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I Looking for Good Book on Mauna Silence

Query 1: I looking for a good book on Mauna silence something elaborate. Could you suggest some title.

Query 2
: Did I catch it well? Are you : Vijay Kumar...The Man who Realized God in 1993 If yes please give your tricks because I have tried to attain this for the last 30 years.

Query 3
: What is the difference between the manifest and the un-manifest? At what point exactly the unmanifest become manifested?

Query 4
: What is the difference between Purusha and brahman If there is two words the must been two meaning? What is the difference between Purusha and the self?

Query 5
: You have the three body physical astral and causal. To what level of samadhi corresponds each of the body? of what substance is made the astral body? of what substance is made the causal body If you take all the charkras and the nadis together, does all that constitute structure of the causal body or the structure of the astral body?

Are the charkras a kind of interface between annaMaya kosha and pranaMaya kosha or between manoMaya kosha and and pranaMaya kosha? What are the organs of perception in the astral world? What are the organs of perception in the causal world?

Query 6
: The ego (Ahankara) is part of the relative. So it is an object. of what is made that object

Query 7
: Do the gunas could be perceived? If yes what it looks like?

Query 8
: Is Lakshmi a real entity? If yes in what sphere does she lived? What is her level of counsciousness?

Query 9
: Do you have a list of people who are awake like you?

Query 10
: If you are awake it means that you are not bond by the relative (i.e. time and distance) so tell me what are the hindrances to enlightenment in my particular situation

Query 11
: I would like to ask a last question related the answers you just gave me. What is the fastest way to get God Darshan.

Vijay Kumar:
Mauna silence is a state of the mind which is reached at the highest pinnacle of Spiritual glory. You may not find many books addressing the subject matter. Some books may be available in our country India but I shall trying to find a source for you.

In my lifetime I have not read any book on silence but literature on Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Ramana Mahirshi would prove very useful. The link to my personally recommended books on the net is- New Age Online Book Shop. Links to books on Hinduism, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, and Ramana Mahirshi etc. are listed on this site.

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Vijay Kumar:
When I started on this journey at 11 years of age, I had not the slightest inkling that I would see God one day in the present life, leave apart the question of how many years from now But one thing I was very sure of was that if God was to give a darshan to someone on Mother earth it was to be me. Inherently I knew that purity of Mind was to be maintained at all costs.

Even as a child I could see people cheating God when they were alone in the surroundings of their house or the office. When I used to challenge such people of their untruthfulness they used to counter that no one had seen them making a theft. I inherently knew that these people were fooling their own self for God was everywhere and he takes care of all our actions be they good or bad.

One had to be hundred percent truthful if he ever was to realize self in the present life ... a very difficult task as in the day-to-day mundane affairs of life sometimes even unknowingly one may be untruthful and unless one knows the right path of repenting how to absolve one self out of the situation. There had been a King Vikramaditya in India in the past who was famous for his truthfulness. I followed his path of Tapasya (Prayer) ... and one-day I knew I had become an absolutely truthful human being.

Still, there was no God to be seen anywhere. I subsequently Realized that apart from being truthful one had to practice Celibacy to its extreme end. Not involving one self in sexual activities of any nature alone is not sufficient. The complete definition of Celibacy meant not involving one self in sexual activities physically but even mentally.

It was very difficult for me to find out what was the meaning of mental sexual activities. In spite of all my best efforts in controlling sexual desires I was getting nowhere. Sweet dreams is a common occurrence. I had to somehow over come it. I realized as everyone on Mother earth were sons and daughters of God, I had to treat every lady on Mother earth either as my mother, sister or daughter.

I deeply prayed to God day and night and ultimately even night sweet dreams also ended. I practiced physical and mental control on sexual activities for a continuous period of twelve years and lo shortly after that I had a darshan of God. Subsequently I Realized God in its entirety.

Mahavira, Gautama Buddha all practiced Celibacy for a continuous period of twelve years before they realized their self. To practice absolute Celibacy as narrated above is perhaps a difficult task for one living in a western country but there is nothing on Mother Earth which cannot be achieved.

I have narrated above most important features over which a human being has to have absolute control before he can Realize self. Because of the in born nature of the Mother to take care of its offspring, it is even more difficult for woman folk to achieve Self Realization. In the history of India only two women achieved this status - one was Gargi and other Maitreyi.

