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Query: My young 20 years old son died. We believe in god only. My son was very simple and kind hearted. Why has this happened?

Vijay Kumar:
You and your family have gone through the most excruciating experience of life ... something most of us suffer one-day or the other. Such instances make even the strongest follower of God loose patience and subsequently faith in the system of God. We feel absolutely helpless for we cannot even blame God for our sufferings.

We do not desire criticizing God yet; we feel that even God did not care for us. What causes such an untoward happening ... as we find those committing heinous crimes in the society leading a happy life. of all the people ... why only we suffered in the hands of God?

In this life ... I may not have caused even the most trivial of sins ... or even garnered a feeling of ill will towards one ... yet, I lost my dear one ... one whom we loved so much. Why does this happen ... what is that fundamental of God, which makes our world go round and round.

Bhagavad Gita ... the most sacred Scripture defines the truth. According to Bhagavad Gita ... every body is manifested by an atman the soul within ... from the day we are born and until the evening of our lives ... whatever we might have gained in the physical world is all but left behind. Nothing belonged to us ... we merely were a trustee taking care of the property of God. As per Bhagavad Gita ... there is no reason for any hue and cry!

Such abstracts of Bhagavad Gita can be found hanging in every shop and offices. It is nice to read whatever is written in them ... but when we face it all ... the experience becomes unbearable. Whenever a person dies ... all the members of the household are involved in the final rites ... the truth is known to all ... yet, something within tells us that we might escape the dungeons of death. Why, when we have not caused or desired ill will of one ... why should God make us suffer!

Fundamentally, from the view of senses, which govern our physical manifested world, we are right in our thinking. Something ... some hidden factor ... that only can be known after having mastered the Bhagavad Gita ... is yet to be learnt!

Now I shall explain the complete chronological order so that the matter becomes clear to you in its entirety. In the system of God there is no loophole ... no shortcuts ... no excesses ... all is so streamlined that the total Cosmos (Brahmaand) runs automatically ... we never find one planet striking the other ... the rays of the sun failing to reach mother earth ... everything on our planet earth going haywire ... nothing in the Cosmos can move on its own.

Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist in his book "a brief history of time" has stated that "the system of God is disordered at some stage ... it is not so. Stephen Hawking has failed to interpret the cosmic truth ... scientists and physicists fail to grasp the absolute truth because they want to weigh Spirituality on the scales of science. In the system of God this is just not permitted for Spirituality starts where science ends.

The system of God is never disordered at any stage ... had it been so ... the whole Cosmos would have collapsed long back. The grapes are sour only because the fox could not get it. Stephen Hawking is misleading the community only because he is ignorant of the fact ... rather people may also not challenge him? Why take liberties!

Albert Einstein deeply regretted that he could not give much time for understanding of Bhagavad Gita. He regretted the fact that for the whole of his life he felt ... he could corroborate the Spiritual truths on the scales of science. He forgot that there is something beyond science ... the faith ... absolute faith in the system of God ... which only shall give us the power to understand the underlying cosmic truths.

The moment Albert Einstein tried to grasp the meaning of Bhagavad Gita not as physicists but as a humble seeker of truth ... he could understand the underlying meanings without difficulty! He finally realized that one has to have a certain level of faith in the system of God ... some laws which are beyond the comprehension of scientists and physicists ... the essence of these can only be understood only if we have absolute faith in the system of God.

None has seen Swarga Heaven, nor Naraka hell yet, most believe that after death of body ... all go to Heaven. Why this notion! Why the belief ... where is the proof. After all ... the scientific community demands proof! The process of rebirth is merely a belief ... where are the proofs ... all logistics based on senses fails us on the issue. Yet, we all know that we have an Atman (a soul) within us and it is soul the atman within, that has taken the body and not vice versa.

Without full faith in the system of God ... we cannot hope to reach the desired goal ... solve the puzzles of the cosmos. One has never seen the fragrance of a flower yet, we all believe in it. Why, because we all can feel it! None has seen God, yet we believe in him ... why, because many instances in life make us believe that there is some power in the Cosmos, which is running the whole show.

Every atman the soul within on its cosmic journey has to pass through a total of 8.4 million manifestations. The total journey comprises of 96.4 million years at the most. The transit passage of one human life of 70 ~ 80 years is so negligible in such a wide span of time. At the time of the Big Bang when all atmans souls present in the Cosmos get scattered all over the Cosmos... the cosmic life cycle of atman soul starts.

The pure Atman as it proceeds on its cosmic journey ... needs to purify itself to come to its original pristine shape ... this is only possible after manifesting a body. If we desire to separate out one KG of pure iron from a lump of hundred KG of iron ore, then we are required to remove 99% impurities through the process of mining. This one KG of iron ore ... the pure Atman cannot cleanse itself on its own. It needs machinery in the process ... a body where it can activate the Karma.

Starting the journey as an amoeba (single cell formation), then the life of a mosquito, subsequently a tree, and then an animal and finally the shape of a human being. The journey is long ... 8.4 million lives are to be lived. From one life to another as per theory of karma ... only the residual Karma of one life passes on to the next life (through the chromosomes).

