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Query: How to find out whether a person loves a girl truly?

Vijay Kumar:
The rituals in marriage are absolutely related to the caste you are marrying in. If you are a Kayastha or a Brahmin then the priest of that particular religion who conducts the marriage will take care of all the necessary ingredients for making a marriage ceremony successful.

Likewise for a Christian... everything is conducted by the priest of the Church. Absolutely unaware of the rituals... the participants are simple onlookers. You should not be worrying on this account as the elders in your family shall take care of this.

No marriage can ever be bounded by any religion or caste! It is mutual trust amongst the partners which plays the crucial role. No amount of Pujas or recitation of shlokas can make a marriage successful. Care should only be taken that the poojari (priest) knows his job.

Your second question expresses doubts on the solemn institution of marriage itself. For all practical purposes the soul atman within your heart... the sweet small voice of your atman soul would prompt you of the right answer.

In the present Kali Yuga phase of life, the veil of ignorance (Maya as defined by Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa in advaita vedanta) makes it rather difficult for one to hear the sweet small inner voice of your atman soul. If you are truthful to yourself... you shall definitely be able to hear this sweet small inner voice of your atman soul.

Whenever thinking of love if you find your heart fluttering... it is indicative of something being wrong in your love relationship. Whenever two hearts meet in true love... the heart never flutters... rather it rejoices on an amicable relationship.

If you really want to get to the correct answer... be truthful to yourself and ask your atman the soul within whether your decision is right. If your atman the soul within your heart says yes, then go ahead fully stream. If the answer is 50-50, ponder over the relationship. Arrive at the conclusion which is affirmative in nature.

If you want to ask your partner... look straight in his eyes and shoot your query. If without fluttering his eyelids... he also replies in affirmative... he is being truthful. Any untruthful person would always be wary of your pinpointing eyes. To catch a liar in the circumstances is quite easy.

Try to question your would-be husband on all issues that are disturbing you at the moment. If without fluttering his eyes... he replies back to your query in a straight and simple manner... he must be truthful. Always continue to look directly into the eyes of your would-be husband while querying him.

Any tendency of his being untruthful will be given away by his fluttering eyes. Eyes are the window of our atman the soul within. Whatever is happening within our heart... all gets reflected in the eyes.

Furthermore, brood over the past actions of your would-be husband. His mode of action in dealing with you in the past would speak all. His behavior while talking to girls and ladies would confirm whether he is likely to maintain a monogamous relationship in the coming future. The actions of a person... his behavior would confirm all.

The samskars in the family would reconfirm whether you can trust your husband or not. The samskars in a Hindu family play a lead role. As is the past of the elders... the children tend to follow the same! If you find the past background of the elders of your would-be husband's family in order... all can be expected to go right.

Do not let distrust ever creep in amongst the two of you. It is distrust and only distrust that destroys any harmonious relationship. It at any stage of life you have queries that disturb you... pin pointedly ask your husband looking straight into his eyes. You also need to have absolute faith in God Almighty. Rest assured... everything will go well.

Also no institution of marriage survives for long where the simple meaning of love is sex. Look straight into the eyes of your would-be husband and ask a question from within yourself whether your would-be husband truly loves you and is not simply attracted to the physical manifest form of you. His body language would speak the truth.

Sexual relationship forms only very small part of love. Every love relationship survives all critical moments of life based on the mutual trust one has for each other. Whatever be the result... the assessment is purely in your hands. You must decide this part of your life based on the merits. Clarify all doubts before marriage. Do not leave anything to chance.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: Is there any pooja or slokas to get married to the person i love? and how to find out that weather a person loves loves a girl truley?

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