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Query: Should an injustice be faced today - In the present Kali Yuga when environment is corrupt. What should be the option? Gita advocates facing Adharma with weapons if need be?

Vijay Kumar:
I do hope you have not been given the responsibility by God to maintain the system on Mother Earth. Had Lord Krishna been present here... you think it may have been possible for you to decipher all what he would have preached ... in the times of Mahabharata even amongst the five Pandavas King Arjuna was the only person present on Mother Earth who was able to understand the truth behind Bhagavad Gita.

Ramakrishna Paramhansa only had Swami Vivekananda who understood the truth of what all he has to say. Mahavira only had Gautama Gani in his time who was able to fathom the words of his doctrines. In present times when we are passing through the Kali Yuga (metal age) ... a time when society loses is values ... the trust between one is at its lowest ebb. We as Human Beings begin to think whether it is worthwhile living as Human Beings. What is the difference between an animal and the human being of today?

Is it only that we are born as a human being should we be respected ... or should we be treated according to our actions which even belittles the practices in the animal kingdom ... people in USA have bequeathed wills in favor of their pets (in amounts exceeding hundred million US dollars) instead of close relatives ... must we rely more on the dog who saved the life of the master or on the relative or a member of the family who would not think twice in committing a murder at the first opportunity ... the relationship on the face of it may seem to be cordial but the truth cannot be denied.

What of the WTC episode of 9/11. Is it merely the work of a handful of terrorists? Everyone knows that Osama bin laden was directly involved in the episode. Agreed! But who created Osama bin laden ... is it not that Osama bin Laden was a creation of USA and USA alone ... his total training ... his stay in the CIA for about six months ... the torment he and his subordinates must have suffered at the hands of the USA is at the base of the attacks. USA, the big brother trying to control the world militarily ... will they succeed in the end. Is it possible in the system of God that a handful of so-called civilized people rule the world militarily?

The democracies of the world have survived even in the most adverse circumstances. Communism is a failure ... the example of USSR is before us. In the present circumstances how can we expect to succeed militarily by attempting to degrade the Islamic world? The forcible occupation of the Iraq by the US military ... is it a wise step! Ask the countrymen of Iraq who initially suffered at the hands of Saddam Hussein and now at the hands of the US military. In the system of God ... none is supposed to suffer without any folly of his.

There is bound to be repercussions ... it is not only the US military which is going to suffer or the US administration ... the president of USA George Bush was elected by the public of USA. As per the theory of mass Karma if any untoward incident occurs in the international arena because of the wrong policies of the president and that administration ... is the total public of USA not at fault for choosing the wrong president. The disappearance of 20 billion US dollars from the coffers of Iraq tells their own story ... everyone knows what is the truth? For how long will the military might save us?

In the fight between the David and the Goliath we all expect Goliath to win ... but when comes the time to face the Adharma ... the time has come for David to win ... this has happened many times in the history of mankind and shall manifest again. Bill Clinton on other hand was an extremely successful president but it so happens in the cosmic hierarchy that none can predict the happenings correctly.

In the normal routine Bill Clinton should have got a third chance to win the presidency but so was not destined as the mass Karma of the nation went against Bill Clinton becoming the president for the third time. It is not alone what Bill Clinton does that he shall become the president ... it is Karma ... the theory of the mass Karma ... the Karma performed by each and every individual of the country when reflected collectively ... becomes the deciding factor.

In the Kali Yuga (the present metal age) ... none can expect wonders ... the values in the society will go on the decrease day by day. Only after an Avataar of the era (Bhagavan Kalki ... one equivalent to Lord Krishna) take hold of the system not only of one country but the whole world ... shall order return on Mother Earth. Until then we all have to either bear what is happening in the society else try to become one of the likes of Chanakya.

Chanakya has been termed as the kingmaker in the Indian history. He had the power to become one himself ... he was never after the power ... he was only after improving the system of the society even in the most adverse circumstances. He had the knack of striking adversity in its face. He never feared death ... rather he was a planner and an executioner of the highest order.

