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Comparison between USA and India

Query: I read the Essay and fully agree with you about the comparison made between USA and India. Don't you feel India is also moving in the direction of USA?

Vijay Kumar:
Presently we are passing through that phase of Kali Yuga wherein all values in the society get distorted and lost. None is to be blamed for this as everything in the Cosmos follows a fixed pattern and a cyclic order. If we have fire ... we also have water. If we have pain ... we also have happiness. It is the perspective which is important and not the material object. For one the glass is half empty and for the other half filled.

India no doubt will become the superpower No. 1 in 2008. This is not a happening of a few years. We have been tormented for many centuries ... now the time has come for us to reap the fruits. My Essay shape of the world to come will clarify this. Some people no doubt become greedy in the aftermath of Kali Yuga. Can it be helped?

None, not even Lord Krishna will help us out. The Society as a whole has to the the fruits of its own mass Karma. What values is of material riches! All is left behind when atman the soul within leaves the body. It is definitely a temporary phase.

Every human being reaps the fruits of his own Karma. We only reap what is sow ... nothing less, nothing more! We have to worry for or own selves ... follow a life full of virtues. If we achieve our goals then we can definitely improve upon the society. I need to design my Website ... I can not afford the money ... yet, I do not find the goal in sight in the near future. Yet, I know that I shall be guiding the total humanity from 2008 onwards.

Our youngsters learn of samskars if we remind them of the virtues of the earlier generations ... those who give away their lives for the sake of the country and countrymen. Nothing else imbibes in them the virtues we are looking forward to. They want to emulate someone ... whom they can call their gurus.

Mostly it is the parents themselves who are emulated by their wards. Parents following low moral values ... can they expect of their children to follow good samskars! We need not teach anyone ... we must always set an example for the household members and the society at large ... people would automatically follow us if we are sincere in our efforts.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: I read the Essay written by you and fully agreed with you about the comparison made between USA and India. But, don't you feel that India is also moving to the direction of USA?

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