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Query: What is Meditation! Is Self Realization a permanent feature. Self hypnotism and deep state of meditation... are they same?

Vijay Kumar:
As one proceeds higher on the Spiritual plane ... one becomes more and more conscious of the living being inside ... our atman the soul within ... hypnotism, hypnotic state are not the least related to the field of Spirituality. The practitioners of hypnotism fall under the category of ... Magic ... Black Magic ... medical treatment of patients where there is no choice left but to hypnotize the patient into a particular state of mind to get the actual facts of life. Sometimes, hypnotism is also used on culprits to get the truth out.

In Meditation ... there is nothing like a trance state ... one is all the more conscious when in deep Meditation ... it is only at the pinnacle of Meditation that one comes face-to-face with God ... how can then it be that one is in a trance and yet facing God. In deep Meditation one gets more concentrated in the thought pattern ... all thoughts related to the materialistic life get washed away and what is left is thoughts pertaining to Spiritual upliftment only.

Before we discuss more on the matter ... we need to understand the actual meaning of word Meditation ... Meditation is the English word for Yoga. and what is Yoga? Yoga in Hinduism means trying to create synthesis between atman the soul within and the Parmatman (God Almighty).

Every atman the soul within ... on its cosmic journey tries to establish a contact with the Creator ... this is what we are doing while offering Prayers to God Almighty Creator ... in a way Prayers are also a form of Yoga. Why is it necessary for an atman the soul within ... to try establishing a contact with the God Almighty?

Right from the first manifestation as an amoeba to the last ... the form of a human being ... the only goal for atman the soul within is attaining Liberation from the cycle of birth and death. This is just not possible without the grace of God. Every human being ... a true seeker of Spirituality meditates ... yet, we do not meditate on the center of a bulb but these instruments only act as a medium for us to concentrate our energies in trying to establish a contact with the Creator.

The dialogues of Plato are nothing else but a form of Meditation. He tried to logistically weave out all that he and his associates considered as false ... once we weed out all that is untrue ... what remains is only the absolute truth. This is nothing else but practicing Neti ... the method utilized by Maharishi Ramana to gain Self Realization ... in the process of Neti negate all that is not God ... saying not this, not this ... and what finally remains is a face-to-face dialogue with God.

In Hindi, Yoga is derived from the word "yog". As two plus two equals four ... in Hindi we call it two yog two equals four. The effort of atman soul to combine with Parmatman ... the effort of the soul ... to assimilate with God Almighty is what we know as Yoga ... that is Meditation. Most of the people I have come across in life have indicated that they have been long practicing Meditation. When asked, how do they practice Meditation ... most replied that they sat in a dark room and concentrated on the center of a small lit bulb. Is that all to what Meditation is all about?

People have been sitting in this posture not for months but have spent many years ... yet, they do not feel satisfied with the results. I am surprised to observe what kind of benefit they expected out of sitting in a dark black room doing nothing. Yoga (Meditation) means resolving all queries within us ... dissolving them forever ... and by the process of Neti ... not this, not this ... what ultimately remains is one-to-one dialogue with God.

What are the impurities within us that we are to come out of ... the human body is controlled by the senses. All senses are subsequently controlled by the mind ... and unless we gain control over the senses and subsequently the mind ... we cannot stop the flow of multitude of thoughts entering our head every moment of time. The moment all thoughts are channeled by us having established control over the mind ... we can now easily gain Self Realization. We are only a short distance away in gaining Self Realization once we have controlled mind in its entirety. This is a stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi ... the stage when the flow of thoughts into the brain completely stops ... this is what is actually desired of Meditation.

We may sit in a darkened room or concentrate on the center of a bulb ... our goal shall always be achieving the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. I always tried the art of Shavasana - The Dead Pose for achieving the desired results and I was very successful in controlling the senses and subsequently the mind. Thus lying down in form of Shavasana, practicing Neti is the best form of Meditation one can never think of. and this I used to easily achieve while carrying out my daily chores. I never once thought of taking out time for Meditation. I practiced it day and night while doing my work. It is a true fact of life that Meditation when done in the right posture gives desired results.

Even before we try to take control of senses and subsequently the mind ... we are required to burn out the dross within us ... the moment the resultant Karma required to be done by us is reduced to zero (burnt out) ... our journey towards Self Realization is almost nearing the end. and what is the process of burning out the Karma ... one can always burn out the Karma of this life ... but what of the residual Karma of past lives!

At a certain stage I shall be bringing out an e-book which shall be a priced document ... herein I shall present the Mantra for absolving self out of the vicious circle of Karma. For this Mantra realized souls charged one lakh ($1 million) in the yester years ... but now, it would be available for an extremely low price ...

Taking control of senses in a way means burning out the dross from within the residual Karma ... in short ... when there is no Karma to perform ... one has taken over control of senses and subsequently the mind. Once the control of the mind is in our hands ... Self Realization is not far away. It is Karma ... which makes an Atman go round and round manifesting one life after another ... and the moment the residual Karma is burnt ... all is over with Atman ... it comes back to its pristine purity ... one gains enlightenment! The purpose of Meditation completes forever.

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: I am subscriber of your newsletter. I had a query. It is said that Meditation is the seat for the Realization of Godhood, the self. Is it a hypnotic trance state which a self realized person experiences for the rest of his life? Self hypnotism and deep state of Meditation are they same? I would be grateful if you could answer my query.

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