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Kingdom of Heaven

Swarga (living in Heaven) is a relative concept. While in Swarga Heaven ... an atman the soul within is not expected to work ... it is but to enjoy the fruits of its labor. In the materialistic West ... it is normally observed that people are contented. It is not like India where people madly run after money. In India money is the goal ... in the West money is but a means to live a comfortable life.

Why is it so that a person... a failure in India succeed in life in USA? Inspite of his best efforts one fails to run an enterprise because of the bureaucratic interferences in India! In the US, it is the free enterprise system that keeps USA the number one country of the world. Hard-working and sincere people normally succeed in life... An almost perfect law and order always in standby!

What is Swarg Narak (Video by Vijay Kumar)

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