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Is There Life after Death Are there Rebirths

Query: Is there life after death. Are there rebirths? Do you think an individual has no control over day to day happenings in life?

Vijay Kumar:
As long as the Ego of a human being dominates him, we talk of life after death, rebirths etc. Every human being is but a garb for atman the soul within. atman the soul within never dies. When the age of the body is over it just takes a new body. It cannot be called rebirth for nothing has died. Only atman the soul within has left the body. Death occurs only for the body and the body once it dies has no rebirth.

If you ever come to know that he a closest friend in this life was the cause of your death in the earlier life, what would be the result! Either you would attempt to take revenge or kill him. For this reason God forbid all and one to view into the past lives.

When an atman soul starts on its Cosmic journey it initially manifests the body of an amobae. As it evolves further it takes the garb of a plant, then animal and finally a human being. The total journey period is fixed but can be cut short by people who have hundred percent faith in God. Only a self realized human being can govern his destiny in totality.

All successful people in the world have Destiny in their control as far as their present physical life is concerned but a god realized soul has Cosmic life under his control. Many questions will come to your mind. The day the last query in one's mind ceases to exist ... thy shall Realize God.

May God bless us all.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: I visited your web page and would want to know your opinion on following matters: Is there life after death and are there rebirths? Could I in any way find out what I was in my previous birth? Do you think that human life is a predetermined course for an individual set up by a divine superforce and the individual has no control over the day to day happenings in his life?

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