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Query: Could u perform a Miracle for my sick brother as well as myself?

Vijay Kumar:
Before we proceed discussion on miracles, we need to understand the meaning of miracles. What does it actually mean? What does actually happen when we hear someone say, "a miracle has happened"?

The famous Ganesha episode drinking the milk was the biggest miracle of all the times.

Miracles are not to be. No human being on earth can create a miracle. It can never happen. Yes, some people... some renowned Saints while pursuing their Spiritual career gain some Tantric powers that helps them healing the needy.

It so happened a poor man turned up in presence of Bhagwan Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism and asked him for help. In his hands was the dead body of his young son. He begged of Bhagwan Mahavira to put back life into his son. Mahavira point blank refused... he stated he does not have the power to put life into someone... neither it is possible for any other human being to do so. Neither he could perform even a single miracle.

He repeatedly emphasized that every human being has the power within to invoke the positive energy of the cosmos. This only happens when we develop a positive attitude towards life. This is practically what is being done in Reiki. Summing up in Reiki, one is taught to invoke the positive energy source and use it for curing the defective area of the body. It is like chanelising all the power within the means of human being towards a particular area as happens in the case of a dam.

In any hydroelectric project the principal means of generating energy is... a huge quantity of water is stored in a lake and this raw water is made to stand for a while. After the sedimentation of the particles floating in the water has occurred... the clear water is passed through tunnels, the starting point of which is located on a much higher platform than the outer end of the tunnel. This makes the water gush out with great pressure. This water is made to pass through a turbine before it reaches the outer end. The rotation of the turbine generates electricity.

Mere channelising of water through a tunnel which has a very steep slope and keeping a turbine in the path of the water generates the requisite energy... similarly if we need to heal our body... we need to concentrate all the positive energies which either exist in the body or can be invoked from the mighty reservoir of Cosmos and directed towards a particular goal. This goal can be healing the ailing body or even pursuing a higher goal in life.

If we look at the matter deeply... the student who comes first in the class and the student who comes last... there is not much difference except in their thinking. The one who comes first sincerely concentrates his total energies towards the desired goal of life. The one coming last has yet to find a definite goal in life. One who comes last fritters away his energy to no avail.

Whenever we expect of a saint to perform a miracle... what actually happens is that the words of the saint inspires us and makes us concentrate our energies towards a particular goal. Sometimes, he gives a Mantra to be chanted many times... or explains logically how the desired results can be achieved. Repetition of Mantras results in invoking positive energy from the Cosmos.

You and your brother have surrounded your mental self by negative energies... both of you have a habit of thinking negative. You have to change your attitude towards life... you need to think broad... you just cannot continue being narrow-minded. The more we think bad of someone... the negative flow of energy reflects back upon us. With passage of time this negative energy accumulates and there comes a time when hell breaks loose... the body unable to sustain the negative flow of energy falls ill.

The moment you understand this crux of life... you shall never need a miracle ever. You have within you the mightiest source of energy in the Cosmos... your Atman the soul within is a minuscule form of god within you. You have every conceivable means to reach any status in life. You only need to pursue the goal of your life with a renewed vigor and that is possible when both of you think positive all the time.

Indulging in wanton desires... not heeding the advice of the elders... doing whatever appeals to you, whether required or not... are some factors that lead to accumulation of negative energy. You have to break free of this negative hell. You need divine power to help you and for that you can seek the guidance of any Spiritual Guru... one who is reliable and makes you understand the philosophy of remaining positive all the time.

Alternatively, you need to take care of your cause of your ailment. The body just cannot fall ill without a cause and that cause must be negative in nature. Positive energy propels one towards the Spiritual goal of life. Negative energy retards one. Seek the company of positive thinkers... there must be many in your family or the surroundings willing to help you out of your predicament. You just need to trust people who have mastered the art of positive living... Only then these people can help you.

If you are not receptive towards these thinkers then... these great men would fail you. The teacher teaches the same yet, one comes first and the other last. The teaching was the same... the classroom was the same... everything else remaining the same... the difference was in the attitudes of the students.

In a nutshell I would clarify that apart from invoking pure thoughts all the time... you must sincerely and deeply Pray to God and invoke his blessings. The moment you are forgiven for the deeds committed by you in this or the earlier lives... your sufferings would cease to exist.

God is always with you. Seek whatever you desire directly from God. Do not look forward to the happening of a miracle in your life... it is the cycle of your own Karma that you suffer today. By practicing patience and chronologically understanding the reasons behind... you can come out of your sufferings.

May God bless you and your brother!

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: I was wondering do you know anybody who performs miracles, healing, something like that. It is for my sick brother amit and as well myself. Or could u perform a miracle.

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