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Self Realization and God Realization

Query: Self realization and God realization: What did you gain or loose since you realized god? Was it all worth the effort?

Vijay Kumar:
Self realization (aka god realization) is reaching the house of God. It is completing cosmic journey in totality. The gains in the field of spirituality are never measured in physical terms. Everyone in this manifested world proceeding towards the house of God can never be at loss!

Loss always is a physical term! Ask one lying on the deathbed... what have been his losses and gains in life. The poor man be one of the richest man of the world would tend to drop a tear or two. For the whole of his life this man ran after the materialistic riches of life knowing well that within a limited life span he would not be able to enjoy all the wealth.

Yet! He continued his mad rush in accumulating unprecedented wealth! and now... when it is time to return to the heavenly abode (who knows it may be otherwise... the acts of this selfish man may put him in the dungeons of hell) the fear of losing all the wealth behind is what disturbs him.

The seekers of God... the travelers of the path of spirituality even before they decided to proceed on this path have firmly taken a decision. Come whatever may... they shall reach the goal of their life and that is... reaching not the portals of Heaven but the kingdom of God.

And what is the difference between portals of Heaven and kingdom of God. Everyone who dies on Mother Earth goes to Heaven (we never say so and so has gone to hell at least publicly).

The portals of Heaven are an interim stage in the cosmic life span. During the period every atman soul is not able to manifest a body for matching parents are not available... if the atman soul has Punya karma in its balance it is granted the portal of Heaven? On the contrary if the balance of karma is negative in nature... a seat is reserved in hell!

The kingdom of God (aka Vaikuntha in Hinduism) is the permanent abode of God. Every atman soul having gained enlightenment finally reaches the kingdom of God. This is a place of no return. None can ever return from the kingdom of God to manifest a body on Mother Earth.

From heaven or hell as and when matching parents are available... every atman soul again manifests a life form. and this journey continuous forever! None can ever go to the kingdom of God directly from the portals of Heaven or hell. One needs to come down to Mother Earth to achieve this feat.

All man gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed having gained enlightenment gained entry into the kingdom of God forever.

The manifest life... the complete cycle of 8.4 million manifestations (an earthly journey of 96.4 million years) is a long one indeed. Why not proceed on the path of self realization at the earliest. Be it life on Mother Earth or in the portals of heaven or hell... cycle of Birth and Death does not cease to exist. Life comes full circle only when one reaches the kingdom of God (aka Vaikuntha in Hinduism)

The merits of proceeding on the path of self realization are many-

Gaining absolute control over the mental powers that be-

It is only having mastered the five senses and the mind that one reaches the stage of self realization-

Being able to understand the crux of life without reading through any textual document is the ultimate gift of God to mankind. After self realization, Bhagavad Gita... the sacred doctrine put forward by Lord Krishna in Mahabharata becomes like ABCD.

Henceforth one does not have to read through the sacred documents. All sacred documents of all religions of the world become like ABCD to one.

Having reached the source of all Jnana wisdom... one practically becomes omniscient! Nothing to learn further... one has reached the Mount Everest of spiritual life.

You talk of the gains and the losses... perhaps you want to deduce the profit in the whole deal. You are not to blame... none is to blame. All are on the journey of life which ends with reaching the kingdom of God. One is in first standard, another in second and the third in 12th standard. None is inferior or superior to another.

In the journey of life... we are all sons and daughters of God. There is no other relation amongst us. For whence comes the time to leave this body... all shall be left behind! Why cling to ephemeral beauties of life. Why not experience bliss all the time by gaining self realization!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: What did you gained and lost since you realize god? Was this worth?

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