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Parliamentary vs Presidential System of Government

Query: I happened to see the Essay you wrote about parliamentary system vs. presidential system. When the entire bureaucracy is corrupt how would a presidential system work in India? Government machinery is sick to the core. How would any one change the system.

Vijay Kumar:
Do you still feel India is not coming up. The country you belong to ... when it becomes superpower number one in 2008, do you still say it shall not be.

Can you ever deny the existence of Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads! Can we ever forget Lord Krishna, Gautama Buddha and Mahavira all came from India.

The patience and persistence practiced by a common man for as long as 400 years (the period of English Domination) ... shall they not reap the fruits of thy Karma.

There will never be a time when the bureaucracy would not be corrupt. We are passing through the phase of Ghor Kali Yuga ... it period when everything in the society is distorted to the maximum possible extent. Everything in the country is corrupt owing to the corrupt politicians ... to please whom bureaucrats went corrupt.

As the politicians require the help of policemen in governing their day-to-day affairs ... they have practically become dependent on the police force to the extent that in India even if a policeman in the lowest rung commits mass murders ... the maximum punishment he can get is a transfer. If a common man falsely implicated in a minor case ... the punishment can be even death. This is the state of law and order situation in this country.

The common man today is suffering at the hands of the politicians, bureaucrats and the police force. The cleansing process of all the 3 will be carried out only by one person alone ... he shall be known as Bhagavan Kalki... the Avatar who shall end the present Kali Yuga. Lord Krishna was one, Buddha was one, Mahavira was one, Mahatma Gandhi was one, Joan of Arc was one. Every great leader is one and has the potential of changing the society on a large scale.

The society at large in India is corrupt because of the poverty conditions ... a creation of the politicians. What when India becomes superpower number one and a dollar becomes equivalent to a rupee. Similarly, the politicians never wanted the common masses to become educated for fear of their losing the seat of power.

In the present scenario, what of the massive demand of the Indian IT experts all over the Globe. There is no element of doubt that the working conditions in USA at the present is the best in the World. No comparison ... yet, USA would lose its luster in the coming years. No one is going to accept an international bully. The conditions in India are beyond the control of one but still people survive.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: I was curious to see what is in those pages. I happened to see the Essay you wrote about parliamentary system vs. presidential system. When the entire bureaucracy is corrupt how would a presidential system work in India? Government machinery is sick to the core. How would any one change the system. In my opinion, people of India- from a low paid clerk to a high official- should be determined in their effort to see a corruption-free India. Fact of the matter is NO ONE CARES! and if Indians are waiting for "that man" who would save our great nation from self destruction, sorry you will be disappointed. Indians only talk of patriotism, however, they seldom practice it. The last time we showed a little bit of it was when the British made us slaves. Similarly, Indians only speak of great cultural heritage. They seldom practice it (look at the division in our country, look at the division among Hindus alone, and if some one says it is diversity, I say he is nuts, it is high time Hindus realize that they give up their prejudice or else there will be no Hinduism).

We have become so cynical that no amount of therapy is going to help.. Every one's attitude is "he is doing it, so why not me". This attitude will eventually destroy our nation. I sound very pessimistic, true. Take the case of America, here no matter what goes on, eventually people of this country are ONE solid block when it comes to American interests and American nationalism. Can any one in India foresee such a day. We should take pride in being Indian and then only we can address the various issues facing our country. I was reading an article about the UNESCO's report about India's literacy status. It is a shame that in this twenty first century, there are 450 million Indians who are illiterate. I can bet the vast majority of this people belong to the so called "socially backward class" (SC/ST, OBC and what not). Do we have a responsibility towards these people? The Hindu upper class deprived them of their rights.

If we are patriotic, we will say YES and we will work towards finding a solution to it. It is never difficult to attain complete literacy in India, provided the ruling class treats them as Human Beings. and when they think of these people as Human Beings, then they will realize that they should provide them what Human Beings deserve. Education is one of the most important prerequisites for a healthy society. I have a feeling that the majority of the Hindu ruling class never wanted the other half to be literate, for fear that they will be overthrown. If India has to survive as one nation I think the very people who deprived those millions of fellow Indians their rights should work together for their upliftment at least in the name of patriotism.

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