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2012 Doomsday

No matter how best humanity tries... the fate of humanity as on date is practically sealed! Why? What is expected to happen around 2012? People world over claim end of the world in 2012... Shall the world witness gloomiest hour in the journey of life in or around 2012? Did Nostradamus predict an unprecedented mishap in life of human beings in 2012?

God Almighty demands sacrifice of 1200 million people to cleanse the society of its ills! It would be a Renaissance for times to remember... a spiritual awakening that would completely upturn thinking of mankind for ever! None world over is willing to change of their own... in the circumstances situation needs to be dealt with an iron hand!

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  • New World Order Bahaullah the Persian Prophet
    Have you ever heard of Bahá'u' lláh, the Persian Prophet, Who says to be the Glory of God, Christ returned, teh mahdi, the Shah-Bahram, the Buddha Maitreya, the incarnation of Krishna? He also promised a new World Order
  • India Will be the Saviour of the World
    I have always believed since a year that India will be the saviour of the world. It's Golden Age will arrive soon and the effect on the world would be a benovelont one. I was surprized to read your WW3: Shape of the World to come
  • Nostradamus World War 3 predictions 2012
    As per Nostradamus predictions world war 3 was expected around 1994, then 1998 ~ 1999 but nothing much happened except WTC affair... that signaled what lay ahead! Since WTC attack, almost eight years have passed. Man-made calamities can postpone but not for ever
  • When is Kaliyuga going to End
    When is Kaliyuga going to end? My conclusion is that there are about 427000 (432000 minus 5000) years for this Kaliyuga to end? Kaliyuga has already ended and we are passing through the stage of Ghor Kaliyuga which is likely to end in a short while from now

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