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Query: What is Kundalini Awakening? How do we live our daily life in this illusionary world. Why is man and woman made. Why are we born in ignorance. Why the senses if we are to control them to acheive Spiritual growth? As per scriptures man alone is permitted to acheive Self Realization. Are women not permitted to realize self?

Vijay Kumar:
While proceeding on the path of Self Realization ... one need to practice Celibacy for a continuous period of 12 years ... it can be more not less. This helps one retain all the energy within the self so that instead of taking the staircase of spiritual life we can jump the lift (the elevator) and go straight up. Going up the lift is what we know as awakening of the kundalini ... the inherent dominant force present in every human being.

While the kundalini is being awakened ... we come across various experiences ranging from God Almighty trying to distract us from realizing the self. Were it not so ... then why would have God Almighty made such a long journey of 8.4 million manifestations (a total cosmic journey of 96.4 million years) for atman the soul within to get liberated.

God Almighty desires one to pass through all the manifestations before one realizes god. We need to live as an amoeba (the first manifestation), then an insect, a tree, an animal and finally evolving into a human being. The journey is long and whoever tries to cut it short ... there are many distractions on the way.

Literally God tries to bewitch us by providing assurance of material comforts and what not. Most of the people succumb to these pressures ... some fall for the Siddhis (manifest powers) practicing which one can gain material comforts and fame. Practically, whatever power we may desire God is willing to give provided we get distracted from the goal ... the goal of realizing the self.

I shall narrate the example of sage Vishwamitra who practiced austerities to its climax. He was to have Realized God but it so happened that while walking through the jungle (deep forests) he came across the sight of a very fair Lady having bath in a very sensuous environment. It was all a play of God to distract sage Vishwamitra from his path of gaining Self Realization ... Enlightenment! He fell for it ... he could not anticipate what God had in store for him.

He lost almost 10 years of his life ... he was much ahead of sage Vashistha in practicing austerities but he had to accept finally the supremacy of sage Vashistha who was of a very strong character. His practice of Celibacy having failed ... the whole process had to be repeated again!

Our goal of life has to be absolutely clear ... lest we repent in the end. Acharya Rajneesh aka Osho could not gain Self Realization in this life because he committed one single mistake ... the mistake of practicing free sex. He advocated in the end part of his life that having free sex induces one towards the ultimate goal of life ... Self Realization!

He was totally wrong ... we cannot negotiate with practicing Celibacy for a continuous period of 12 years. Only then can we hope for gaining Self Realization. We need to preserve our energies ... for reaching the top floor (the 8.4 millionth manifestation ... the last leg of cosmic life) we have to take the lift of spiritual life ... Having reached this stage we have nowhere else to go than achieve Salvation Moksha.

Acharya Rajneesh Osho was wrong to the extent that even USA did not except his practices in the end. He was turned out of the country (rather thrown out) ... he had nowhere else to go for every country in the world rejected him ... it was only after serious deLiberations that his home country ... the beloved India accepted him back ... what a disgrace!

One mistake cost him heavily ... the engine of his spiritual life derailed at 99° ... he failed to realize that the last one per cent was very important for the engine of his spiritual life to develop steam (steam practically generates at hundred degrees centigrade) ... only then can one Realize God in the present life!

The experiences one meets with while experiencing the awakening of the kundalini are sometimes really frightening ... they carry so much force that a normal human being gets scared ... for none has ever come across so much power which can be made available to a human being (the normal mortal) by the grace of God. In the physical manifested life we need the medium of money to purchase power. and when we have power ... our senses provoke us all the time display the power ... power of ill-gotten wealth.

On the contrary, in the Spiritual realm ... Lord Krishna (an Avatar) had the ultimate power in form of Sudarshan chakra but he rarely used it ... for we are not supposed to nor expected to display our supremacy and the might. There is nothing to be feared of ... we have to boldly face all the circumstances and get ahead in life. While proceeding on the path of Self Realization I was tempted with so many vital gifts of life that it is easy for many to get swayed from the path.

I had only one goal ... to come across God face-to-face. I shall not accept anything less. It was a really difficult time of my life ... why, because there was none to guide me ... I never had a Guru in my life. I had absolute faith in God Almighty ... I won in the end.

To understand process of Karma in totality we need to understand that it is Karma ... and only Karma that needs to be practiced with sincerity without which our atman the soul within cannot get purified ... liberated from the cycle of birth and death. As is the case with mining one KG of silver out of a lump of hundred KG of silver ore ... every atman the soul within has to pass through 8.4 million manifestations before it can clear of with the 99% impurities carried within.

If we look at the process of mining or for that matter any other process of purification ... we observe that the whole lump of silver ore is sometimes dipped in water (the period when every human being experiences happiness). Comes a stage when the balance silver ore is put in a furnace ... and burnt to the required temperatures ... both processes removing a part of impurities (this is the period when a human being suffers agony).

