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Is it True Parents are Above God

Query 1: I want to ask that is it true that Parents i.e. Dad and Mom are above God, i.e. is their position in our lives should always be above God? Or to say that in our culture Dad and Mom are always above God? I want complete clarifaction about these things. I need an unbiased opinion and as well the true thing. I need the truth only. You needn't think about any situations or in any context. Just I need your unbiased and true opinion, which is the truth at the Spiritual level or say at all levels. R.

Query 2
: The Second thing is about Love. Is this also true that Love is above God or is a very strong force much stronger than God? Is this a myth or is this true?

Vijay Kumar:

No, Dad and mom are nowhere God. God is supreme. But as we can not see our Atman within and as we came unto this mother Earth on our own but our parents were instrumental in bringing us ... they have a great role to play in our lives. Our initial 20~25 years are spent under their guidance and upbringing. We are solely dependent upon them.

The position of parents comes after God. The body has been taken by Atman soul to purify itself. Hence the need of parents. The society has accorded the position to parents accordingly. Only after parents come the gurus, our teachers in life. The hierarchy is absolutely clear. The Atman comes in this world owing to God. The first position is hence accorded to God. Once the child is born parents take care of it. They come second. Once the child grows ... he needs to go to a school. The position of teacher comes third. back to query 1

Vijay Kumar:
How can Love be above God. Unless God is there ... Love cannot exist. Love is a very strong force which keeps the total humanity binded together. Love is a Cosmic force which is present among all the beings in the Universe be it any form of life. Love is something totally different than Moha (attachment of one towards the another). In India ... Love is mostly equated with sex ... hence love has lost its true meaning in India.

Pure Love is beyond any sort of physical hinderences. back to query 2

May God bless us all.

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