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Query: What are flashes of light? Are they angels or words of God trying to convey a message!

Vijay Kumar:
The flashes of light you have experienced is but a communication from your soul (the Atman) within you ... as our soul the atman within is in form of an exceptionally high order of energy source ... the only means available to it to communicate with the body it has taken is through our sub conscious state ... all words coming out of our mouth are nothing but an expression of soul the atman within ... our body has got absolutely no role to play.

When one talks to another person words are the only physical means of communication ... the medium by which one soul the atman within communicates with the other. No body has an individual power to communicate with another body. When soul the atman within leaves the body ... the communication stops. Even though medically the body may be live but the communication is absent.

Apart from the medium of words ... our soul the atman within tries to communicate with other Souls Atmans which are in harmony with our soul ... through the medium of the sweet small inner voice which tries to prompt us every now and than whenever we tend to take the wrong path in our lives.

Whenever one soul the atman within tries to communicate with the other soul the atman within without the use of the spoken word ... then the thoughts get flashed to the other soul the atman within through the universal medium of ether ... this results in the occurrence of a flash. Flashes are nothing else but a medium of communication of thoughts in form of small sparks of energy from one soul the atman within to another. The occurrence of flashes is such a satisfying means of communication that we experience extreme feeling of joy (bliss) whenever they occur.

If you need to learn more about ether ... you can go through the book referred here- Law of Success

In the Cosmos ether is the only means of communication between various souls ... rest all is a blank ... the distance between one planet to another ... one star to another is all filled up by ether. In the physical realm we cannot manage transmission of electric current without using a requisite electric cable but in the cosmic system ... all thoughts from one soul the atman within get transmitted to another soul through the medium of ether only.

Whether or not you want to have children is absolutely dependent upon the present goal of your life ... if you earnestly seek God within this life then you shall have to do away without having children. For proceeding higher on the ladder of Spirituality ... rather achieving the highest realm of Spirituality ... one needs to practice absolute Celibacy.

In a small life span of 70 to 80 years ... it is very difficult a goal to reach the highest bracket of Spirituality ... and this bracket means wanting to become ... a Buddha, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed or Lord Mahavira within ones lifetime. To concentrate totally on our goal we require absolute concentration of all our energies towards a single Spiritual goal ... have a one-to-one dialogue with God Almighty.

Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, prophet Mohammed, Lord Mahavira, Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana Realized God ... they gained enlightenment within their lifetime ... for achieving such a goal practicing absolute Celibacy is a must.

This I shall demonstrate with an example ...
If you desire to climb up the Empire State building to the top ... you have two alternatives ... one can take the stairs or the lift (escalator) ... the choice is absolutely with us ... God has nothing to do with it.

If one chooses going by the staircase ... it would not only be a long journey but would also take a considerably longer time ... and for an aged person ... it may be the end of the day while on way to the top. I hope you get the meaning. Even the death of an elderly person (even someone young having a heart trouble) may succumb. In other words ... what we think and what we practice is different ... had one truly desired reaching the top of the Empire State building in spite of the heart problem ... what they have taken the staircase!

Had one chosen the lift alternative ... it would have been not only a convenient mode of travel but would have taken only a fraction of the time compared to the staircase. and even for an elderly person ailing with heart trouble ... the journey to the top was possible.

The lift up the Spiritual path is made possible by awakening of the kundalini ... this kundalini can be awakened only by practicing absolute Celibacy without fail. The minimum period prescribed in the sacred Scriptures for practicing absolute Celibacy is minimum 14 years. Absolute Celibacy does not mean total abstinence from sex ... one can indulge once or twice in a month at the most. and that also is required to be followed during the prescribed periods only. (I can elaborate this point only if you so desire).

and what is this 14 years all about ... the meaning is clear ... 14 years is the period required by the lift to go from the bottom to the top ... it takes a minimum of 14 years for the kundalini to get awakened ... no shortcuts ... not even of one-day is possible. I have traveled this path ... I know the absolute truth. The moment I reached the top having awakened my kundalini unknowingly ... to my surprise I was face-to-face with God Almighty.

My cosmic journey as an atman the soul within had ended ... I had completed the cosmic goal of my life (not this life but the cosmic life as a whole). From the time of the Big Bang when all Souls atmans in the cosmos get scattered all over... it takes a total of 8.4 million manifestations before a soul become liberated (liberated from the cycle of birth and death forever) ... one gains emancipation ... becomes a man God ... a living Mahavira, Buddha, Jesus Christ or prophet Mohammed.

This journey of 8.4 million manifestations is carried out by an atman the soul within within a total life span of about 96.4 million years ... a long journey indeed compared to the normal life span of about 70 to 80 years in the life of a human being.

If we truly desire to achieve the ultimate in life then ... follow the lift. Following the normal routine via the staircase is having the life of a normal human being. Have children in this life ... in the next life again repeating the same routine. Life goes on. We need to put a brake if one desires to cut short the journey.

One can always start on foot ... subsequently boarded a train and finally a flight. We reach the goal ... it is purely unto us which path we desire (or are able ... able because ... if the residual Karma of our previous lives does not permit us to follow the final goal in this life then we need to thrash out our way of the binding Karma and take the destiny in our own hands so that we reaches the goal of our present life) ... all powers that be are available to every human being ... after having taken control of the destiny in our own hands ... we can fix any goal of life.

