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I Have Been Having Flashes

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Query: I have been having flashes of a picture in my mind and wonder if it is me making it up or?

Vijay Kumar:
The flashes you are having are never a creation of mankind... flashes are projections of what your Atman (soul, the inner self) is trying to communicate to you. It clearly indicates that one finally makes it to the abode of God... the Heaven! But it was not a simple journey.

Whatever the sins committed by us pulled us down and the merits earned by us in this life got us a seat in Heaven... which indicates that the balance of our sins and the merits was in positive and we finally made it out of the dungeons of hell. The crying is representative of the voluminous efforts required for reaching the portals of Heaven. It is not that continuing committing one sin after another we hope of achieving a seat in the garden of Heaven.

We only reap what we sow... nothing more or less! We need to understand the basic truth of life and that is... if we desire to go to Heaven we need to earn merits in this life. Only then can we expect to reach the portals of Heaven after death. Our sins always pull us down into the dungeons of hell. If we need to escape the fury of hell... we need to perform Punya Karma (pious deeds in this life and go to Heaven after death.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: I have been having flashes of a picture in my mind and wonder if it is me making it up (perhaps dreaming) or if thier really is such a picture and if thier is where can I find it? It is of an angel who is reaching to the Heavens while crying as demons from hell are trying to pull her downwards.

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