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Query: I do not believe in going to temples or worshipping god in daily life. I believe destiny is in our own hands. Then why is god there?

Vijay Kumar:
Half-hearted faith ... this is the crux of life ... most people in this life either have a wavering faith in God ... or they do not have any faith in God whatsoever.

Before I proceed further I shall repeat a story, which was narrated to me as a joke by my daughter when she was quite young (my younger daughter always made it a practice that after return from school she would tell me all the jokes she had learnt for the day) -

It so happened that a village where lived a priest who had immense faith in God suffered natural calamity. It rained and rained for days ... all hell broke loose ... the whole village was flooded. This priest owing to his allegiance to God refused to vacate the premises on the pretext that he was not a sinner ... rather an obedient servant of God and he expects God to come and protect him.

The floodwaters kept on rising ... a log floated by yet, the priest refused to take the help of the log and swim to safety. The waters reached the level of the second floor of the house. A boat passed by ... those on the boat requested him to board as that was the last boat available but he refused ... waiting for God to come. The waters rose further and further until it reached the top of the house. A passing helicopter noticed the priest sitting on the top of his house and offered him to climb up the ladder. He again refused ... hoping that God will come and save him.

He finally drowned ... on reaching the abode of God he finally confronted god with anger ... he pleaded of God that for all his life he has served God dutifully yet when he needed him most ... God did not turn up to help him. There was nothing much to say except for the fact that God simply replied, "who sent the log, the boat and the helicopter"!

I again repeat, "God Almighty is a mere Dhrishta (an onlooker) ... he never interferes with the working of his own creation. Every Jiva (living being) is guided by the concept of Karma. We reap whatever we sow ... nothing more or less! The residual Karma of past lives and the present life takes care of that during the complete cosmic travel of atman the soul within. No living being can manage without Karma.

The priest was faithful to God, yet he failed to understand the basic precept of Spirituality ... God never interferes with the working of his ... whatever has been created at the time of the Big Bang ... all is self propagating ... the formations of the galaxies and stars, solar systems and the planets, creation of life on planets conducive to growth of life ... at no stage God interferes. No human being ... rather no living being can perform even a single action without the grace of God ... can a human being create a small pebble out of nothing ... is it possible to create something out of nothing! It is not ... those who think they can survive without the grace of God are wrong!

I have had a close interaction with many atheists (non believers of God) ... all agreed that though they do not believe in the existence of God ... they believed in the concept of an energy source which runs the whole cosmic system ... spell it by the name of water, Jal (in Hinduism) or Pani (by followers of Islam) ... all drink the same ... the source of all is the same. Either we believe in the existence of God Almighty or an energy source ... it is one and the same thing! God Almighty does not have a form ... it is a mighty source of energy ... the combined power of all purified atmans souls in the Cosmos.

You were faithful to God one-day and the other day your faithfulness vanished ... only because God did not try and help you out personally. The failures did the trick ... you lost your faith in God! Is it the failure of the God Almighty or is it your personal failure. Who suffers ... God or you! Still we desire and hate God because of our ignorance. We are already sitting in the pit of sin ... by undermining our faith in the system of God ... we are pushing ourselves to a bottomless pit.

If you believe you can do away with God ... because you have more trust in your thoughts, ideas and principles ... go ahead. The moment God withdraws your thinking power ... all our ideas and principles will die a dog's death. Have you ever tried to compare a normal farm worker with the manager of the farm? The only difference you will find is the difference in their thinking capabilities. There can never ever be any other difference. It is only our thinking that makes us dress properly ... prompts us to work hard and sincerely ... puts us much ahead of the farm worker ... who is competent to do any physical work other than thinking.

Mind power is the only gift of God which differentiates a human being from an animal ... we humans have the power to think ... and to think wisely! For, only as a Human Being can one reach the end of cosmic journey ... attain Moksha Salvation. Our belief in the system of God ... our doings ... our daily affair ... God is never connected with what we do in our lives. He created the doctrine of Karma, which guides and controls every human being rather living being forward on its destiny.

If we perform a sin ... we pay for it ... we can never absolve ourselves out of the sin unless we pay the price. We need to expiate our sins if we are to lead a spiritual life. We are bound to suffer if we have erred. The doctrine of Karma will take care of that ... it is a different matter that for a sin committed in this life we may be punished in the present life or in next manifestations.

