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What is Swarg Narak (Video by Vijay Kumar)

Query: I am doing a research paper about Naraka, can you tell me more on naraka? I understand there are several stages in naraka or hell? In Hinduism can someone that goes to Naraka reincarnate for better or worst?

Vijay Kumar:
You can find few details here- Meaning of Naraka

Naraka and Swarga are stages in the Cosmic evolutionary system which not only exist on this planet Mother Earth but form part and parcel of the life of a human being.

The normal belief that Naraka exists in a different zone in the cosmos is a misnomer. My article Swarga Heaven, Naraka Hell and Dharti (mother Earth) ... their interwoven connection would prove helpful.

Whenever an atman the soul within takes a body ... it has to have matching parents otherwise it cannot manifest. Whenever the death of a human being occurs ... if that Atman gets matching parents it will immediately manifest otherwise it remains in hell (Naraka) or Heaven (Swarga). One gets Naraka only if the resultant Karma is so that one has to suffer. If the resultant Karma is due to pious deeds committed in earlier life one gets Swarga. Who suffers ... an atman the soul within cannot suffer for it is an energy source ... it has to have a body to suffer. For this reason ... Naraka and Swarga has to exist on this planet Earth.

India is considered as a country where poor live ... yet, when an Indian dies and does not get matching parents in India for the next birth ... the only alternative for the atman soul is to manifest in a country where Naraka and Swarga like conditions exist depending upon the resultant Karma of the individual.

What can be considered as Swarga like conditions ... a country with a free enterprise system ... where one can do whatever he likes and yet remain happy and contended. In a country like India you work hard to the best of your ability yet, you get paid a mere US $10 for a days job. In USA for the same time of job work ... you could easily demand anywhere between US $50~US $80. Is that not like Swarga like condition. You live comfortably, happily and are able to save sufficiently for your future.

In contrast, there exist on Mother Earth places where people are able to earn not more than US $0.40 for a day's work or even less ... what shall we term this as ... living in hell? Yes, ask these poor people and the definition of Naraka would become immediately clear to you. In India, there are many places where people earn a daily wage of $0.30. Likewise, in the world you would find places where the days earning may be a paltry $0.20 or even less.

Conditions like fire and darkness, pit of fire carry no meaning for this poor people as it is their daily routine which they have to bear for their life.

The different stages in Naraka can be defined as ... one getting $0.40 and the other $0.60. The lifestyles of both these families would be drastically different. A difference of $0.20 is a lot for these families. For these families one getting US $10 for a days job is virtually living in Swarga.

The example given above is not a mere example ... one needs to understand the concept as a whole.

While remaining in Naraka ... if one does pious deeds one is bound to be born in a good family where almost Swarga like conditions exist. You might term it as Reincarnation for the better ... one only reaps what we sow ... nothing more or less! The Cosmic concept of life is absolutely clear ... one has to perform requisite Karma to achieve whatever one wants to achieve in life.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: Hi, I am doing a research paper about Naraka and I need a description of it, can you tell me more or give me the idea how to get a description of Naraka? I look in the net and found just little article but nothing with a complete description. I understand that there is several stages in the Naraka or hell, what are the major ones and the porpuse? Can you tell me after how someone views the Naraka? in buddhism is like fire and darkness, in christianity is the pit of fire , how about Hinduism? Can some one that goes to Naraka can re-encarnete in beter or worst?

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