Once it so happened in the Indian history that kings of many small kingdoms in spite of Chanakya trying to convince them to remain friendly and face the enemy collectively ... that kings did not care. They were most of the time mired in sensual pleasures and cared least for the countryman who suffered at the hands of the administration.

Chanakya planned a strategy that he got all the hundred kings to assemble at a certain place. There he made hundred beautiful ladies to serve poison along with liquor to the kings. All died. When Chanakya was asked why he committed the death of all the kings ... he simply replied, "For this act of mine I shall even be spared by God ... no sin shall be accumulated by me on this account. Why! Because he had saved the life of at least 100,000 innocent citizens of these hundred kingdoms by just getting executed a hundred people.

He was not only right in his thinking but also had the blessings of God on this account. Chanakya was one and only one ... the present-day Chanakya ... one who would be called as Bhagwan Kalki is expected shortly. Nostradamus has clearly pointed out about 500 years back that this person would again lift the society back to its shape after the occurrence of the World War 3 a short while from now.

The finale of this era ... a fight to the finish is shortly expected between the Islamic community and the Christians. Bible says so ... also Koran! and Nostradamus puts his stamp on the episode. If he could visualize the happening 500 years before ... the present-day events in the society prompt us that such an eventuality might occur. Only then shall the society the cleansed of all the impurities contained therein.

Is it any worthwhile living in the present circumstances ... yes, we have to face the times because we are all collectively responsible for it. Not even a single soul ... a single human being can escape this happening.

Who shall be the Chanakya of the day ... the Bhagwan Kalki, one the likes of Lord Krishna! Is it possible that God endows one individual with so much power as to cleanse the whole society at large ... Chanakya ... Bhagwan Kalki ... can only be one ... one individual selected out of the 6 billion living on Mother Earth. Imagine the potential this man is going to have.

He must be the one who does not fear God ... for he would be the direct representative of God on Mother Earth deputed for cleansing the society in totality. One who neither fears death nor relationships would carry any meaning for him. One who is against the truth would be his foe (even if the person is his real brother) and one who is truthful (he may be the son of one who always acted against the dictates of God) shall be his trusted lieutenant. Only then can we expect Bhagwan Kalki to set the order for the day.

The system as it is shall not always flow forever. When such mighty documents like Bible and Koran predict such a happening ... none on Mother Earth can change the destiny of the mankind. Be it Osama bin laden or his representatives ... or even a friend of the USA, Pakistan ... one event will occur in the history of mankind much much larger than WTC (the 9/11 episode) which shall not only change the history of mankind but result in a new world order ... a place without all the technological developments taking place today ... yet, people would prefer a society which is more clean and ordered ... what of the technological side ... it can always be rebuilt!

Truth will prevail in the end ... so is the saying by God ... this happened at the time of Lord Krishna when he imparted the wisdom of Bhagavad Gita to King Arjuna ... who initially refrained from fighting his own relatives and friend ... but it was not a fight between relatives and friends ... it was a fight between Dharma and Adharma. and we all know that Dharma prevails in the end. So, why fear the death that is inevitable.

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: Should an injustice be faced today - NOW, just as Arjuna faced with Duryodhanas - may be even worse, we do not have Lord Krishna guide us in person face to face - I mean with instructions clearing our doubts. The above question is directed especially in Indian envirobnment where enforcement and Judicial authorities are equally corrupt. In this context, When Adharma is unbearable - for Dharma to survive, the options are not that many for a jsutified solution.

Gandhi preached Ahimsa, even against himsa. Mother Teresa said "No one has the right to raise hands on anybody, let alone killing". But according to Gita, when Arjuna tried to give up the war on facing his own kith and kin on the battlefield, Lord Krishna said to Arjuna "You are trying to escape; that is weakness; do your duty by fighting. The killing affects just bodies but soul is immortal". So, I have a problem where negotiation is not an option. So, shall we apply option 3 - else if we can't apply Krishna's words, then am I fooling myself holding on to mere theory!!

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