We need to understand that it is our atman the soul within, that has taken the body ... and not vice versa. Whatever Karma we perform ... all fruits of our actions are enjoyed by our atman the soul within ... the body is required by atman the soul within only to purify itself ... cross the cosmic Samsara (the manifest life) of 8.4 million manifestations ... a total cosmic travel of 96.4 million years.

The journey starts at the time of the Big Bang (the time immediately after the dissolution of cosmos (the pralaya in Hinduism) when God Almighty which is but the size of half a thumb (this has been clearly expressed in the Bhagavad Gita ... the definition of God Almighty can be summed up as the combined power of all purified Atmans and during the time of pralaya, dissolution of cosmos ... the whole Cosmos is reduced to half the size of a thumb ... does it mean that all Atmans, souls in the Cosmos combine together to form half the size of a thumb ... yes!) explodes with a Big Bang.

all atmans souls scatter all over the Cosmos and starts the journey of atman the soul within ... this atman soul which is now imbibed with impurities can only purify itself by manifesting bodies after another ... a total of 8.4 million manifestations (a total life cycle of 96.4 million years) after which the body is said to reach the stage of Moksha Salvation. If we need to purify one KG of gold from hundred KG lump of gold ore ... we definitely can say that is one KG of pure gold is atman the soul within in its pristine pure form but it has to be separated out from 99% impurities. This separation from impurities can only occur through the help of a body (a mining machinery) ... the gold within the ore cannot separate itself of its own ... it cannot do without a body ... it has to manifest body after another until it reaches the 8.4 millionth manifestation ... attain Moksha Salvation!

I am a nonbeliever of Rituals ... but I have hundred percent faith in the existence of God ... throughout my life I have never been to a temple out of my own conviction ... it was when I was young that I was taken to the temple on religious occasions by my parents. My not going to the temples does not mean I do not believe in God ... I always felt that my God lives within the heart in my body. I never felt the urge to go to a temple and Pray to God. It was never required. Whenever I wanted to pray to God ... I took care of his pupils ... for all living beings on mother earth are sons and daughters of God. If I need to serve God ... I need but serve his children.

If I prayed to God and wished for something ... then I was always prepared to give something in return to God ... it may be a service or anything for that matter. There is nothing like something for nothing. Your belief that you do not believe going to the temples and praying to God is your belief. It has got nothing to do with God or anybody else whatsoever. You are responsible for your own deeds. The doctrine of Karma will take care of that. Every human being has been given the power to break his life but to make our life ... we need to be cautious ... it is not only the Karma of the present life which is affecting us ... the residual Karma of past lives is also to be taken into account. It is the combined power of the residual Karma of past lives and the Karma of the present life that is governing.

Do not forget ... the cosmic system is a creation of God ... none is supposed to meddle with the affairs of his. Your failures in life are not connected to your going to the temples ... praying to God ... they may be the result of the residual Karma of past lives ... if you have not committed a sin in this life it is possible that you suffer because of the sins you may have committed in the past lives. Why blame God ... he is a mere Dhrishta (an onlooker) ... never interfering with his own creation. At the most what you can do now is to expiate for the sins committed in the last lives and get out of it.

I distinctly remember that when my younger daughter had appeared for her class XII examination, she did not get the desired marks in some of the papers ... she applied for rechecking but the result was the same ... I came in contact with a person who offered to get the marks increased by paying a sum of Rs 15,000 (US dollars 300). It was easily possible which I came to know from the newspapers as many children who were supposed to fare well even failed ... this happened for the computer operator in the education department was happily obliging.

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May God bless you!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: I don't believe in going to temples or worshipping god in daily life.I always believe I can make or break my life with the only help of my thoughts,ideas,principles. But one thing I always have in mind which I would like to share with you. Previously I was like normal person and used to go to all temples during weekends without fail.

After a serious of failures,I came to know god has got nothing to do with my life and everything is in my hands and I know I am 100% responsible for all my actions. I was speaking to God (thru Prayer) for nearly 25 years.Now it is God's turn to talk to me. Could you tell me is it possible that God can talk to me.If possible then tell me how and this is want all i want to know from your side.

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