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God Realization Realized their Atma Besides Wolfe Messing

Query: I have been wanting to know of anyone who have realized their Atma. If you have realized your atma, If you have truly reached God Realization. Can you help me?

Vijay Kumar:
Your belief that only Wolfe Messing gained Self Realization in this century is a total misnomer. Self Realized souls like Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Ramana Mahirshi are the only two persons who not only Realized God in their life but were also able to disseminate Cosmic wisdom to those who were competent to receive it. This expresses your ignorance in the matter.

After Jesus Christ left his mortal frame, none in the Western World was able to Realize God. Prime reason why such has happened is that Christianity considers Jesus Christ to be a son of God Almighty. None other can take his place. Whereas the actual truth is what has been expressed in Bhagavad Gita and Jainism ... every human being has the capability to become a Mahavira, Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed. Whether one does it in this life is purely up to him.

Another problem with you is ... you are a believer in miracles. Your being a disciple of Sathya Sai baba proves this. One who needs body guards can never be realized soul. Why be his follower if you want to Realize God in the present life. You expect miracles from your Gurus. Why? Why are you after the fruits of your Karma.

Your sufferings in this life maybe the result of your Karmas of earlier lives Remember it carefully that none other than you has to tread the path of Self Realization. You will always be alone in this in journey. You can take the help of a god realized soul to guide you whenever you have a query.

Every disciple in the World merely practices Rituals. People are not after gaining Self Realization ... But want material prosperity and happiness for the whole family. Many questions will come to your mind. The day the last query in one's mind ceases to exist ... thy shall Realize God.

May God bless us all.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: This is interesting that someone has realized their atma in this century besides Wolfe Messing. I have been writing to many asking them if they know of anyone who have realized their atma, or at least have become attuned to it. I am glad I have come across your site. The reason? Many problems exist for devotees. Some even feel there are no answers for their problems. This may because either their Karma is too involved or they are not evolved enough to deal with it effectively. None the less, most of these problems are ordinary problems which take on complicated appearances which the scriptures have answers for. But then again, there is there is the existence of deeper problems which require higher levels of Spiritual analysis than most.

I am a Baba devotee. I have just returned from Nilayam where I was directed by Baba to go home and resolve a mysterious problem, then coming back with a group, tell Him my findings. I have been asking others who possess a greater insight than most, to assist me, using their higher Spiritual vision, in this quest.

Many make claims but very few can live up to the knowledge they say they have and most that I have asked to join in assisting me were not able to define the problem I have been directed to resolve. If you have realized your atma, then you are truly among the rare of all six billion living beings on earth today and certainly you can empathize with me. For devotees like myself, on the quest for the atma, and those who have realized that quest are a breed in themselves.

It is lonely at the top even though we are aware of our divine reality because of special injunctions imposed upon us from the divine Himself. AtmaJnana is not an easy accomplishment. Even though we may know much, much is expected from us. But there are also difficulties at the higher level only others at the highest levels can understand. Render assistance on these leves is only possible when a person has either traversed the path or can see with their divine vision what the obstacles are on the path.

I your truly have reached God Realization then you will surely know how important is to help one who is traveling that path at the higher peaks. Brothers must assist brothers. With this in view, I have been asking many saints and sages to see what is in my aura both positive and negative and describe to me the mystery I must solve. So, from your atnaJnana and prema, do you think you can you assist me? Are you up to the challenge?

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