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Should Humans Eat after Sunset or Not

Query: Should humans eat after sunset? why eating after sunset not recommended in Jainism.

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human beings must not indulge in night eating ... our fore fathers saw the logical practicability of eating before the sunset as one is supposed to partially digest the food before going to sleep. It helps reduce abdominal troubles. Most of the people who suffer from acidity and gastronomical problems usually consume food in the late hours and immediately go to sleep thereafter.

Americans ... who are definitely more scientifically advanced than the Indians now have their dinner between 7~8 p.m. whereas it has become a tendency and fashion to have dinner after 10 p.m. in India. Every disease predominantly has its roots in the abdomen. If we keep our abdomen fit ... we would remain healthy and happy. What more can a human aspire for ...

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Full text of query:I would like to join. How big is this organization. As your understanding Should humans eat after sunset or not. why? shri Raichand known as shri Raj Chandra had atma gnana. his Ashram is in Agas near baroda in India. if i become member what r the chance of getting my email answer. i would like to join your newsletter please send to my email. why eating after sunset is not recommend in Jainism.

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