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Query: Your Essay Why God made this world. Does God feel happy & sad and contented when he made the world ? Is god not "satchidanand". What is the definition of God.

Vijay Kumar:
Do not go after the literal meaning alone. If it is written in Mahabharata that Lord Krishna once when he had lost his ball in a lake came out dancing on the head of a serpent named Kalia ... do you really think such a thing has ever happened? No ... it is just a way of expressing the might of Lord Krishna.

If I am referring to the fact that God when he did not feel happy for there was neither pain nor happiness to be seen anywhere in the world created it ... does not mean that God Almighty has a Sakaar form ... God Almighty is always in Nirakaar form ... it is without a form ... it is a cluster of pure energy. If God is pure energy ... where does the question of his creating happiness and pain arise?

I shall explain the total concept in detail-
Happiness and pain are both different sides of the same coin. For one the glass is half empty ... for the other half full. For some even happiness is pain and misery. and pain a way out of this mortal world. Only after the death of a body that our atman the soul within shall get a new body. In the mortal world someone dies ... in the domain of Atmans souls nothing has died ... rather the soul is taking a new body ... it is time for cheer!

I do not know whether you have come across the old procedure of polishing utensils made of brass ... and particularly copper. The total procedure comprises of heating the utensil up to a certain temperature so that all the dross ... the dust gets peeled off on its own. Thereafter this utensil is again heated and a polish applied to the surface of the utensil. The moment the polish is complete ... this utensil is immersed in cold water. Even after this if the polish is not to the satisfaction the whole process of heating the utensil, polishing it and putting it in the cold water is repeated.

Till the time utensil remains in the cold water ... it is the time happiness is experienced by us. The moment the utensil is put in the heat ... we experience pain. It is the process of happiness and pain that we carry out our Karma to remove the dross within our atman the soul within ... and as the soul proceeds on its cosmic journey ... the function of the body is merely to enhance its progress towards the ultimate goal and in the process the body sometimes suffers pain and sometimes experiences happiness.

If someone thinks of becoming immortal in the physical manifest form he is totally mistaken ... immortality can only be had when we reach the 8.4 millionth manifestation ... the last in the cycle of birth and death... after this manifestation it is only Moksha Salvation one can achieve. Only after gaining immortality does one become free of the sufferings forever.

For an atman soul, which comes back to its pristine pure form... there is nothing like happiness or pain. Yet, we Human Beings continue to gloat over the fact that someday we can gain immortality. Unless we burn ourselves in the pious heat of Spirituality (Agni) ... we cannot get liberated forever from cycle of Birth and Death. If there were no requirement for sufferings and happiness then there would not have been any Cosmos.

For ... all atmans in the cosmos would have remained in their pristine pure form and there was no need for an atman the soul within to manifest a body. Whenever we need to shape an iron rod, we first strike it with a hammer ... and put it in the fire ... dip it in the water ... the whole process is repeated again and again until we get the desired results.

The process of suffering and happiness continues unabated ... if we think that we can manage happiness forever ... it is just not possible ... even the richest man on earth cannot guarantee happiness forever.

Yes, a god realized soul is always happy for he has for all practical purposes burnt out this entire Karma and only then it was possible for him to have Realized God. The moment we do away with the Karma ... the need for suffering ceases. Self Realization is the ultimate goal of life ... whether we try to gain Self Realization in the present life or leave it for the next life is solely dependent upon us. Who knows what we shall be in our next manifestation.

Talking of God Almighty ... it has always been a Dhrishta (an onlooker) ... Once the Cosmos has been created and until the dissolution of cosmos occurs (the time of pralaya in Hinduism) ... God does not interfere in its creation. It is a clock like work ... the doctrine of Karma takes over from the day atman the soul within starts on its first journey ... the manifestation as an amoeba ... subsequently it evolves into an insect, then a plant, an animal and finally as a human being.

The whole process from the form of an amoeba to the level of Moksha Salvation as a human being requires 8.4 million manifestations (a cosmic travel of 96.4 million years by the Atman, the soul within).

The prime reason why God has created Swarga and Naraka (Heaven and hell) ... until the time an atman the soul within gets a body in between different manifestations it remains in Swarga Heaven if the balance of residual Karma is positive in nature ... if it is negative then we get Naraka hell. For an atman the soul within to manifest a body ... it needs matching parents ... and if for some reason the matching parents are not available on Mother Earth then Atman either lives in Swarga Heaven or Naraka hell.

But for attaining Moksha Salvation every atman the soul within has to come down to mother earth. The biggest misnomer amongst Human Beings that everyone wants to go to Heaven after death carries no meaning ... it is purely dependent upon the residual Karma of past lives and the present life. As we sow ... so shall we reap ... nothing more or less!

If our residual Karma is such that we shall go to Naraka after death of body ... no number of Prayers can change our destiny. If we desire Swarga in the interim stages of evolution... we need to perform pious deeds and earn Punya Karma.

In the system of God there is nothing like miracles ... all is the result of a law, which cannot err! The system of God is not disordered at any stage as has been pointed out by Stephen Hawking in his book "a brief history of time". As a physicist and a scientist he is totally mistaken ... sitting on the higher platform of life he cannot continue to misguide the humanity ... it is his ignorance of the matter that he has presumed the system of God to be disordered at any stage. It just cannot be.

The system of God is foolproof. Since times immemorial it is running perfectly ... we do not find the moon striking the sun or any other star colliding with another. So is not to be.

Spirituality starts where science ends ... we cannot hope of getting a full view of New York standing on the second floor of the Empire State building ... we need to go to the top ... we need to practice Celibacy for a continuous minimum period of 12 years ... we need to awaken are kundalini fully ... only then the lift of spiritual life would become available to us. The moment we are at the top ... there is no going further ... we have reached the 8.4 millionth manifestation ... we can only gain Moksha Salvation.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: "When a human being makes a model, a static one, he initially is very happy over his invention for the first time. What next! He dreams of putting life into it ... make his model dynamic ... more about as a robot under his absolute command. Similarly, when the world was made by god, he did not feel happy for there was neither pain nor happiness to be seen anywhere".

I have quoted this from your Essay "Why God made this world". Does God feel happy & sad, did he not feel contented when he made the world ? From what I have read about God he is supposed to be "satchidanand". The above statement of your contradicts this definition of God mentioned in the vedas,etc. Kindly clarify at the earliest.

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