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Siddhi Yoga What is Siddhi Power of Sidhi

Query: What is the meaning of Siddhi. How can one get siddhi?

Vijay Kumar:
The word Siddhi is derived from the word siddh ... something, which has already been proven and has become a fact. In the Spiritual world while proceeding on the path of spirituality ... we come across various Siddhis, which God tries to impose upon us. If we are comfortable with materialistic riches and wants ... we can gain these Siddhis ... the aim of the God being to divert us from the Spiritual path ... God does not want us to complete the Spiritual journey in a short time.

It tries to dissuade us ... not that God does not want one to achieve Self Realization but God desires that for achieving enlightenment one should pass through a myriad of testings ... sufferings before one can be given the status of being a self realized soul.

The cosmic journey of an atman the soul within comprising of 8.4 million manifestations (the total life span of an Atman being 96.4 million years) God does not desire us to achieve the same in one go ... if it were so then where was the need to create 8.4 million manifestations ... there was no need at all ... all Atmans would have remained pure all the time ... no manifestations ... no Cosmos ... no mother earth ... no life ... only pure energy forms floating in the Cosmos ... life would have lost its meaning.

From the first manifestation as an amoeba, subsequently a mosquito, then a plant, an animal and finally a human being ... it takes a total of 8.4 million manifestations ... a long journey of 96.4 million years on an average. The system of God was meant to be so. We neither have the power ... nor a reason to question it. We come unto this world not of our own making ... we are born to our parents ... nor the birth or the death is in our hands ... all is controlled by atman the soul within.

atman the soul within takes a body and not the vice versa. No body can take an atman the soul within. The journey is as it is ... it is but within our hands to cut short the journey ... if I desire to go to Bombay ... I can start on foot ... subsequently board a train and finally a plane. God Almighty, permits it. All Religions and Faiths are to be relied upon ... all have the same goal yet are different in their preaching. We need to understand the inner truths of all, which is essentially the same.

You may drink water, or Jal (in Hindi) or Pani (in Islamic Dharma) ... meaning remains the same. The question is not what the others say ... the truth is whether we fathom the depths of the Spiritual world.

Here I shall narrate it true story that was experienced by a renounced sage of our era ... Bhagwan Rajneesh... popularly known as osho. Bhagwan Rajneesh embarked on his Spiritual career from Pune ... the cultural center of India. He was not to be what he was in his initial stages of life. His destiny took him to USA where he established a big Ashram for the seekers of Spirituality. In the initial stages of his life he practiced Spirituality in the right spirit ... subsequently, he lost his way ... he was an extremely intelligent person ... knowing all the tidbits of Spirituality ... yet he lost his way!

One single mistake in his life cost him heavily ... he mixed sex with Spirituality ... sex has no relationship whatsoever with the Spirituality. Yet it is deeply connected with the Spiritual goal in anyone's life. We need to practice Celibacy to its extreme if we desire to rise higher on the Spiritual plane. It is as if climbing the Empire Estate building by the staircase or the lift. Going by the staircase is following the normal route to Spirituality ... we shall have to follow the cycle of 8.4 million manifestations (a total period of 96.4 million years).

If we desire to cut short the journey we shall have to take the lift ... straight up! Here we need to follow the path of a true celibate in totality. We need to preserve all our energies being given to us by God from time to time ... it is almost a monthly cycle both for a man and woman. Our energies are recouped to us every month. Either we may indulge in physical pleasures or retain our energies for a better future. We rise swiftly on the mental plane only when we practice true Celibacy. Taking a lift is the shortest path if we desire to gain enlightenment one day.

This is where the role of God comes into play ... he lets emotions take priorities over the goal of Atman ... getting liberated from the cycle of birth and death forever ... we indulge in sensual pleasures and lose our self. and subsequently the journey gets prolonged ... it is not that God prompts us to prolong the journey but it has given us all the instruments by which we can either control our emotions and take the lift or we can continue fulfilling our wanton desires. The total control is in the hands of a human being ... no direct interference by God at any stage ... he has made the law of Karma like that.

We reap what we sow ... nothing more or less. It is totally up to us to decide the goal of this life ... what our next manifestation would be is based upon the residual Karma of this life.

Had Bhagwan Rajneesh not advocated practicing sex with Spirituality ... he would have definitely Realized God within this life ... he failed to control his emotions at the end part of his life and he failed bitterly ... his end was a life full of misery ... when he was shunted out (rather thrown out) from the USA no country was willing to take him ... it was only his mother land (India) which finally accepted him to die an ungraceful death. What a pity!

There is no dearth of Spiritual Siddhis which one can take hold of while proceeding on the path of the Spirituality ... yet we must refrain from practicing Black Magic ... meaning thereby that Siddhis are not meant for material pursuits of life ... they are to be practiced for the benefit of mankind ... and that should be the true goal of life as God desires us to do.

Reiki ... Spiritual healing ... practicing Yoga ... are all forms of Siddhis ... there is no end to it. All martial arts are also a form of Siddhi ... the prime reason why the martial arts are only to be used for personal safety and never for a revenge. Any type of his Spiritual power (Siddhis) must never be used for personal gains ... God has meant them to be used for the public at large.

One can possess any type of Siddhi while proceeding on the path of spirituality ... there are different paths for different Siddhis ... hear the small inner voice (of our atman the soul within) which always prompts us on the right path and you shall never be devoid of any Siddhi.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Siddhi Yoga explained in words one can easily understand and fathom. For more on what is siddhi visit :  ... Vijay Kumar - 5th June 2010.

Full text of query: I want to know What actually Siddhi Is and How one Can get a Siddhi? Can U explain It To me.

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