It is only through the process of suffering and happiness (getting dipped in water and put through the furnace that we can achieve the purity within the silver ore ... without these two essentials ingredients of suffering and happiness ... no human being can ever achieve the stage of Self Realization ... Salvation Moksha ... we have to burn the dross within ... there is no other alternative ... we do experience happiness at various times but to gloat over the fact that we shall continue to experience only happiness ever after shall never happen.

The power of Satan is minus hundred ... almost opposite to the power of God, which is plus hundred. As we face the sufferings ... so shall we experience the happiness? Vice versa as we experience the happiness so shall we also face sufferings.

In the cosmic system everything has two facets ... we have day ... we also have a night. We have fire ... we also have water. All are equally opposite to each other ... and complement each other. None can survive without the other. Without sufferings ... happiness would not have any meaning. It is only when we suffer do we realize the importance of happiness. If we have Swarga Heaven ... we also have hell. It is our Karma, which lands us either in Swarga Heaven or Naraka hell.

Suffering and happiness are two sides of the same coin ... for one the glass is half empty (the materialistic tendencies taking hold) for the other (a Spiritual man) ... the glass is half full ... he is already contented many times with the grace of God ... he does not desire more ... rather he has killed the desire within ... having controlled his senses and the mind ... the Spiritual man has transgressed the mortal domain. For him materialistic values have no meaning.

Happiness and suffering in life can never be compared. A beggar who has not eaten for many days will eye the spare food as a luxury ... for us it was only meant for the dog on the street. Bhagavad Gita never stipulates that we can Realize God without burning the dross within ... we have to hundred percent absolve ourselves totally from the bindings of Karma before we can ever think of realizing God within this life.

Take the case of Gautama Buddha who left the palace in search of the absolute knowledge ... he left in the night when his wife and the child were asleep ... he left the palace without having burnt his Karma ... he went to the deep jungles in search of God ... he could not find one ... after toiling for a long period of time he returned to the city for the guidance of a Guru ... which he could never find. He tried his very best.

He tried both the methods ... the seclusion of the jungles ... and also the community life ... he understood everything in the end. He finally advocated the middle path ... neither leaving the family and venturing into the jungles can one Realize God ... nor while living in the family ... he advised everyone to follow the middle path. He had to primarily burn out his Karma by practicing austerities he later learnt in life while living in the community. The sooner he absolved himself of all the Karma ... he Realize God.

Gautama Buddha Realized God at the end part of his life ... while he was nearing 81. He felt so happy that he immediately left the mortal frame, which had suffered for long. This is not an isolated case. Lord Mahavira, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed... all faced different types of experiences yet the goal for all of them was always the same. The paths can be different but destination always remains the same.

We need to understand the system in its totality lest we shall fail in our Spiritual efforts. In the system of God there are no sufferings ... happiness has no meaning for everything is energy ... it is only the bodily form which experiences the sufferings and the happiness. In the domain of God ... the life of a human being has no meaning ... it is the world of Atmans souls that is governing ... and every atman soul is nothing else but pure energy.

Living in this world either we can live happily fulfilling our base desires, the wanton desires ... lest we have to establish a control over the senses and the mind if we are to proceed higher up on the Spiritual plane. Ignorance and illusion is part of life ... it is inherent in the 99% impurities of life ... we have to cut the shackles of the Karma and come out of it to experience absolute bliss ... the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi ... where there is nothing else but face-to-face dialogue with God Almighty.

Reaching the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi is like having covered 99% of the distance ... the balance 1% still can be achieved with the grace of God.

It is an absolute truth that for being able to realize self one is required to be born a man ... in the total history of mankind only two women have Realized God ... it is the conviction ... the faith in the Lord ... that shall win you the day. Whatever be the inclination or the desire ... a woman proceeding on the path of absolute Spirituality ... if she comes across a child crying on the way ... do you expect of her to look the other way. It is just not possible ... her Womanhood comes in the way ... the inherent feeling of motherhood blocks a woman realizing God.

God has made the system like that ... if everyone starts to Realize God then who would serve food to the people on the path to Realization ... it would so happen that the child is getting ready for school and the mother says I am meditating for I have to Realize God in the present life. It is just not possible for a lady to make an excuse ... the inborn inherent tendency of serving others comes in the way of her realizing God as a woman.

Gargi was one woman who did not marry in life ... she faced all the extremities of life that can be expected of a lonely women ... she had only one goal of life ... to learn of the absolute truth in the present life. One day it so happened that a superior priest of that era Mandan Mishra challenged her on the topic of sex. He probably thought that in the midst of thousands of priests and pundits it would be extremely difficult for women to discuss on a forbidden topic ... he failed to realize that Gargi was a woman of conviction.

In the grueling dialogues that followed ... Mandan Mishra realized the gravity ... but he was too late ... he not only failed miserably to cross examine Gargi on the issue of sex ... for him sex was a taboo ... but for Gargi ... sex was only meant for procreation ... it had no other purpose ... for a person with a Spiritual goal of life the differentiation between a man and a woman did not exist. She countered that there is only one man, one Karta (creator) in whole Cosmos and that is God Almighty ... according to her it is only God Almighty who can create something out of nothing.

