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Nostradamus World War 3 predictions 2012

Query: What is expected to happen around 2012?

Vijay Kumar:
No matter how best humanity tries... the fate of humanity as on date is practically sealed! Why? What is expected to happen around 2012? People world over claim end of the world in 2012... Shall the world witness gloomiest hour in the journey of life in or around 2012? Did Nostradamus predict an unprecedented mishap in life of human beings in 2012?

God Almighty demands sacrifice of 1200 million people to cleanse the society of its ills! It would be a Renaissance for times to remember... a spiritual awakening that would completely upturn thinking of mankind for ever! None world over is willing to change of their own... in the circumstances situation needs to be dealt with an iron hand!

Bhagavan Kalki... a human being of the highest order... one who would be termed equivalent of God... a Messiah... an avatar (God manifest in human form); the moment he wields power against all odds... mankind would witness a phenomenon to remember... something out of the ordinary... a miracle of sorts!

The coming of Bhagavan Kalki gets necessitated as situation world over is almost out of control! We are practically sitting on borrowed time! World shall witness World War 3 very shortly! The patience of Islamic terrorists shall give way to fancied strikes... a single strike that would result in doom of mankind!

The triggering of world war 3 shall be precipitated by this single biggest strike by terrorists till date! In this strike anywhere between half million to 5 million people are expected to perish! The means can be any... a chemical warfare, a small nuclear attack or mass contamination of drinkable potable water supply!

The retaliation would be with fury... all the developed countries... particularly allies of United States of America along with USA shall strike back! This reprisal would convert into World War 3 in which extermination of 1200 million people world over is immanent! Sacrifice or extermination... it shall be amalgamation of both!

Those who have committed crimes... proven sinners shall pay with their lives and those who are innocent shall lay down their lives for the sake of humanity... to pave way for survival of mankind! Unless the innocent faced death head-on... reestablishing of Dharma (righteousness) would remain a distant dream!

This creative role of setting society back on its pedestal shall be played by Bhagavan Kalki... an avatar of modern era (God manifest in human form). Alone Bhagwan Kalki would not be able to achieve anything. His immediate command would comprise few hundred people willing to lay down their lives for sake of mankind... their country... the whole world!

Mankind simply cannot be absolved of ills by workings of a man God like Jesus Christ. As stated in Christianity Jesus Christ took unto himself ills of the society... he suffered on account of society so that mankind could be saved. In field of spirituality such statements are a misnomer. Such things never happen on mother Earth... nor ordained by God Almighty!

No single soul Atman can affect the workings of another soul Atman! In the circumstances how can Jesus Christ save the mankind by suffering on their behalf! As per Bhagavad-Gita of Hinduism every single individual human being has to work out ones karma to cleanse the soul Atman of the dross impurities within! This is how life was destined by God Almighty.

Every single one of us has to perform our karma diligently to survive rigors of World War 3! The prime significance attached to year 2012 is... number three happens to be the number of Bhagavan Kalki. On 12th of December, 2012, i.e. in 21st century mankind awaits a gigantic happening that would result in all developments of science as of date coming to a naught!

In present times humanity has been reduced to cluster of followers... whether we follow religious preachers or the rituals is immaterial... but we fail to use our intellect to expedite our journey towards God! We simply have become a young woman to pawn in the hands of time... a commission agent in the journey of life! Our status is no better than that of an animal!

For spiritual awakening... to remove the veil of dishonesty... coming of a Messiah is necessitated! An able administrator coupled with powers of a man God like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed is the call of day! Humanity truly has reached a point of no return. We all seem to bask in glory of material wealth... undermining the very essence of life!

The human form... the journey by our soul Atman as a human being was not meant for rejoicings by human beings in the name of wealth and power! Come opportune moment... even wealth of architects like Bill Gates... all would be left behind! None can carry materialistic wealth to next life... the next manifestation undertaken by our soul Atman!

What carries forward are virtues... the Punya karma earned in present life! As per sacred Bhagavad-Gita of Hinduism... whatever the residual balance of karma of present life... becomes the opening balance for next manifestation... the new journey of life manifested by our soul Atman. The control of life truly laid in hands of our soul Atman and not the human self.

By indulgence in materialistic wealth... we lose track of life... the prime reason why so many human beings world over suffer from anxiety, depression and whatnot! Earning money can never be goal of life. Money can act only as an instrument... a means to achieve an end! If a spiritual sage... the likes of Sage Yajnavalkya desired winning material wealth in an open religious and spiritual competition... organized by King Janaka (father of Sita in Ramayana)... he was not wrong. Why?

Sage Yajnavalkya clarified that all material wealth he would win in competition... one grand cows and five precious stones attached to each horn were meant for welfare of community and students at large! In the Hermitage of Sage Yajnavalkya existed above 3000 students trying to digest contents of various sacred scriptures of Hinduism! To serve them to the best of his capability was his goal of life.