What are these academic failures doing in life ... Bill Gates could not complete his schooling ... considered the richest man today.... Jamshetji Tata who built the technological foundations of the Indian business empire ... the present Tata Empire being worth above $10 billion. ... Also did not complete his schooling ... there is no limit! What more could a person designated as a failure in life by the teachers can aspire for!

Here I shall clarify a very important aspect of the spiritual life and that is we can always cut short the journey as narrated above. Starting on foot and finally catching a plane ... starting via the staircase and subsequently boarded a lift is all dependent upon the goal we have fixed in life.

You are not alone ... confer with your other half who has decided to spend his balance life with you ... your dear husband! Come to a mutual agreement ... and finally take your decisions. Always bear in mind that Jesus Christ like Buddha, Lord Mahavira and prophet Mohammed was a man God ... a status every human being can achieve in life. Anyone can Realize God within his lifetime ... become enlightened and become free forever from the shackles of Life and Death ... being born again and again on this lovely planet ... our dear Mother Earth ... whom most ignorant Human Beings call as ... a life of suffering!

I am able to enjoy every part of my life ... then why cannot most Human Beings try to get out of the ignorance and experience pure bliss. The suffering all over the planet (we call earth) is a totally uncalled for phenomenon. None can extract the pure iron within the iron ore without removing the dross and this process of removing the dross (the impurities inlaid within) is what we call as suffering ... it is part of life ... we have day ... we have a night ... we have fire ... again we have water ... both compatible to each other. We have suffering ... we also have bliss! and also there is a husband and a lovely wife ... both compatible to each other ... a lovely companionship.

Sufferings are a part of human life ... without them life would be so monotonous that it would be as if living in Heaven ... no joy ... no bliss ... same life every day! It is only as a Human Being we have been given the power to emancipate ... to liberate our soul the atman within by performing the right Karma.

The process of Karma also plays a very important role in fixing our goal.

Here I shall narrate one example ... a story told by one of my friend at a Rotary international gathering-

My friend Subhash Singhal has been born in a devout Hindu in this life ... yet, he had some memories of his earlier life which intuitively told him that he was a Muslim (follower of Islam) in earlier life ... he also used to get flashes of the place where he lived in earlier life. He desired to go to the place and search for it within the state as he had a very clear memory of the place.

His every attempt to go near the place in his earlier life was not permitted by the system of God. Sometimes, there was failure of the transport system ... sometimes natural calamity prevented him and finally he could not search for and visit the place he may have lived in earlier life. What does this mean? Are we prohibited to know anything of the previous life in this life ... yes, once our atman the soul within has taken a new body ... all relationships of the earlier life come to an end. We are not supposed to brood over what may have happened in the earlier life.

Maybe my next-door neighbor in this life may have been my wife in my earlier life ... who knows what! Once the soul leaves the body ... all comes to an end. Only the residual Karma is carried on to the next life. Suppose at number 41 the soul migrates from the body of an animal to a human being ... what! If we were born on number 42 in this birth and committed sins of the nature that we incurred the wrath of God and are allotted minus three in the balance sheet of this life ... then in the circumstances ... can we ever expect or hope to be born as a human being in the next life!

It is just not possible ... at number 39 ... the soul can only take the form of an animal being... nothing higher ... it is just not permitted ... none can break this cosmic law. What I mean to state is that it is not only the desire and the efforts of the present life that shall play a role in choosing the goal of our present life but our residual Karma of past lives is the primary governing factor ... we can cut across all the shackles of destiny and take absolute control of our destiny in our own hands. It is not only possible but the examples of Bill Gates ... Jamshetji Tata ... and who not have proved again and again that it is not mere knowledge of the books which makes us intelligent ... wisdom is never derived from the books alone ... it merely pours upon us from the top if we have the grace of God.

Practice Karma in this life according to the goal you choose in your life ... most of the time I have observed even during the world tour I took in 1987 that people do not follow the dictates of soul the atman within ... the sweet small inner voice which guides us on the right path again and again. We do not practice what we preach!

and Heather, you also have to hear the small sweet voice coming from within you ... the voice of your soul ... and you shall be able to decide upon the goal of your life.

The blessings of God always rest with you and your husband.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: Thanks so much for being available to answer questions. My question is about flashes of light. Are they angels, aliens, part of God, lower Gods, or part of me? Sometimes I see them as if they are an answer to the questions that I ask in my mind to God. Sometimes I get a very bright flash that seems like it is saying a big "yes" in response to what I was thinking might be true.

Once I saw a huge flash when I was sending good thoughts to a co-worker who does good meaningful work for his community. He saw the flash too but no one else saw it. He made a big exclamation in his surprise. He asked if I saw it. I just smiled and didn't say anything. I don't understand these flashes. I also saw a flash when I was sending beautiful appreciative thoughts to my husband. The flash happened just as I took a picture of him and so it showed up on my photo. A short and wide streak of light is in front of his face in the photo. I know that people hear my thoughts sometimes and that is why I sometimes send the good thoughts when they are sincere. What are these flashes?

Also, my husband and I do not want to have children. We may change our minds but we are running out of time. Will this cause any problem in my Spiritual development? I am not required by God to have children am I? I never had an urge to have children and I am a women.

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