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Query: My father's death has left me confused about Life and Death. Kindly guide how to deal with this.

Vijay Kumar:
The mortal frame of a person effects us Indians so badly that when it leaves it practically becomes impossible for us to continue with our life ... yet, life has to go on! We all know very well that one who has come shall always leave ... for life is not in our hands but we are to only perform our karma within this life span.

Is that all to life we are supposed to live ... what of the values we attach to our relationships with our parents, brothers and sisters, relatives and our friends.

Here I will narrate a small brief of my own life-

I had already Realized God in 1993 and in 1999 my mother expired. Three days before her leaving the mortal frame ... I could sense that she was willing to leave the ailing body. I so badly wanted to be near her during her last three days ... but my business occupations did not mandate it. Whenever I returned from office I used to give her a cursory glance and she never responded back as if she knew what I was thinking in my mind. She was a very pious lady. Extremely gentle in her behavior towards one and all.

At that time I had the powers that I could transfer a portion of my life to her ... amazingly, she responded during the mental communication that, "Did I really want to transfer her a couple of years for her to suffer in this badly flailing body" ... I was flabbergasted ... I myself could feel saying no! I felt the glow of happiness on her face. She was sort of extremely satisfied with my reply. And the 10 years of my life, which I wanted to give to her, remained with me.

The day my mother left the body ... there was a pall of gloom all over ... yet, I was so happy within that now my mother (the body of my mother) would get a new coat ... a new life henceforth. I never intended to keep the failing body of my mother for a couple of more years as she (her Atman, the soul within) herself refused.

The Indian traditions keep the children emotionally attached to the parents for a very long time ... totally contrary to what is practiced in the west ... not that the people in the west do not love their parents ... yet, they live their own life totally detached from what their parents may have expected of them to do.

I get so many queries world-wide from people who desire to have a glimpse of the mortal frame, which has already left. Is that possible? It is a blunt no ... once the body leaves the Atman, the soul within; it can never regain the same body again. It is just not possible. All is the result of a Karma, which cannot err. No one has control over it ... we have just to bear all.

The theory of Karma plays an important role in this aspect ... no body can leave an Atman, the soul within on its own ... it is only when our Karma leads us to a goal that our atman, the soul within is in need of a new body ... it has to have one.

When we pass class two ... we automatically get promoted to class three ... the question of repeating class two does not arise. When the sojourn of an Atman gets completed on Mother Earth ... then it is time for us to bid goodbye to that mortal frame. In the normal circumstances we expect that after death of body ... the soul will manifest a higher body ... if in present life we were on point number 64 on the plane of Karma then we can expect to gain a body on point number 65 in next manifestation ... why should we feel the pain on the death of body. Whenever someone gets promoted in life we celebrate ... yet, when an Atman leaves the body for a higher goal ... we mourn!

We feel the pinch because we practically depended upon our parents for so many odd jobs that we feel we cannot do without them ... yet, with passage of time we learn the truth ... we slowly reconcile to the fact that the body ... the soul ... we loved so badly as a parent is no more!

Even if we were not dependent on our parents ... yet, we look forward to the guidance of our parents on various matters from time to time ... advise which we can never get from any outsider even after paying a price.

There are many things that your father would have desired for you to accomplish in your life ... if you were agreeable on such matters with your father then ... if you put all your eggs in one basket and concentrate towards the one and only goal of your life ... then you shall never feel the gap created by the death of your father. This is the one and only way to keep us out of the matter. We cannot afford time and again to think about the death of your father ... we need to cherish the good memories ... and continue ahead with our own life in the same manner as your father would have desired to do so.

Think of the others who may also be reeling under the trauma ... most affected would be your mother ... now instead of two you have only one to look after ... your mother, is a direct companion of your father ... if you truly desire to serve your father in Heaven ... serve his beloved wife ... your mother. You would never repent doing so.

Help your brothers and sisters and other relatives getting out of the mess ... it is very difficult to get out of the old memories attached to your father ... yet we need to make all our efforts and help each other in the matter. Look forward to the goal of your life ... the sooner you reach it ... you shall feel the presence of your father in Heaven blessing you on the occasion. It is true that Atmans who have not yet been allotted a body come down in their energy form to bless us.

May God help you in overcoming all the obstacles in your life.

Don't forget ... your Heavenly Father ... the Almighty Creator is always there to guide you on the eternal path. Your eternal mother ... the mother earth bears the soul as long as the body taken by the soul continues to do its Karma.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: My father passed away less than a month ago, he suddenly feel ill for about a month and passed away. It was was very traumatic as we were praying and hoping for him to survive.His death has left me very confused about Life and Death.He passed away and life has has to go on,everything else remains the same except he is not here.I am having a hard time dealing with this.

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