Such was the clout of Sage Yajnavalkya... such high understanding of spirituality that even before start of competition Sage Yajnavalkya ordered his followers to take all cows and precious stones to Hermitage! There was none in the times of Sage Yajnavalkya more competent than him! Sage Yajnavalkya finally won the competition!

As per Nostradamus predictions world war 3 was expected around 1994, then 1998 ~ 1999 but nothing much happened except WTC affair... that signaled what lay ahead! Since WTC attack... almost eight years have passed. Man-made calamities can postpone but not for ever. The day situation in Pakistan goes out of control or United States of America pesters Iran beyond acceptable limits... it would signal start of full scale nuclear war... the expected World War 3!

Followers of both Christianity and Islamic Dharma do not stand to reason. Both religious communities have fundamentalist tendencies! None wants to practice forgiveness in interest of mankind. In the circumstances World War III becomes evident. It is only in field of war one expects annihilating other. What follows is... world war 3 thrust on mankind for no reason or rhyme!

The world has become so materialistic... so chauvinistic... one fails to see light of day! The president of Italy... a proven womanizer... the presidents of France and Russia... proven dictators... what has the world come to? Is there any region in the world that remains unaffected? Such ills of society only get eradicated when a full scale renaissance results in elimination of bad blood!

What is advocated here is not the killing of mankind but a fight to the finish... a fight for survival! Eventually the doctrine of evolution prevails... survival of the fittest! In the present scenario... it is not physical strength that counts; more important is mental inertia that brings drastic changes in the society! It is our residual balance of karma that finally decides who shall live or die.

A spiritual renaissance by 2014 would complete cycle of life... the circle of life! Life finally would come full circle as predicted by many astrologers world over.

Daily bombardment of tribal belts by drone planes in areas bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan is taking its toll. In trying to punish Taliban... the extremists... the fundamentalist United States of America and its ally countries are not wrong yet; the implementation at times has been in question!

What concerns the majority of peace loving countries world over is a subtle fact that remains hidden from public at large. The prime cause of all terrorist activities world over is China... the kingpin of terrorism world over! In fomenting trouble world over China stands to gain economically! Right from a pin to a submarine or an airplane... anything can be ordered from China... legally or illegally!

To wrest economic power from the world China is playing gambles with democracies that be! But the outcome would be disastrous! Getting the King and Queen of Nepal wiped out along with his family has been in the interest of China! Nepal the only Hindu country in the world is now a communist regime!

What China fails to understand is... in the system of God there is no place for communism! At the end of the melee... the expected World War 3 China would bite the dust! How? With 20% population of the world wiped out in World War III... countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma and Sri Lanka would align themselves with India permanently.

With population of Greater India (new name assumed by India) exceeding 1600 million... India will become superpower number one of world! China would always remain number two... subdued forever! The monkey politics of China is known world over. The policies of communist China can never be trusted! China is one country that stands to lose in the aftermath of world war 3.

With almost zero status... China as a country would be shunned by people world over! The power of any country ensues from right policies and the treatment meted out to its own countrymen! The Tiananmen Square massacre in which above 10,000 students were killed overnight... makes China a ruthless regime! Power never flows from the barrel of a gun... it is a misnomer!

The aftermath of world war 3 would witness a glowing era... the start of Satyuga... the Golden period! For hundreds of years India would remain the spiritual master of the world. From the beginning of time India has been a peace loving country... the prime reason why inhabitants of India have been reduced to cowards in the game of life.

Not facing enemy head-on has been the biggest mistake of Indian politics. Mixing Ahimsa (nonviolence) with politics was the biggest mistake of Mahatma Gandhi. Terming the whole world as Dukhma (a world full of misery) was the biggest mistake of Gautama Buddha. This resulted in creation of Bhikshus who practically act as parasites for the society!

The teachings of Gautama Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi should have remained limited to spread of religion but preaching and practicing religion with politics led to cold-blooded murder of Lala Lajpat Rai. Why the Hindus kept waiting? Why did they not retaliate? If the British handed blows on Lala Lajpat Rai... why did we keep looking and did not retaliate by use of force!

Ahimsa... the doctrine of Ahimsa does not preach cowardice in the face of enemies! We should have replied to the force of bullets with bullets! We should have repulsed the enemy with firepower not Ahimsa! Nowhere in the scriptures is it written to succumb to enemy and practice Ahimsa all the time!

By and large practices of Indians... Hinduism at large would bear fruit! In the aftermath of world war 3, world shall witness a paradigm shift in thinking of mankind! Life would truly become so enjoyable that people start worshiping Bhagavan Kalki as direct descendent of God Almighty! One single human being shall bring so much happiness world over... it shall be a sight to see!

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