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As a Realized Being How do you See Ignorant Beings

Query 1: As a realized being, how do you see "Ignorant Beings"; that need to be liberated or are presently bound? Aren't they unreal? Just as the "I" in you is unreal?

Query 2
: Do you have any information about the type of life a realized being's body lives while waiting extiction of Karma? Do you believe that a realized being's body disappears rather than die a natural death? Just as ignorance disappears in to thin air. P.

Vijay Kumar:
As a professor would look at a child in class I They are in their initial stages of development. In the Cosmic system the total journey by an atman the soul within is to be covered in 8.4 million manifestations. One may complete the journey early others may take the complete time. None is wrong.

The I within me as a self realized soul is very much real. It is now fully purified. I shall have no further life after I leave the present mortal frame. The I within a common man is also real but he has still to burn out his Karma and purify himself. Until purity it is obtained, the I of the Ego tends to dominate the real I of atman the soul within.

Vijay Kumar:
Have you ever witnessed a lump of silver which has recently been purified from the silver ore It is absolutely shining. Leave it in the open for a period of few hours and lo It has a coating of blackish material. Pure silver has reacted with the air and oxidation has taken place. Even after Realization one can keep himself involved in social activities ... does not mean that one is engaging himself in a Karma which can bind him. Once purified ... it is purified for forever!

It is the end of the Cosmic journey. A self realized soul knows how to clear itself of the oxidation. A single rub and the silver lump shines as ever before. In the Spiritual realm fantasies and miracles have no place. A self realized soul leaves the body like anybody would. You pray and God forgives you. Do you witness your sins being washed away. Like the sweet fragrance of a flower you neither see ignorance nor atman the soul within.

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