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Query: I am glad to see such Spiritual writing on the web. Your writing is very clear. What it means to be enlightened... I understand what you are saying here about the Spiritual worlds. An enlightened person is not a Numb person.

Vijay Kumar:
Imagine if our atman the soul within comes out of the body and looks at the body doing it acts ... what would you term it as. The voice coming from the transistor is not its voice ... it is someone singing else where. The body can never guide atman the soul within but Atman within can always take charge of the body as it likes.

What I actually mean to say is, "all lives are governed by an intricate mechanism because we are born a Prince or a pauper is determined by the resultant Karma of the previous lives. How many people take control of their destiny in actual life ... very very few! Most live their predestined lives ... something which I have explained by the example of TV. One can always perform requisite Karma and change ones Destiny ... a difficult task for a normal human being.

Every God Realized person becomes more live because it is not the body which is acting but the soul within has now been activated to full charge.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: I am glad to see such Spiritual writing on the web, and your writing is very clear. I do, however, disagree with your statements about what it means to be enlightened.... You said, "you continue doing daily chores with unattached attitude towards everything. You now perceive the happenings in the World similar to watching a program on the television screen... Always knowing that program on the screen is only a reflection of the happenings somewhere else.

This some where else is the subtle truth of life. This other World which consists of "God, the Creator" and all "Atman’s" is the only truth, the only true world .. Our physical World only being a reflection of the happenings in this other World. Think and scan yourself from within .. You shall realize the truth one day."

I understand what you are saying here about the Spiritual worlds, but I disagree with the notion that what a person who is enlightened experiences the world as if it were a television screen... because, we have no part in what happens on the television screen. Those programs have nothing to do with our lives, and nothing we can do, sitting in our chair, will change anything that happens on the TV.

An enlightened person is not a NUMB person. An enlightened person is actively feeling and sensing and perceiving and responding to the world around him/her, and it is a response that includes the full force of the Spiritual worlds living inside that person.

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