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India will be the Master Race or Country

Query: The fact you are an Indian and declare India to be a master race or country, strikes me as prejudiced. Perhaps you can allow me see it in a different light?

Vijay Kumar:
India ever since Mother Earth was formed has held a special place. It is and has always been the source of complete Cosmic wisdom ... Lord Krishna, then Mahavira followed by Buddha ... all had their origin in India. Why? If India is to become super power number one ... it is only because of its philosophies of forgiveness and patience it has practiced for centuries.

What has USA and its Allies given to India in the past hundred years ... nothing except few scientific discoveries and inventions ... most of which are either patented or beyond the reach of the developing countries. American companies under the guise of WTO have tried to patent Basmati rice something which has existed in India much much before even America was discovered by Christopher Columbus ... God forbid if Americans try to patent the fresh air we breath!! Mere superficial criticism carry no meaning for Indians.

Indians are much above all these petty issues of life ... all this not because I was born an Indian. It is atman the soul within which prompts me to say so. Think of it from an unbiased point of view and thy shall understand.

A country like India can with stand every type of onslaught imposed on it. It has been proved in the past. Even vast fluctuations in the international stock markets have been of little consequence for a so called poor country like India. Imposing of sanctions and lifting them carry no meaning for Indians ... they understand the whimsical attitude of the American government. Indians are a harassed lot today ... not owing to their individual deeds but for the corrupt politicians and the bureaucrats who have made it so. With passage of time the dross will remove on its own. One need not worry.

If one really thinks Americans are going to suffer for no folly of theirs ... we are mistaken. Taliban, Osama bin Laden and the likes are all a hundred percent creation of USA ... created to fight against erstwhile USSR. What of now ... we have to reap what we have sowed. Nothing less ... nothing more! All is the part of a system which cannot err. "God bless America" would not help.

The atrocities carried out on innocent Iraqi public at the expense of others (Americans made a profit, I repeat, a commercial profit out of the deal with Kuwaitis in the guise of protecting them ... the biggest shame a nation can be attributed with ... the path of the scavengers ... the vulture culture)

It is very difficult for citizens of a country which has remained super power number one for a long number of years to realize that their authority is under severe scrutiny and challenge ... but, a fact remains a fact. USA is a rich country and to remain rich it has neglected India ... terming it as a developing country. A Democratic setup of above 1000 million people ... who says it can never become number one!!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: Not to insult you in any way...having just stumbled across your Website. I find a lot of truth, as frightening as it sounds, in what you say. But the fact that you are Indian and declaring that India will be the master race or country, strikes me as kind 'prejudiced'. I found this to be my stumbling block in accepting your words. Perhaps you can allow me to see it in a different light?

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