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Religion Starts Where Science Ends

Query: Your first experience with the Realization of Inner Self.

Vijay Kumar:
We must never try to mix Religion with science. Religion starts where Science ends.

The Cosmic journey by atman the soul within is governed by Religion and the bodily manifested life by science. Both have a different goal to accomplish. The people in the west are more inclined towards their goals in this life whereas their counterparts in the eastern region are more inclined towards the enhancement of their Cosmic journey as an atman the soul within.

You would have observed in life that whenever a teacher conducts a class and gives a lecture and if all the students in the class are required to summarize the contents of the lecture then all the students would have written a different story. As many students ... as many summaries. The prime reason why experiences of different people differ even though the path may have been the same. The crux lies in reaching the goal.

Similarly, in the field of science the interpretations are different. None can be criticized. This is made clear in the theory of Anekantvad practiced in Jainism. As per Anekantvad, the same person can be addressed as a father, son, brother, Uncle and so on. Based on this theory alone Einstein discovered the theory of Relativity.

Science does not agree to this phenomenon which is not only true but an established fact. In science, two plus two is always equal to four.

In the 25 years of my Spiritual journey, I had a variety of experiences which are sometimes extremely difficult to explain. I am not sure what you mean by siddha anima If it means attaining Spiritual purity day by day then you are absolutely right. Without being truthful to the Self one can never get near God.

At the time of my Realization, I could see a long tunnel made up of swirling clouds bluish in nature and at the end of the tunnel seemed to be a bluish source of energy. Everything appeared calm and quite although the potential of the energy source at the extreme end seemed to be made up of infinite Cosmic energy.

It seemed as though I was looking in the eyes of the Creator. The most astonishing fact which I observed at that moment was that the energy source seemed extremely cool contrary to principles of energy as observed in Galaxies and stars which contain enormous heat energy.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: Your first experience with the Realization. Was this at 13 or later in life? What color was the vision or what were the colors of the vision? At what part of the Realization experience did this happen? Was this in front of the forehead or inside of something another say aspect of the experience? You havent done siddha anima i assume.This siddha anyone can do depending on desire health attempts made.

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