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Achieve Liberation from Desires Attain Moksha Salvation

 Query 1: Can someone be totaly free from desires and Achieve Liberation?or is it a State of Mind?

 Query 2
: Can someone practice his/her religion without external bodily identifications?Are they important to show World that to which sect you belong?

 Query 3
: why do Holy Men in order to be Spiritual wear orange colored clothes and keep beards?What is wrong thinking high and wearing simple clothes like Gandhiji?

 Query 4
: why Sadhus change their birth name given by their loving and inspiring parents?By changing name one does not become great or solve his/her internal sufferings. When degree are awarded at school they don't change name in certificate.

Vijay Kumar:
Bhagwan Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed ... are they not liberated souls who attained Salvation within their lifetime? In the last 150 years have not Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Mahirshi Ramana Realized God and attained Salvation. back to query 1

Vijay Kumar:
Yes! One can practice any Religion without any identification. Yet, to live in this World it becomes essential not to hide one's identity. What is the need for it ... we can always remain what we are and continue preaching what we intend to.

Consider things from the angle of a lay men wanting to know something in a particular Religion ... unless he is able to identify a person from the community ... how can we expect him to interact with the religious reader. Every religious leader thus develops an identity for the benefit of the mankind. What you actually mean to know is ... is it essential for a truly Spiritual person to keep an identity.

Yes ... it is not the least necessary for a highly accomplished Spiritual Guru to keep an identity. I was born in a Jain family and the moment I Realized God in 1993 ... my identity changed to Vijay Kumar from Vijay Kumar Jain. All Religions had become the same for me ... I had become one with God ... the Almighty Creator.

Here you must learn to distinguish the difference between Religion and Spirituality. A new article on this topic is available on my WebSite. back to query 2

Vijay Kumar:
Orange (saffron) clothes give a soothing feeling ... you may try one ... you shall feel the calmness of the mind. As Spiritual persons tend to Spiritual matters all the time ... they give little importance to their appearance and daily shaving starts appearing to them as a burden ... hence they start keeping a beard.

Gandhiji was not in the least a purely Spiritual person ... all the time involving himself in political affairs of the country ... yet, he read Bhagavad Gita which inspired him to think high and wear simple clothes. Don't ponder over such trivial matters of life ... you shall lose much what is expected of a true aspirant. back to query 3

Vijay Kumar:
Sadhus need to change their birth name as they are going away from the society. By adopting a different name they merge with the religious fraternity. If they do not do so ... they might get involved in Samsaric matters not concerning them even while being Sadhus. Changing of the name relieves them of the Samsaric duties they were supposed to carry out had they continued living in family. back to query 4

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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