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Meaning of Meditation Definition

Query 1: I live in USA. I am trying to get in the habit of doing regular Meditation but after 10 or 15 min into Meditation I am overcome by tremendious desire to go into deep slumber( sleep) and I wake up an hour later. Why am I not able to meditate longer I want to meditate for atleast 2.5 hours daily. Do you recommend any herbs that give energy for Meditation. I have full understanding that celebacy is utmostly required for GOD reilization.

I am tremendiously interested in GOD Realization in the present life but I need guidence from experienced guru. How do you suggest I should lead my life that is condusive to attaining enlightenment. I want to end this returning to earth and never come back again. Please bless me and since you have contact with GOD please ask him to bless me so I can make Spiritual progress.

Query 2: Thanks for the Newsletter.Since you are a god realized person which means you have access to universal knowledge to which ordinary humans like myself do not have. I came across certain document that explained that there is a very intelligent thought process that took place for this whole massive creation to come into existence.

Every thing in this Universe is in some sort of mathematical harmony. The radius, circumference, distance of planets from sun and from each other were all extremely intelligently calculated by god force for the mathematical harmony between them. It is also said in Hindu scriptures created 5000 years ago that this whole creation is of the shape of a cube.

Earth is a mathematical center of the physical Universe and the rishis and Meditation masters from 5000 years ago were able to calculate the radius, circumference and distances between planets and from sun without the aid of any instruments just by the properties of circle, cube and area formulas using the (PI=3.14)

This proves that creation of Universe was not at all arbitrary but it was planned and created for the growth and evolution of human souls and that directly implies that God does infact exist. The numbers were matched againts the numbers that NASA came up and each and everyone are either within 99% accuracy or fully 100% accuracy.

I would definitely like to know your comments on this as you have have had that auspicious event of being face to face with God. What is this secret that the whole creation has a shape of CUBE(has 8 sides) ,it is mentioned in antient egyptian god's literatuers also even 10000 years old.

Vijay Kumar:
Whether you are enlightened or not depends upon the attributes of Enlightenment I shall now detail. If you have reached the level of Jesus Christ... the level of Mahavira, Gautama Buddha or Prophet Mohammed... you are definitely enlightened... one who has gained kaivalya jnana and shall finally take salvation (moksha) at the end of physical manifest life.


Vijay Kumar:
Before you practice Meditation you need to understand the meaning of Meditation.

Having understood the real meaning ... you shall initially after a few minutes of Meditation fall into deep sleep. Slowly, you shall be able to remain awake when your sub consciousness takes over. and one who remains awake is not the physical you ... But your Atman (the soul within you). The question is not of meditating for a longer or shorter time but of getting results. Do not count the hours meditated upon ... simply concentrate on the goal you want to achieve by Meditation.

Living in USA does not mean you talk of herbs or artificial means to increase the potency of the energy within. Your understanding of the role played by Celibacy is wrong. More on Celibacy Brahmacharya vrata.

Practicing Celibacy for a continuous period of twelve years causes the dormant potential energy (Kundalini Shakti) which is lying coiled in the spine to rise to a level causing the Sahasrara Chakra within the brain to get opened. The moment this happens ... one realizes God. All the wisdom contained in the cosmos is now at fingertips ... you become one with the Creator! Spine is like a cylindrical jar and requires storing of serum for a continuous long period for it to rise to the top. Nothing external can help increase the same.

Do not run after shortcuts ... in a period of 100~150 years only 1~2 people achieve God Realization (out of the total lot of 6000 million people on Mother Earth). As difficult as that...

Mental imbalances and suicidal attempts are not the result of lessening of the potency of energy within your body but all is owed to wrong procedure of Meditation adopted ... 99 percent people meditating in this World do not know the meaning of Meditation. Meditation is only a path to achieve a certain goal. People in the West have vast reserves of energy stored within them ... yet they fail to come near God ... prime reason being they do not understand the real meaning of Spirituality which can be truly practiced only if one studies Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads. More on Spirituality.

Your grasp of Spiritual knowledge as you say is because you were born in India ... everyone born in India secretly inherents it from the last birth. If you really want to take a quantum jump in the field of the Spirituality ... stop using commercial terminology like buying, ask him etc ... it will lead you nowhere as is the case in the west with most. You reap ... what you sow, nothing more or less! Mahirshi Aurobindo and Vivekananda could not attain God Realization in their lifetime ... do you still need more quotes.

May God bless you in your Spiritual endeavors!

Vijay Kumar:
I shall narrate sequence how Cosmos comes into being...

The story goes back to the time of the Big Bang. God Almighty of the cosmos explodes himself and all atmans souls get scattered all over the Cosmos (the definition of God is covered in various Essays on my homepage). Thus starts the journey of Atmans souls ... every atman soul has to manifest a body to purify itself ... a total journey of 8.4 million manifestations at the most ... the total Cosmic life span of 96.4 million earthly years. The process of big Bang is beyond the control of God Almighty ... the prime reason why we call the whole system as Anadi (without a beginning).

Big Bang occurs ... all atmans souls get scattered ... a stage comes when the Cosmos starts to shrink back ... the time of the dissolution (occurrence of pralaya as per the scriptures) ... at this point whatever be the stage of manifestation by an Atman ... all atmans souls get liberated (all Jiva attain Moksha) ... the purpose of the cosmos having been completed ... it again reduces back to its original size ... the size of half a thumb ... this ball of the size of half a thumb is what we call God Almighty in its pristine beauty ... the cluster of all purified atmans in the cosmos! Great ... isn't it!

This Cosmic energy the size of half a thumb ... something with cannot be conceived by anybody ... unable to contain itself explodes scattering all Atmans across the Cosmos. and thus starts a new Cosmos.

Regarding the shape of the cosmos ... I would be able to shed light on the same only when I bring myself to the same mental frequency on which I operated upon in 1993 ... being involved in Grihastha Ashram I shall not be able to comment on the same for the time being.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Meditation Definition explained in words one can easily understand and fathom. For more on meaning of meditation visit :  ... Vijay Kumar - 5th June 2010.

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