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Essay on Self Realization is Empowering

Query: Your essay on Self Realization is empowering!

Vijay Kumar:
The moment I Realized God in 1993, it was all over with me. I felt God had given me certain powers and I wanted to experiment with them. I inherently knew that Nostradamus was a being of high intellect and he had excellent powers to foresee the future. I concentrated on the power known as Nostradamus and immediately I was plunged into the mental wavelength on which Nostradamus operated.

You would not believe what happened Immediately messages started getting flashes and I concentrated on the forthcoming 13 years of world history. I started from the level where Nostradamus had left when he left his mortal frame. My country India is dear to me but nothing on my following Website is exaggerated in favor of my country. I have written what God has dictated to me.

Revelations can come to anybody who develops his mental intellect to a certain level. But one thing has to be always kept in mind that revelations can change. All revelations are based on the theory of mass Karma. What ever is performed by the Humanity at large ... they have to bear with the results.

You will agree with me that the present mankind in the Kali Yuga of today is embroiled in trading bitterness amongst one another. The mutual trust which existed between Human Beings 20 years before has been greatly diminished. A feeling of fear has over taken humanity and this fear has led to increase in Prayers world-wide.

The respect India has started getting world-wide is indicative of the forgiveness which India exercised in dealing with Pakistan on the Kargil issue. This increased fear and subsequent Prayers has temporarily delayed the occurrence of World war 3 which is now likely to start in 2002.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: I take good interest in Spiritual matters, so happen to browse through your home page. Your Essay on self - Realization is empowering to me. But your artical 'Shape of World 1994-2006' seems to me kind of inspired by hurt ego, due to hurt national pride. Well, we are already in year 2000 and no wars seemd to be happening and earth seems to me a safer place than compared to era of Cold-War or ever before. I felt the same way when I came out of India (to europe) and my ego (Self Pride) got badly hurt. I don't think its the right way to lead people to Truth through creating some kind of 'fear' (Wars/Destruction etc). It should only be positive inpiration and let everybody find his God himself.

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