If a man cannot do so then in terms of Spirituality all are women. It was true for none in this world can create out of nothing even the smallest pebble. Mandan Mishra admitted his fault. The balance of his life as per the terms and conditions of the duel he was to have spent as a slave of Gargi but as Gargi was a woman of conviction ... she forgave Mandan Mishra saving him from disgrace. The Gargi College in New Delhi, India is built in her remembrance.

Another was Maitreyi, the wife of Sage Yajnavalkya. Sage Yajnavalkya had two wives ... one had materialistic inclinations and Maitreyi was more inclined towards Spiritual values ... she wanted to follow the path her husband was following. It so happened that having spent a considerable time in the community Sage Yajnavalkya announced that he should be making a move for the jungles for the balance of his life.

Maitreyi got disturbed and she asked for permission to accompany her husband. Sage Yajnavalkya kept mum on the issue. Subsequently he called for both the wives and split his wealth equally amongst them both. The one inclined towards materialistic tendencies still had wanton desires for more. Sage Yajnavalkya could easily make out from her face.

Maitreyi was an intelligent woman. She put up a question to Sage Yajnavalkya that all the wealth he is leaving for her ... would it result in her attaining the absolute knowledge. Sage Yajnavalkya who inherently understood the meaning of Maitreyi knew beforehand what lay in store for him ... he was just passing time. After persistent questioning ... Sage Yajnavalkya succumbed to the pressures of Maitreyi and agreed to take her along. Maitreyi had succeeded in her determination ... she called for the other wife and happily gave her the balance wealth.

It was all joy for the wife with materialistic inclinations ... no one was at loss! Maitreyi wanted the knowledge of the absolute ... she knew it was only possible through the grace of God and his husband. She was after it ... it was only her will power that she succeeded in her attempt. In the company of Sage Yajnavalkya Maitreyi ultimately gained Realization. The Maitreyi College in New Delhi is reminiscent of the Sage Yajnavalkya and his times. It continuously reminds us that Self Realization for a woman is not only possible ... but also comparatively a very difficult path to follow!

In my own personal life ... while I was nearing the ultimate goal of my life ... God asked of me which path I desired to follow ... the path of Mahavira or the Buddha. He also explained the merits and demerits of the same. Buddha gained enlightenment at 81 years of age ... he had suffered so much that he did not want to continue further and left his mortal frame shortly after Self Realization.

In the case of Mahavira ... he gained Self Realization at the age of 42. He did not want to leave immediately ... he wanted to disseminate back to the community what he had learnt with the grace of God. He spent 30 years after gaining enlightenment ... preaching to the world community the inherent meaning of the sacred Scriptures ... the true essence of life! He left his mortal frame at the age of 72.

I chose the path taken by Mahavira. I also did not leave the mortal frame in 1993. Had I wanted to do so ... I could take a samadhi within three hours. I shall continue in my efforts to give back to the community what I have gained with the blessings of God. Only after a certain period of time that I shall leave the mortal frame as per my own wish.

Having gained Self Realization ... death of a body carries no meaning for me ... I am but a pure cluster of energy ... a god realized soul in essence! I have reached the Mount Everest of my cosmic life ... I have nowhere else to go. The day I feel my work is completed I shall bid goodbye.

God be with you.

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Kundalini Awakening explained in words one can easily understand and fathom. For more on abstinence celibacy visit :  ... Vijay Kumar

Full text of query: I have heard of people having problems when their kundalini instead of passing through the sushumna passes through the ida or pingala and are confronted with energies that can cause hallucinations or other fearful experiences. Why does this happen and is it normal? Is any kind of Meditation okay?

you told me that I should burn my Karma and then maybe seek the Spiritual path. But in the gita it says that a man can burn out all his Karma if he seeks the path of god, no matter he completes his reponsibilities in this world. Everthing that we do in our normal lives are due to an illusion that man has been condition to beleive since time immorial.

Why I ask this is, now all my aqauintances, are living life still trying to figure out why they go through all the troubles that they go through in their journey of life, while trying to make money, or being in love, or taking care of family or what ever. It is because they are ignorant about the larger life force that they are part of.

But since I know that the ego is actually nothing and that it is the spirit which is a part of everything, even the food before I eat it is already a part of me, everything that I am looking at right now is only part of the physical world, but there is a whole other dimension out there which I have not explored.

Being in the physical world only pulls me down toward my lower impluses and I feel all the unwanted emotions which I dont need to if I left this world. Then how do I stay here in this physical world knowing that it is all an illusion anyway and keep doing the regular things that I do when I feel like I am playing a stupid game. Shouldn't a Human Beings purpose in life be to realize god and rise above the ignorance and illusion?

Why is man and woman made and why are they born in ignorance and why are they given all the senses, and then required to control the senses to acheive Spiritual growth? Why is it that in all the scriptures that only the man is required to go to the jungles and acheive Self Realization while the woman is supposed to be at home?

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