Gargi was a highly accomplished intellectual women and Maitreyi was the wise wife of sage Yagnavalkya - a knower of Brahman, the Almighty Creator of the cosmos. Sage Yagnavalkya is the author of Brihadarankya Upanishad - a highly intellectual sacred text.

All of you are a lucky lot for you have Vijay Kumar to guide you whenever you get stuck of in your Spiritual endeavours. I had none.

Vijay Kumar:
Whenever an atman the soul within takes a body, in other words every Jiva is manifest and that that we cannot see but which forms the basis of the manifest is the un-manifest atman the soul within in its pristine glory. The un-manifest becomes manifested the moment it gets a body. In the case of a human being the moment the un-manifest finds matching parents, it takes root in the body and is born as a child.

Vijay Kumar:
Whenever we assume God to have a form, it is addressed to as a Purusha. The Nirvikalpa form of the Omnipotent Creator of the cosmos is known as Brahman. The same person can be attributed not only two but many meanings. A Christian may call it "water", a Muslim " paani" and a Hindu "Jal". This is best explained by the Doctrine of Anekantvad explained in one of my Articles.

Self is atman the soul within. A grain of wheat is self, the atman soul and a mound of wheat, the Omnipotent Creator. Every Atman an element of a larger and whole puzzle! As a grain of wheat is not different in quality from the mound so is Atman never different from the attributes of God, the Omnipotent Creator.

Vijay Kumar:
Once you have seen God in its entirety there is no need to know the details of a burning lamp or a candle. I never had any reason to study the difference between astral and causal body. Similarly is the case of charkras and nadis. I only wanted to have a darshan of God in the present life. Had I swayed from my path and involved myself in technicalities, I may never have Realized God in this life!!

Vijay Kumar:
Whenever an atman the soul within takes a body, it develops an identity. This body develops an ego so as to carry out the mundane affairs as a body. Had there been no ego (Ahamkara), why would the body carry out any function at all. It would all the time remain idle and leave everything to the Creator. As the Omnipotent Creator of the cosmos is only a dhrasta (and not a doer), it was necessary for all Atmans to carry out their work through the manifest body.

Vijay Kumar:
The gunas are essentially the attributes existing within the atman soul and are carried forward from one life to another. As we cannot see the smell of a flower, likewise we cannot see the attributes.

Vijay Kumar:
Lakshmi is a non entity. The Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi is worshiped to gain material prosperity and well being.

Vijay Kumar:
How many Buddha's and Mahavira's you want at a time. Buddha Realized God at the age of 80 years. Mahavira realized at the age of 42. In the last one hundred and fifty years only two persons have Realized God. One is Ramakrishna Paramhansa, other was Mahirshi Ramana.

If there were 50 Jesus Christ's at a time then how would a lay man know whom to worship and seek blessings In the last 3500 years there never has been a time when more than two contemporaries appeared. Buddha came when Mahavira was at the end part of his life. Mahirshi Ramana came when Ramakrishna Paramhansa had already completed half his life.

I know my destiny. I know what I shall be in 2008. You have to wait and see!

Vijay Kumar:
This is purely a commercial matter. I have never indulged myself in such activities (Tantric powers) otherwise my fate would have been the same as that of Acharya Rajneesh I know where he went wrong. He committed one single mistake otherwise he would have Realized God in the present life.

Vijay Kumar:
No way Jean, no way! Mahavira Realized God at the age of 42 years. Gautama Buddha at the age of 82 ... Why are you in a hurry The journey of Self Realization itself is so meaningful and full of bliss, you should enjoy every moment of your life ... the moment you firmly decide, you really want to proceed.

The pitfalls are many ... the biggest being, a normal human being fears losing his family. The higher and higher we proceed on this journey we lose the physical touch which is so very important as a physical manifested being. For us, all start becoming equal. We fail to differentiate between our son and all other sons present on Mother Earth.

Similar is the case with all daughters. Imagine the position my wife has been put in when I tell her I no more recognize her as my wife but as a sister like all other sisters existing on Mother Earth. I can not even pity her for she is not at fault.

My two daughters have suffered greatly. They are paying for their father's deed. Not at fault of their own ... they somehow keep themselves contended.

Bhagavad Gita says - keep on doing your Karma ... do not think of the fruits!! This Mantra is the biggest solace to mankind and direct answer to your question.

May God be with you and expedite your journey towards Self Realization.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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