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Query: Can we explain Hindu Theology without bringing in the concept of previous birth?

Vijay Kumar:
Can we try to explain the concept of a flower without making one feel the smell of a flower? If I need to explain the concept of milk ... then I need to also explain the source from where the milk is derived ... how the cow is fed with the grass ... and for the grass to grow we need big fields ... and if these fields are not cultivated how do we expect to get good quality milk!

On earthly plane, we visualize everything from the point of view of senses. Anything beyond the concept of senses is not clearly understood. To understand the entity of a human being ... we need to understand who created it and the purpose behind its creation. The human body is not a creation of the mankind ... it is our Atman the soul within which has manifested the body ... in the cosmic life span of 8.4 million manifestations (a total cosmic journey of 96.4 million years) ... what is the value of a 70 to 80 years life span of a human being?

We need to understand the basics ... it is Atman (our soul within) that is governing ... it has taken the body and not the vice versa. Our atman the soul within needs a series of manifestations for it to liberate from the cycle of birth and death forever. The form of a human being is the last leg in the theory of evolution. Before the atman soul has manifested a human body for the first time ... it has already passed through the various phases of evolution ... the body of an amoeba to start with, then an insect, a plant and finally being born as an animal.

How in the circumstances it is possible that we can even think of understanding concept of cosmos in Hinduism or any religion of the world unless we understand the underlying truth ... the truth of our atman the soul within. It is only the ego of a human being that sometimes prevents us from assuming that there is a God. There are Human Beings who want to become immortal in present life and that too in physical manifest form. How can that be possible ... it is our atman the soul within which gets liberated from cycle of Birth and Death ... it is our atman the soul within which becomes free forever ... what is the significance of a human being except that it helps Atman the soul within to expedite its journey.

The concept of a previous birth or the next birth is misunderstood. There is nothing of this nature that exists in the cosmic system. Had Human Beings possessed the power to be reborn ... if only it was the human being, which had manifested the atman soul, only then this anomaly would have truthfully stood its ground. We are born and we die ... nothing is in our control ... the governing factor for every human being is the karma ... the residual Karma from each birth manifested by an atman the soul within which gets carried forwarded onto the next life through the chromosomes.

We Human Beings are really to be pitied upon ... we do not have the power even to create the smallest particle existing in the Cosmos ... yet, it is only as a Human Being that an atman the soul within can get liberated ... in no other life form can one achieve Moksha Salvation ... the highest and the ultimate power available in the cosmos is still with a human being ... the power to realize self and merge with the absolute consciousness.

Every seed in the Cosmos in order to germinate needs conducive environment ... after it grows into a beautiful tree ... can this tree be proud of its own self ... knowing well that whatever flowers and the fruits it produces can never be enjoyed by the tree itself. The fruits are meant for atman the soul within ... the tree only has to carry out its duty ... its Karma and wither out at the appropriate time. After the death of the tree ... the new seeds thus produced shall again get a new life ... manifest as a new plant ... totally unconnected with the earlier plant life (manifestation).

What is it that makes us believe in the system of God ... in this life I may be a very nice person ... never having committed a sin in life ... yet I may suffer at the hands of God. My only son dies. What was the logic behind this unless, the residual Karma of atman soul of my son had to suffer because of the sins in the past life. In this life we do not have any control whatsoever over the actions of the past life. The residual Karma of which none has any knowledge is governing. We reap ... what we sow! Nothing more or less. In the balance sheet of life ... everything gets squared up maybe not within this life ... maybe in the next or the next life.

What we actually desire is that Human Beings must live in the present ... why brood over the past or the future ... agreed! Who desires to venture into the areas of which we have no knowledge or control? Yet, when an untoward incident occurs in life that is not related to the deeds of this life ... we all get affected. We are bitterly disappointed with the system of God ... why are we made to suffer in this life for the actions of our earlier lives. Why did God made such a system?

In the cosmic hierarchy ... the system is like that-
Suppose I have been awarded a lottery that states that I am entitled to a journey in first-class in the first train to any destination within the country. Now the next train that arrives in the station is a passenger train ... it does not have a first-class. What is the alternative ... I have to wait ... I have to wait for the next train ... the next life (the next manifestation) to occur before the deed can be executed. The prime reason why we sometimes get rewarded in this life all of a sudden because of actions in the past life. Our deeds in present life did not command any reward but nonetheless we were rewarded for the actions of the past life.

The cosmic system created by God is like that ... we do not have the power to interfere. If you do not believe or want to believe in the system of God ... who cares! The switching over of the residual Karma from one life to another cannot be compared to the pending work as stated by you. The comparison made by you is absolutely wrong. in present life you must have observed that whenever a chartered accountant prepares balance sheet ... then whatever is the closing balance of this year is carried forward to the next year. In the balance sheet of the coming year the opening balance is the closing balance of the earlier year (the earlier manifested life) ... the balance sheet goes on and so does the company ... similarly, in the balance sheet of life ... the opening balance ... the residual Karma gets automatically transferred to the next life.

Do not try to view the cosmic system as a human being as senses have their limitations. It is only beyond when we rise above the mundane matters ... higher on the Spiritual plane ... become god realized ... only then can we correctly understand the system of God. Senses were created by God to live the physical manifested life in a coordinated manner. Standing on the ground floor of the Empire State building you cannot try to visualize the whole of New York ... the vision is not available ... you need to climb to the top to see the whole of New York and beyond. and for this you need to awaken your kundalini ... unless and until our kundalini is fully awakened we cannot Realize God.

It is Bhagavad Gita and only Bhagavad Gita ... the most sacred Scripture in Hinduism ... the doctrine preached by Lord Krishna ... which can make us understand the concept of the cosmos in its entirety. The relationship between an atman soul and the body, the migration from one body to the another, the story of the Big Bang, the concept of Maya, the beginning less Cosmos ... and what not ... all becomes clear like ABCD.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: Is it not possible to explain the whole good aspects of Hindu Theology, without bringing in the aspect of next birth or previous birth? The other world - Heaven or Hell cannot be definitely outside the present 'JAGAT' - the Universe. Either here or there, either as a earthworm or an Eagle or an evolved Saint does not make any difference. Then why should one talk about births at all? Pl be kind enough to explain. ( I do not believe in the carryingover or pending business inthe Good's Kingdom. Such unresolved matters being carried over is possible obly in govt offices and Ministries).

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