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When is Kaliyuga going to End

Query: When is Kaliyuga going to end? Still there are about 427000 (432000 minus 5000) years for this Kaliyuga to end?

Vijay Kumar:
Kaliyuga has already ended and we are passing through the stage of Ghor Kaliyuga which is likely to end in a short while from now ... a maximum of 2~3 years. The scriptures are to be interpreted in the light of scientific developments taking place in the present Era.

Whatever may have been the level of the society during the period the scriptures were written ... so was was the interpretation ... for how many years from now do you anticipate shall a human being travel in space as comfortably as traveling in airplane.

As per you it may be a hundred years or even a thousand years from now. What if the journey is conducted four years from now. What shall you say ... the interpretation was wrong or the scientific developments have shortened the period been interpretation and actual achivements.

Neither is wrong ... both are correct ... only the right interpretation is to be done. 427000 years can get reduced to four days depending on the pace of scientific developments taking place. What has been stated in the article "Shape of the World to come" was based on the resultant Karma of 6000 million people in 1993. Karmas change and so does the destiny.

You are a believer of miracles. Pure Spirituality has no place for miracles. You talk of gaining commercial powers which I have none. Standing on the fourth floor one cannot expect to have same vision as that from the twentieth floor. Have more patience and read the Articles with a free attitude ... you shall grasp the inner meaning.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: When is Kaliyuga going to end? What our scriptures say is that it just started some 5000 years ago. So what my conclusion is that there are about 427000(432000minus5000) years for this Kaliyuga to end? Sorry to say but I don't exactly see the things as written in the Essay ''The Shape of the World to come' as You are a Self-realized soul, You must be omniscient You must be knowing my actual problems. If You can use Your supernatural right in this world of Maya, shower some grace on me and tell me what to do next.

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