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Query: Why are we here on this earth? Is there life on other planets? Can we travel from one planet to another... What is the Meaning of Life?

Vijay Kumar:
You were told ... by whom! This is very important because you need to have a guide in your life whom you can trust absolutely without fear. One has not seen God but the messengers of God are to be relied upon.

If we choose upon the wrong guide ... I know that the seeker does not have the power to recognize a Guru (Spiritual teacher) yet we need to rely upon our instincts (the sweet small inner voice always guides us on the right path ... the voice of our soul the atman within.

There is nothing like an ordinary human being taking an incarnation ... incarnation can only be taken by a man God ... one who has already Realized God and has completed cosmic journey ... gained enlightenment and has become free forever from the cycle of birth and death.

The total cosmic life cycle every human being has to undergo consists of 8.4 million manifestations ... a total life span of approximately 96.4 million years. What is the value of 2 to 3 human life spans The journey is long and we must make all efforts in every life form to enhance our life goal further.

If we are born on number 44 in this life then we must strive for number 45 in the next life. This is solely dependent upon theory of karma ... we reap what we sow! Nothing more or less. As we perform our Karma so shall be our next manifestation.

If we commit untold series of sins ... we may even be born on number 39. and if we get a human form only after number 40 ... what does it indicate ... it is true that having been born as a human being we can based on our sinful Karma be again born as an animal and we can only cross this threshold only after achieving number 40.

This is presuming that total cosmic life cycle is ranging from zero to hundred. In the zero stage we manifest as an amoeba and subsequently we take the form of an ant ... that is the mosquito stage ... the next stage being that of a tree ... subsequently we are born as an animal and finally as a human being.

The total stage comprises of a life span of about 96.4 million years. (8.4 million manifestations) ... every manifestation has approximately been averaged out to 11 years. This is not something being told to you from the Scriptures. I have lived all these stages and reached the end of my cosmic journey ... as a realized soul I can but take Salvation Moksha in this life ... I have reached the Mount Everest of my life ... I have nowhere else to go ... the only goal of my life being to impart what I have learnt before I leave this mortal frame.

Mother Earth is the body which when accepts a soul ... does a life form get created. Unless Mother Earth accepts the soul ... not a single soul can manifest on this planet. and the chain of Karma binds all the souls existing on Mother Earth with other souls. Here we need to understand the relation between Karma and soul the atman within.

Every single soul is required to manifest because it consists of impurities at the start of the journey. The sole aim and purpose of the journey being to purify itself. No soul can purify itself on its own hence it is required to manifest a body.

And this body carries out the Karma ... Burns the dross and slowly the soul arises from number one to two and finally unto number hundred. Hundred is the stage when a man is converted into a Buddha, Jesus Christ, Lord Mahavira or Prophet Mohammed. One becomes a man God after full purification of soul the atman within is achieved.

This can be explained thus- suppose we have a lump of iron ore ... let us say weighing Hundred KG's. and in this lump of iron ore suppose there is one KG of pure iron then, unless we separate the 99% impurities we cannot extract the pure iron (one KG) from it.

This Hundred KG of lump is the soul comprising of impurities at the start of its cosmic journey ... slowly as it manifests one body after another ... the dross (impurities) gets reduced. Comes a stage when there is one KG of pure iron in a lump of 95 KG of iron ore. Thereafter there is one KG of pure iron in a lump of 85 KG of iron ore. and so on.

Can this purification occur without seeking the help of the machinery ... the mining process ... the iron ore has to pass through ... no it is not possible.

Similarly, every atman the soul within cannot purify itself and needs a body (the mining machinery) to purify itself. and this is possible by performing the Karma, which every insect, tree, animal and a human being is required to perform. Finally comes a stage when the 99% (99 KG of impurities get removed and we get one KG of pure iron ore ... rather we can say that one has become Jesus Christ in this lifetime.

Having purified itself it is not possible to go back. Superficial surface impurities can always surround the pure iron (one KG) but the purified soul the atman within can never get mired into the life cycle again. All has ended for this purified soul ... the one KG of pure iron has nowhere else to go.

During the process of performing the Karma in form of a body ... every body comes in contact with other bodies ... and thus is formed a chain of events with which each and every atman the soul within is bound. If a human being born on Mother Earth could migrate to planet Venus then what of the related Karma one has to essentially perform. If as a human being I take a loan of Rs. Hundred then unless I return the same to you the transaction is not complete.

And if the first half of this transaction occurred in one life and subsequently soul the atman within migrated to planet Venus then what of the balance half of the transaction, which is yet to take place. Without the transaction having completed no Atman can migrate.

This is an absolute truth ... only god realized souls ... the enlightened beings of the status of Lord Mahavira, Jesus Christ, Buddha, prophet Mohammed, Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Ramana Maharshi can migrate from one plane to the another.

These purified souls can freely migrate because they are free from the bondage of Life and Death. The life cycle of atman the soul within having completed they are at liberty to travel from one end of cosmos to the another within a fraction of a second.

Whenever we pray ... We try to invoke these mighty powers to come and bless us. Our purpose in going to the church is primarily that only. Either we Pray to God, the Almighty Creator or to the liberated beings (all purified Atmans, the soul within) only to invoke their blessings every now and then. All purified souls are but a minuscule form of the mighty Atman soul, the Parmatman (God).

There is life on many other planets ... but the bodies from one area are not permitted to travel to the other area unless they are liberated forever. It is not necessary that the forms on the other planets may be that of a human being ... it is possible that a snake may be the highest form of life ... a talking and a walking snake similarly as we Human Beings talk and walk.

We may even have walking stones full of life similarly as we have animals on our planet. We need to understand the basic concept ... there is no end to the philosophies concerning life on other planets.

There is no cause for worry ... whoever has misguided you does not desire your well being ... take care of yourself! Stop thinking of other galaxies and planets. You cannot get out of the clutches of the solar system unless you complete the cosmic life cycle of 8.4 million manifestations. We can always cut short the journey similarly in a fashion that I continue my journey on foot and subsequently board a bus to expedite my journey and finally catch a flight.

All is possible in the Spiritual realm. Sun, the center of the solar system keeps every Atman within its grip ... no Atman soul can migrate from one solar system to the another until and unless it completes its cosmic journey. So is the desire of God ... Human Beings have no role to play in this.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: I was told i only had 2-3 incarnation on earth. i was told that i belong to venus. that i am not going to have many incarnations in the futuere and that after that i will go to another planet - maybe to another galaxy - this was like a bomb to me who revealed a great gate of questions... can u tell me if there is human life on other planets and in other galaxies and what is the reason to come here from another place on the Universe to this gross planet i.e. why mess up with this almost endless samsara.... many thanks in advance.

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