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Moksha Yoga: Then how does one liberate himself? You want to liberate whom and from what? All your problems exist as long as one considers himself as the pivotal point. Our Atman within is not governed by the physical senses governing a Jiva. Think it over. You have not been able to comprehend the truth in my basic article "Truce with my innerself". Read it again.

It says "Truth is universal. A man dies. His family grieves over his death feeling bereaved. A moment before his changing form, everyone was cheerful. Why bitterness over casting aside of garment by the omniscient. Life is in every deed, every living being."

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    Can someone be totaly free from desires and Achieve Liberation? or is it a State of Mind?: definition meaning by Vijay Kumar...The Man who Realized God in 1993! what is the Big Bang theory bang big evidence theory
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    Query1: As you have mentioned in your site, that with pralay the Cosmos rolls back to the size of a half a thumb and unable to retain itself the cosmic source of energy(a cluster of purified souls) again splits with a Big Bang and spreads in all directions, thus creating a new Cosmos and starting another cycle of Birth and Death for the purified souls who had become one with God. Then how does one liberate himself from cycle of Birth and Death forever! Because if one somehow manages to liberate himself from cycle of Birth and Death in this particular cosmic cycle then he is destined to manifest in

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