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Liberate Self from Cycle of Birth and Death forever

Query 1: As you have mentioned in your site, that with pralay the Cosmos rolls back to the size of a half a thumb and unable to retain itself the cosmic source of energy(a cluster of purified souls) again splits with a Big Bang and spreads in all directions, thus creating a new Cosmos and starting another cycle of birth and death for the purified souls who had become one with God.

Then how does one liberate himself from cycle of Birth and Death forever! Because if one somehow manages to liberate himself from cycle of Birth and Death in this particular cosmic cycle then he is destined to manifest in a body somewhere in the new Cosmos which is created subsequent to the destruction of the old Cosmos. So it is apparent that Liberation from cycle of Birth and Death in a particular cosmic cycle is possible, but Liberation from cosmic cycle of creation and destruction is impossible! Then how does one liberate himself?

 Vijay Kumar:
Then how does one liberate himself? You want to liberate whom and from what? All your problems exist as long as one considers himself as the pivotal point. Our Atman within is not governed by the physical senses governing a Jiva. Think it over. You have not been able to comprehend the truth in my basic article "Truce with my innerself". Read it again.

It says "Truth is universal. A man dies. His family grieves over his death feeling bereaved. A moment before his changing form, everyone was cheerful. Why bitterness over casting aside of garment by the omniscient. Life is in every deed, every living being."

You must realize that cycle of Birth and Death is merely a game for Atman within. For a human being it can be suffering or pleasure. after death of body Atman within is not concerned with the earlier form. Do you recollect what was your form in the earlier life manifested by your Atman within.

You do not know! ... yet as a human being you are worried about the cosmic cycle of 8.4 million manifestations by Atman within. All creation is merely a thinking of God Almighty. No human being has any role to play except that it helps Atman within to get liberated at the earliest.

Don't worry young man! Continue doing your part in the cosmic game plan ... you have no other remedy. Your Atman within is the true essence. It is Atman within that has taken the body ... why the worry! Worry not for what God has created ... but how you can achieve Self Realization at the earliest (the permanent state of bliss).

 Query 2: On your web page you have described that Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa had attained Self Realization . and a self realized soul can see god which actually is pure energy and divine light . But Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa used to worship goddess kali and even claimed that he has seen her . But in reality there is nothing like Kali, Durga, Shiva, Vishnu e.t.c and they only result from having a false perception of God . So how can Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa be said as a self realized soul?

 Vijay Kumar:
Ramakrishna Paramhansa proceeding on the path of Self Realization through the path of Bhakti Yoga. Even after Realization he did not abandon worshiping Kali as the common masses would not had been able to understand what he was doing! Ramakrishna Paramhansa did not really idolize worshiping a particular form of Goddess. He imagined every Goddess to be representative of mother earth. Mother earth is to be worshiped as it was this mother who took over the burden of all Atman's to manifest and purify themselves.

Even after God Realization I always bow before the Almighty mother, the mother earth ... if there had not been mother earth then we would not had been there. Prayers have a very important to to play in Self Realization. This is the only medium by which we come nearer to God. You need the power of absolute faith to understand the significance of Self Realization. Not only Ramakrishna Paramhansa Realized God ... his beloved follower Vivekananda is revered by millions all over the globe.

 Query 3: As you have stated in your site, a soul manifests 8.4 million times until it frees itself from cycle of Birth and Death forever. This journey set by the soul is definitely a tough one . Why is it that God has given us senses to enjoy and again asks us to discipline them to reach him?Similarly a being is born ignorant without any knowledge of God, his creation, its functioning and what is right and wrong. But the law of Karma states that one is solely responsible for his deeds and will be rewarded for his good deeds and has to suffer for his bad deeds. Now this doesn't make any sense because an ignorant being is most likely to commit sins which may prove very costly for him and prolong his Liberation. It either seems to me as a cosmic joke or it may be true that God derives some sort of pleasure from our ignorance and sufferings! satyajeet

 Vijay Kumar:
God never derives any pleasure out of anything. It is not a form like us. It is a cosmic source of energy. Being a mook dhrishta, it has left everyone to tend for itself. The law of Karma governs the life of every being. Once all Atmans after the Big Bang get scattered all over the Cosmos ... they have but to purify themselves and return to their original state as soon as possible. Initially an amobae, thereafter plant life, then animal life and finally the shape of a human being. Suffering and pain is like night and day. How else do you imagine God should have made the Cosmos. If it were possible for you then God would have taken you as his adviser ... so is not to be. You do not have the power even to make a small leaf out of nothing. Can you survive on your own without oxygen. As a child one is guided by the parents and the teachers on the Cosmic journey. When one matures ... the law Karma and Dharma prevails.

By the series of questions put forward by you ... I have only to deduce that your intelligence is above the ordinary. Why worry! I advise you to go to the following link and justify for yourself which book you must purchase and read-

May God bless us all.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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