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Query: I have read that the soul after death, based on the good or bad action performed, will go to Swarga or Naraka. For a bad action performed, why should the soul suffer in naraka well as suffer in his next birth?

Vijay Kumar:
Before we indulge into the different aspects of soul, death, good Karma, bad Karma, Swarga, Naraka and related topics we need to understand the basic fundamentals of life itself.

We need to understand why our atman the soul within at all takes a body... also, after the soul leaves the body what happens to it... does it remain in suspended animation or it immediately manifests a new body again. What is the interrelated connection between Karma, our atman the soul within and the body? Now I shall clarify all the above details in chronological order.

We need to understand the cosmic system in totality. Every body is manifested by an atman the soul within and not vice versa. The need for the atman soul to manifest a body is its prime requirement because this impure Atman cannot purify itself. It needs a body to do so and in the process the requisite Karma is required to be performed by the body so that the dross within Atman can be removed.

As in the case of an ore... we need the mining machinery to extract the metal from the ore. We cannot expect the metal to come out on its own from the ore! Similarly atman the soul within cannot purify itself on its own and needs a body to do that.

In the chronological order starting from the first manifestation as an amoeba and subsequently insect life, then plant life, then animal and finally evolving as a human being is the prime goal of every atman the soul within. The stage of a human being the highest manifestation... it is but for every human being to gained enlightenment and finally Salvation Moksha. Only then shall atman the soul within shall become free forever... liberate forever from the cycle of birth and death... the process of manifesting one life after another comes to a halt.

When an atman the soul within requires a body... it needs matching parents to manifest itself. Without matching parents atman the soul within cannot take a body. It practically remains in suspended animation... the pure energy form and if the balance all the Karma carried out in the previous manifestations is Punya Karma then this Atman rests in Swarga Heaven. If atman the soul within has bad Karma in balance then it gets Naraka.

Every atman the soul within remains either in Swarga or Naraka until the time it gets suiting parents... the moment it happens it manifests a body and a human being or a Jiva is born on Mother Earth.

Now if we try to understand the crux of life, we shall realize that if the balance residual Karma of all the previous lives is negative in nature then the body manifested by atman the soul within in present life is bound to suffer. On the contrary if the balance residual Karma of all the previous lives is positive in nature then the body taken by Atman (our soul within) in present life shall enjoy bliss.

We need to understand in detail how Karma operates. The definition of Karma is best defined in Jainism. The total basics of Jainism hold well on the surmise that everything we think or do is dependent upon the bhava Karma and this is the fundamental of life. By bhava Karma we mean that the action first precipitates in our thoughts. If I think wrong then the same thinking would precipitate a negative action. If I think of hurting someone then only I would be able to hurt someone physically. Otherwise not... never!

According to bhava Karma... the action first gets created in our bhava meaning thinking... Only then the action gets physically precipitated. As per Jainism even if we think ill will of someone and do not physically harm one then also the negative Karma has been affected. and in the process we need to suffer. No physical injury done yet negative Karma has been performed by wrong bhava... meaning negative thinking!

To escape committing bad Karma we have to organize our thinking in a way that no bad thoughts are ever invoked by us. If we always and ever indulge in good thoughts all the time there is no reason why we shall not gain Punya Karma all the time.

As the body of a human being performs its Karma... so shall be the next manifestation of Atman. If we perform bad Karma in this life and the residual Karma that gets carried on to the next life is negative in nature... we cannot expect atman the soul within to get Swarga. It shall always remain in Naraka until it gets matching parents on Mother Earth.

It is as simple as that... we cannot expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree. As we sow so shall be reap... nothing more or less!

May God bless you?

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Pain and Suffering explained in words one can easily understand and fathom. For more on moral pain suffering visit :  ... Vijay Kumar - 5th June 2010.

Full text of query: I have read in many books that the soul after death , based on the good or bad action performed, will go to svarka or naraka or pitri loka etc.I have also read a soul's next birth is based on the actions already performed.For a bad action performed, why should the soul suffer in naraka well as suffer in his next birth?The basic doubt is , is the soul really blessed or punished twice for the same action? Can you pls throw some light on this topic to clear my doubt.

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