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Why Does God let People Suffer Definition Pain and Suffering

Query: Why does god let people suffer? why does god allow suffering? Have been feeling sad. I pray but still no answer from God. Definition of pain and suffering?

Vijay Kumar:
There is no way out of your sufferings. They are of your own making! God is a Dhrishta (an onlooker). He never interferes with the working of his beings. It is like a supercomputer duly programmed for every act performed by all Jivas (living beings) existing in the total Cosmos. As we perform our Karma ((the sum total of all deeds performed by us) so shall we be paid by God.

If you need to come out of your sadness... you need to delve into the cause of your sadness. As you brood over the cause... you shall realize that it was of your own making. You got what you performed... nothing more or less! Your sadness... was it a making of God in order that he keeps a track of your pain and sees to it that you do not suffer further.

How easily we can blame God for our sufferings. of all the happenings in the Cosmos and on Mother Earth... why should God care about our sufferings and pain? In the system of God everything is pre-coordinated. As we perform... so shall we get? Nothing less... or more!

Whatever pain or suffering we experience in this life is not necessarily making of our actions in this life alone. Whatever actions we are performing today... the fruits of our actions may be available to us within this life not necessarily... it is also possible that the fruits of our actions in this life may be made available to us in the fourth life hence (the future fourth manifestation from now).

Similarly whatever pain or happiness we experience in this life is not the result of our Karma in present life. It is just possible that whatever we are experiencing today may be the result of our Karma performed in any of our previous manifestations (lives we have already lived).

Many a times we observe that someone who has a tendency of committing one sin after another in this life is always happy... Is he experiencing happiness owing to the deeds of the present life? No. He is enjoying the fruits of his Karma performed in past lives and the day the balance merits which got carried over from previous lives to this life get balanced with the sins being carried out in this life shall this person experience hell in this life. Not before... it shall never be!

Similarly, one who keeps doing pious deeds in this life and continuous to suffer for no act committed in this life shall continue doing so until the bad effects of the previous lives are nullified. The moment this happens we shall experience pure bliss in this life. Does it mean that whatever pious deeds we continue to perform... we shall only suffer in this life! Yes... we need to practice patience and can expedite achieving happiness only by performing more and more pious deeds at a faster pace... for we need to compensate for the sinful acts of ours in the previous lives. We in this life cannot help otherwise.

The day the negative Karma of the previous lives gets balanced in this life and reduces to zero... we can only but see the flowering of our actions of the present life. The golden era of our life starts henceforth. It shall only be happiness and nothing else we shall experience further.

One manifestation after another goes on. In the cosmic system whatever we may have performed in our earlier lives may fructify in this life and whatever deeds we are performing in this life may bear fruits in this life or any other life in the future. We are supposed to bear with the system built by God. We cannot afford to but practice patience. Only then can we hope to achieve our goal in the end.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: i've been feeling sad. i pray but still no answer from God. If he knows my pain why does he take long?Am i wrong in feeling this way? Why does god let people suffer? why does god allow suffering? definition of pain and suffering? Why doesn't God do something when innocent people suffer? Do we suffer for god?

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