition of God Almighty. As explained earlier God Almighty is the sum total of all purified atmans souls in the Cosmos at a given point of time. This proves that God is not a single entity.

God Almighty is but the whole mound itself. If a grain of sand is an individual atman soul then the whole mound of sand is God Almighty. Every individual atman soul thus has the same powers exactly as God but limited in magnitude. Presuming there are 1000 atmans souls in the Cosmos... then the power of an individual atman soul would be one divided by thousand. All attributes of the power of God Almighty remaining the same for the atman soul!

And what does this mean and basically signify. It clarifies that as an individual human being reaches the last leg of his life... the cosmic life... the 8.4 millionth manifestation... all dross within almost completely removed... one comes back to its original pristine pure form. The form of the human being left behind... it is the soul atman within which shines in its cosmic glory.

This further clarifies that it is not God that we come in contact with all the time but the soul atman having gained its pure individual status... the glorious pristine form... this tiny individual grain of sand finally emerges with the mighty whole... the whole mound of sand. A stage... when the individual grain of sand can indefinitely contact the whole mound of sand.

This is a difficult phenomenon for a human being to understand but for the serious seekers of spirituality... understanding Bhagavad Gita is not a difficult task. What we truly mean to say is that we do not contact God Almighty but our own atman soul which shines in its cosmic glory. All dross within removed... the individual physical self is now able to enjoy all the cosmic powers enjoyed by our atman the soul within.

It is our soul atman that we are talking to all the time and not God Almighty. This aspect of life becomes clear when we transgress the boundaries of the physical self and reach the level of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Having become pure why do an atman soul require building an ashram for self!

You state Budha said : "Event's happen. Deeds are done, therefore there is no individual doer thereof".

How true it is that the body which our atman soul has manifested only for a single manifestation need not know of the past or the future. It was not meant to be. If one knew of the past or the future... the whole system just could not have survived. Why?

If I come to know that my best friend in this manifestation was the one who had killed me in my last manifestation... how would I react to it? Nothing more is required to be explained. Everything of the past and the future has always remained hidden as was desired by God Almighty and programmed accordingly.

When any deed is done by a human being on Mother Earth... is it not true that the body is not the individual doer doing it. As the fruits of all karma are enjoyed by the soul atman within... the actual doer of all is our atman soul. But like God Almighty, our soul atman also does not interfere in the affairs of the body.

Whenever the body... the living being tends to go wrong... the sweet small voice which seems to come from within our heart always prompts us on the right path. This voice of our atman soul residing in our heart always indirectly prompts us to follow the right path... to follow or not to follow is the prerogative of the individual physical self based upon the doctrine of karma.

If one has been born a sinner in the present manifestation... it is most likely that one would not go as per the dictates of the sweet small inner voice coming from within. With passage of time this sweet small inner voice of our atman soul would become so neglected that we would rather not hear it altogether. and finally the human being has become a hard core criminal... one who is not willing to walk the right path and hear the promptings of the sweet small inner voice of our atman soul.

Here I shall narrate a small story-

You would have read this story when young. It once happened that a young Princess while passing through a deep dense forest with the family happened to get lost. Finding no other alternative she searched for some accommodation for sleep in the night. She found a village where one family tended to her and made her comfortable by putting ten bed roles on top of another so that she could have the privileges of a Princess.

But this princess could not sleep for a second. The whole night she spent toiling over. In the morning when the head of the family came to know of it he removed all the bed roles and found one pea beneath the bottom most bed role. and this pea was the reason that the Princess could not sleep for the whole night.

This indicates that a pure soul atman just cannot survive any impurity altogether. The Princess here represents our atman the soul within. The impurity of one pea was sufficient to negate the presence of ten bed roles. Whatever riches one may gain in the material life carry no meaning in the domain of God... the world of our atman the soul within.

All this indicates that every serious seeker of spirituality must always remained truthful to self and always seriously give a prompt hearing to the sweet small voice coming from within. It is this power of sweet small voice that makes one reach the level of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. and in the physical manifested world... we find the number of bed roles go on increasing as one becomes richer and richer.

In other words as one tends to become rich... we are getting farther and farther away from our true inner self... our soul the atman within. This is not what a true seeker of spirituality desires!

In a nutshell when the fruits of all karma performed by the body belong to our atman the soul within... and we are not even the doer of the things... it has been rightly said that we must perform our karma in a nishkama way. and what does nishkama way indicate... it simply indicates that all karma must be performed in a manner that it does not create a bond of klesha (binding with impurities) further.

It is performing nishkama karma the way it was performed by King Janaka that shall deliver the mankind of all the ills and pave the way for one reaching stage of enlightenment and finally gains moksha salvation.

If you have any further queries... do not hesitate to send them all. As and when I get time... they shall all be replied.

May God bless all!

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: Sir, you are telling God almighty does not play an active role in his creation and always been an onlooker without a form. Then how come God talks with you and other people like Neil Donald Walsh Etc. According to you God even does not want us to meet. You even said "As demanded by God... I have not built an ashram"

Every Saint has a past and every sinner has a future. I thought what Budha said was right: "Event's happen. Deeds are done, therefore there is no individual doer thereof" Thank you very much for the help and guidance given to me

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