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Query: Who is your Guru: how to find the guru?

Vijay Kumar:
Your Guru: Yes, that was the exact question I had asked God Almighty when I was 13 years of age. In my life I could never find a Guru who was self realized and who truly had seen God.

Whether I went to Haridwar or Rishikesh the situation remained the same. On every trip I accompanied my father I used to search for a Guru who was nowhere in sight. Ultimately, I completely resigned hoping that I would never get a chance to see God face-to-face.

One-day while I lay on a cot... a thought passed my mind. I asked of God whether he was willing to be my guide in life and to my astonishment his answer was yes! I exactly remember the dialogue I had with God. I asked of him why he had not hinted to me before, that he was willing to become my guide... my spiritual guru for all matters that are!

Pat came the reply... you never asked me! This makes one thing clear that God Almighty never interferes in the creation of his. It was my ignorance that I completely forgot to ask god Almighty for the same earlier.

And how did such a situation come to pass! Deeply engrossed in the thoughts of not finding a Guru... the image of Eklavya flashed my mind. I could not understand the meaning of the same. I pondered over the image of Eklavya throughout that day and the following day. Somewhere after 72 hours did I realize that Eklavya had no guru in his times!

Why? For guru Dronacharya had refused to accept him as a shishya pupil for he belonged to a lower caste. Eklavya desired of Guru Dronacharya to teach him the art of archery. When it finally dawned on Eklavya that come whatever may guru Dronacharya would never accept him as his pupil ... he made a clay mould of Guru Dronacharya and practiced archery.

With passage of time Eklavya mastered the art of archery for there was none even comparable to him. His accomplishments of archery far exceeded the best pupil of Guru Dronacharya... king Arjuna. One-day guru Dronacharya came across a very unfamiliar sight. He observed that someone had filled the mouth of a dog with arrows with such precision that the dog was not least harmed. According to him only guru Dronacharya was competent for such a feat.

He was filled with awe as he realized that such an art had not even been taught to king Arjuna by him. He called for the incumbent. Eklavya was brought on the scene and realizing that Eklavyas art of archery far exceeded his best pupil... guru Dronacharya was internally filled with rage. There and then he asked of Eklavya how he had performed this feat.

Eklavya explain the circumstances and described the whole episode of making a clay mould of guru Dronacharya and practicing archery swearing by his name. It was a practice prevalent during those times that the Acharya of the gurukul (the spiritual university) did not charge any fees from the students he had administered into his gurukul.

It was only at the time of bidding goodbye that the pupil was expected to pay regards to the teacher in form of guru Dakshina. and the inherent animal within guru Dronacharya asked of Eklavya for his Guru Dakshina. Even though guru Dronacharya had not directly imparted any teaching or training to Eklavya he expected guru Dakshina from this innocent pupil.

Guru Dronacharya feared presence of Eklavya in the society may result in his mockery. To thwart the effects... he asked of Eklavya for presenting his right thumb to guru Dronacharya as guru Dakshina. Eklavya immediately obliged. Guru Dronacharya knew well that having offered his right thumb Eklavya would not be able to perform archery to his best capability.

Guru Dronacharya by his act had betrayed the trust of the pupil in the teacher. He had lowered the dignity of the pupil teacher relationship by asking for guru Dakshina even though he had not imparted any teaching or training to the pupil. For this act of his.... guru Dronacharya had to pay a very heavy price later on in life.

The image of Eklavya and guru Dronacharya gave rise to the effect that why not ask god Almighty himself for becoming my guru in absentia. None has ever seen God Almighty nor was there any possibility of seeing God in near future. By the grace of God I realized that if god accepted me as his pupil he becomes duty-bound to teach me all that we call spirituality.

My only goal of life was gaining vision of God on one-to-one basis and that too permanently. The moment I decided and asked of God for becoming my guide in life... half of my journey was complete as god Almighty immediately graced me by his acceptance.

I was totally flabbergasted. I could not believe that I was the pupil of God Almighty directly. It was simply beyond comprehension. A child of 13 years of age in search of God had accomplished the unimaginable. My faith in God won me laurels. I later on realized in life that my acceptance as a favorite pupil of God had been a miracle of sort.

To be connected to god Almighty all the time... every second of my life is something which cannot be expressed in words. Ever since I gained self realization in 1993... I can interact with God Almighty on one-to-one basis!

Henceforth... whenever you feel like asking someone... who is your Guru? Think of God Almighty if he's willing to accept you as his favorite pupil. The vast ocean of the spirituality definitely cannot be crossed without the guidance of a guru.

Presently we are passing through the Kali Yuga phase of life... this is the age when even the spiritual masters pursue materialistic achievements as their goal of life. Can we expect such a one who has not yet realized God himself become our guru and guide us on the right path!

Here I would like to express that it is the capability of the student whether the guru would accept one as his pupil. It is never the merit of the teacher which is in judgment! and making it explicitly clear that in my 50 years of life I have not yet found a pupil whom I may be ready to accept as a student.

As expressed in Bhagavad Gita... the doctrine of Bhagavad Gita must never be dictated to one who is not worthy of it. Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa searched for Vivekananda and in my life I shall definitely find one when I come across!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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