If one is born on number 48 (on the scale of one: hundred) ... then in the next life we can again be born as a human being provided the residual Karma permits us for the same. Suppose the migration from animal life to a human being occurs above number 40 then to be born as a human being we need to have at least number 41 in the balance sheet of our life ... which shall be carried over by the residual Karma. Suppose I commit such drastic sins in present life that God awards me minus nine then at number 39 I shall only be born as an animal in the next life. And as an animal ... if one fares well ... the dog saves life of his master then ... definitely this dog would get body of a human being in next manifestation.

The theory of Karma is the governing factor from one manifestation to another. It so happens that suppose in the earlier life one had a very dear friend. One day while on a hunting mission ... unknowingly the arrow of another kills the son of one. In the circumstances, what do we expect from one who has suffered the death of his child. This human being in the fitness of rage shall place a wrath on his friend, saying, "In the next life ... you are also going to suffer the same way I have suffered".

Your relationship with your son in this life was only limited to this life alone. No Atman soul is directly connected with the other ... you do not know what would befall one in this life ... it is only the residual Karma of the earlier life which decides the goal in this life.

There is one possibility that people can get out of the curses of the earlier lives by doing proper pashchatapa (prayashchita). But, who knows the Mantra for the same ... also we do not know what shall befall us and when in this life so that we could take a timely precaution. One day we all of a sudden come to know that the following colleague of ours is suffering from cancer ... we are most surprised because we know that in present life this person has not committed any wrong.

Who does not know what the master of Bihar ... Laloo Prasad Yadav is up to ... it can only be the Punya Karma of the earlier lives that he enjoys life despite of all the handicaps faced by him. It is not only Karma of this life alone that governs our life ... it is residual Karma of past life and Karma of present life combined together ... which becomes the deciding factor. The balance sheet of our life gets updated every six hours. In the long journey of 96.4 million years ... none knows ... in which manifestation ... we shall suffer what!

Here I shall narrate the story, which shall make the point absolutely clear- It so happened that a very renowned sage was passing through the domain of a kingdom whose king was always longing to increase his life ... rather he wanted to become an immortal while in the physical form. The sage was meditating beneath a tree when lieutenants of the king asked of the sage to come to the palace to give his blessings.

This sage knew the cause ... he avoided going to the palace. This sage had the power to know what was going to happen in the near future. Let us presume that the age of the sage in present life was destined to be 80 years. Presently, the sage was at 60. In spite of saying no again and again ... he had to succumb to the pressures of the kingdom. The sage came face-to-face with the king himself.

The sage already knew the purpose of the king and kept quite ... it was only after a short while in the presence of all the courtiers ... the King enquired of the sage that what his age is going to be. The sage tried his best not to answer the query but the king was adamant ... the sage blurted out that you have only two more years to live ... the moment the king heard this ... he took out his sword and beheaded the sage. This sage knew very well that he would face death at the hands of the king but it was all destined. He had to face it ... we mortals are not supposed to interfere in the working of God.

What the king expected of the sage was that he somehow could praise him and say, oh king! You are going to live forever ... you shall become immortal! So was not to happen and the sage had to leave the mortal frame untimely.

Now Atman within the body of the sage had inherited this body for a period of 80 years based on the resultant Karma of the earlier lives ... but at 60 years of age ... this atman soul was untimely deprived of the body. Now ... what shall the consequences of this act in the cosmic world.

For us Human Beings ... a child is born who succumbs to his death at the age of 20 years. In the cosmic system nothing has gone wrong. This boy is the same sage who is required to take a new body only for the remaining 20 years of the earlier life. In the cosmic system all is foolproof ... nothing happens suddenly. But, accidents do happen which affect present birth as happened in case of sage. He faced death at age of 60 although he was destined to live up to 80 years. The sage knew that he would be taking a new body for only 20 years after death of present body ... for him all was but game of destiny over which none had any control.

In the case of your son the most likely happening that may have occurred in the cosmic system is-

The friend of your son who was saved by your son may have met with an untimely death at the hands of your son in the previous life. Accidents do happen ... it is nobody's fault ... Yet, to equalize the same ... your son had to give his life in order to repay for the deeds of the earlier life.

Grieving over the death of your child would not help much but, you must console yourself and the family on the fact that such happenings are never in the control of a human being ... there must have been something which your child desired in his life ... try to fulfill that wish ... it would give you immense relief apart from Spiritual strength to bear the mortal loss. Always cherish the memories of the happier times you spent with the child ... always praying to God that wherever and in whatever manifestation your child may be ... the blessings of God may always rest with him.

With passage of time you shall reconcile to this subtle fact of life ... May God bless you and your family.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: My young 20 years old son died by drowning last year while he was saving other. Me & my family both are simple , we believe in god only. In our life we have extended help to many. My son was also very simple, brave,handsome,smart and kind hearted. Why this has happened i am unable to understand. kindly show us light.

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